PTI's Mehmood Khan elected KP CM

PTI's Mehmood Khan was declared victorious with 77 votes.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh Assemblies to choose new CMs today

Voting to elect new chief minister will take place at 11am today (Thursday) in the KP Assembly.

Player of Kaptaan wins: Asad Qaisar defeats Khurshid Shah

As a matter fact, a highly tight competition was expected between both candidates.

KP Assembly to elect new CM on Aug 16

Voting will take place at 11am in KP Assembly on Wednesday.

Making Pakistan green: Plant trees for saving future generations

Trees help human beings in growing and living a healthy life. They are home to millions of species.

Opposition nominates Mian Nisar Gul as KP chief minister

PTI has already named Mehmood Khan as its candidate for CM slot.

PML-N nominates Hamza Shehbaz as Punjab CM

Chaudhry Iqbal nominated for the slot of Punjab Assembly speaker.

Inaugural sessions of Balochistan, Sindh and KP assemblies today

The Punjab governor has summoned first session of the provincial assembly on Wednesday at 10am.

Caged Lion of Punjab: the fall of Pakistan's ex-PM Sharif

Many PML-N leaders told him not to speak against the army and judiciary, but he didn't listen.

Prominent members of minorities and their role in Pakistani politics

Minorities in Pakistan stayed resilient in the face of hardships and tribulations.

Imran Khan to take oath as PM on August 18

National Assembly session begins Monday.

Imran nominated me as KP chief minister: Mehmood Khan

Mehmood Khan says there are no factions within PTI.

Mehmood Khan picked as new KP CM

Mehmood Khan was elected to the provincial assembly from PK-9 constituency in Swat.

In Pictures: Muttahida opposition of PML-N, PPP, MMA protesting in front of ECP

PML-N, PPP, MMA protested against alleged rigging in front of ECP. Protest could not stay long.

Improving governance: Imran announces probation policy for KP lawmakers

Those delivering less than satisfactory performance will be replaced after three months.

Accountability within PTI: Imran Khan inquires about selling of tickets

Accountability is quite central factor of sustainable democracy and PTI endorses it from beginning.

Independent candidates: Naya Pakistan but same old politics

Independent candidates have right to join any party they like. Ultimate benefit should be of nation.

Deadly accident in Kohat takes lives of 18 passengers

Pakistan has one of the world's worst records for fatal traffic accidents.

Imran Khan staying out of PM house will save expenditures worth Rs1.85b

Inside the PM House, around 50 protocol officers work in their offices.

PTI set to form govt but who will be the next President of Pakistan?

PTI gained more seats in National Assembly, but for appointing President, its position is weak.

After centre and Punjab, PML-Q extends support to PTI in KP

Mufti Ubaidur Rehman, independent MPA-elect in KP Assembly, announces to join PML-Q.

PTI lucky enough to form government in Punjab, 154 candidates support it

It will be a remarkable and memorial time for PTI to rule Punjab.

PM House transformation: Will Imran Khan fulfill his promise?

Imran Khan claimed to convert KP chief minister and governor houses into university but in vain.

Why Pervez Khattak is not being considered as KP’s next CM?

With a senior candidate like Khattak available, people ask why is he not likely to be the next CM?

PTI, PML-N, PPP: All promoted dynastic politics in General Election 2018

Dynastic politics has become part and parcel for parties to gain victory in elections.

Peshawar proves base camp as PTI tops with 357010 votes on 5 NA seats

PTI has outclassed all political parties including MMA, ANP, PPPP and ANP during 2018 general election in Peshawar

PTI candidates who could have further worsened the defeat of PML-N

Factually speaking, even without these seats, PTI still has considerable edge over its opponents.

Pakistan Elections 2018: Formulation for coalition government in center, Punjab and KP

PTI can form coalition government in Center, Punjab and Balochistan

In pictures: Goodwill gesture voters and security forces showed for each other

Pakistanis around the country expressed their love and affection for Pakistan Army.

General elections 2018: 'Peep;Peep' Pick and drop for Voters

More than 3500 vehicles have been rented out from Peshawar general bus stand for voters.

National players, legends, equally interested in General Election 2018

Day of General Election is very vital as it decides the fate of any country.

Foul language in political gatherings, ECP denounces prominent figures

Till ECP’s clearance, the notification of Khattak’s victory will not be issued, even he wins.

KP govt bans use of words Fata and Pata in official documents

The notification has been sent to chief secretary, political administration and divisional heads.

Five years in power, three federal ministers, not even a single university

Political candidates are spending resources on their campaigns, giving no priority to education.

Election 2018 approaching: Voters, not politicians, are VIP now

PTI claimed it would change KP altogether, but change is yet to come in slums.

Ex-KP Assembly speaker Asad Qaiser owns vehicles beyond entitlement: document

All the costs, including repairs and fuel, are incurred at the expense of the state.

Different flags, different philosophies: reality behind political flags

Every party shapes its flag in accordance to the ideology or philosophy it is acting upon.

Some major accomplishments Pakistan achieved in recent time

These achievements are quite incredible and were long-desired.

Yet another Bilour: Haroon Bilour lost his life

Leaders having diversified thoughts have been targeted multiple times.

Barring women from casting votes: NGOs to have special focus on 16 constituencies

More and more work is required to ensure women's participation in casting votes.

Election 2018: This is how PTI can form federal government

No party single-handedly ruled Pakistan; alliances were key.

NAB to probe Capt (rtd) Safdar's disproportionate assets

Meeting of NAB executive board was held here in Islamabad today.

FATA bill adopted without alleviating locals' concerns: JUI-F

He was addressing a presser here in federal capital Islamabad today.

Khattak, Lutf-ur-Rehman to meet again today to name caretaker KP CM

Earlier, PTI on Monday has dropped name of Manzoor Afridi as caretaker CM for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Sindh, KP assemblies dissolved after completion of term

National Assembly and provincial assemblies of Punjab and Balochistan will stand dissolved on May 31

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly to stand dissolved today

Pervez Khattak will continue to hold his office until the caretaker chief minister takes the oath.

JUI-F workers clash with police outside KPK assembly

Police was summoned as JUI-F workers tried to break into the Assembly.

KPK assembly takes up FATA-KPK merger bill

KPK assembly is all set to take up FATA Reforms Bill to merge FATA with KPK.

Electricity worth Rs219 bln stolen in FY 2017-18

People of Federally Administrated Tribal (FATA) were involved in Rs31 bln electricity theft.

Khattak, opposition leader ponder nominees for caretaker CM

Name would be announced in joint press conference.

Prisons across Pakistan overcrowded except Balochistan: Report

In a recent report conducted by NCTA indicates Pakistani jails has more inmates than its capacity. Photo: AFP

Nation stands behind you, Khan assures Wajid Zia

He was addressing a rally here in Mardan today.

COAS meets tribal elders of KPK, FATA

Army chief hailed the courage and resilience of the people of Pakistan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gears to battle dengue once again after three cases reported

Dr. Shaheen Afridi, Director Public Health, said that in Peshawar, 69 union councils are in red zone where highest number of dengue cases are feared. Fourteen UCs are in yellow zone, she said adding that the remaining UCs are in green zone. Photo: AFP

Tank, where spring is celebrated with archery competitions

The archery competition, one of the most popular traditional sports, saw locals and visitors competing against each other. Photo: Dunya News

Tokar-Dara: Archaeological site in Swat in need of attention

Tokar-Dara's monastery has one of the most attractive ancient architecture in prominent shapes of domes and various other buildings. Photo: Dunya News

Imran paid for using official helicopter: KPK govt tells NAB

KPK government has told NAB that PTI Chairman paid the bill for using official helicopter.

Speaker KPK Assembly submits reply in contempt of court case

Asad Qaiser submitted reply in court vowing to follow court orders to take oath from Baldev Kumar.

12 of PTI MPAs voted for other parties: report

In the recent Senate elections, 12 members of KPK assembly belonging to PTI voted for other parties

PML-N dominates Senate despite PPP surprise

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) wins 15 seats to establish dominance in the Senate.

Imran Khan used KPK official helicopters for 74 hours: Committee

PTI chairman travelled for 74 hours on MI171 and Ecurial helicopters owned by KPK government.

Punjab law minister tried to disrupt Asma case investigation, resolution submitted in KPK assembly

Punjab law minister attempted to disrupt investigation of Asma case, resolution in KPK assembly

Ancient Silk Road barter trade continues across High Asia's peaks

Traders from Pakistan's northern Hunza valley load their luggage on yaks brought from the Wakhan Corridor in northern Afghanistan. Photo: AFP

'I am very dangerous': Imran Khan reacts to NAB notice

Imran Khan responded to a journalist's question regarding notice from NAB.

For women of FATA, life is hard and devoid of basics

Deprived of basic necessities, the women and young girls of FATA are in desperate need of the government’s attention. Photo: Dunya News

Remembering APS: Syeda Farhat, the teacher who died saving her students

The brave mother, and teacher, of the school ran towards the auditorium as she heard the sound of gunfire. Photo: Dunya News

Rubab: Life of the Pashtun culture

Being one of the few musical instruments that leave the listeners enchanted with its magical tunes, Rubab is considered one of the most important elements of Pashtun festivities. Photo: Dunya News

Human Rights Day 2017: Punjab govt allocated Rs7.30/person for basic rights

Human Rights Day is celebrated on Dec-10 every year.

Peshawar attack: The student who fought the terrorists

Arsalan, a student at the university, not only managed to save his friends’ lives, but acting courageously, also managed to escape after a one-on-one fight against one of the attackers. Photo: Dunya News

Pakistani team wins silver medal at iGEM 2017

Peshawar team also participated in iGEM 2016 competition and won a Bronze medal.

Pakistan unveils 1,700-year-old sleeping Buddha, evoking diverse heritage

Statues are seen after being discovered and unveiled to the public, during a ceremony at the Buddhist-period archeological site near Haripur, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province, Pakistan. Photo: Reuters

NA-4: PTI, PML-N and PPP candidates submit nomination papers to ECP

By-election will be held in the Peshawar constituency on October 26, 25 candidates submitted papers

Population surges to over 207 million: early census results

Punjab's population exceeds 110 million, CCI approves provisional results of 2017 census

Online tax-hailing services putting cabbies out of business

Traffic moving between the federal capital and Murree in trouble

Allegations of horse-trading activities: Possible impeachment of CM Pervez Khattak

CM K-P Pervez Khattak has launched efforts to gain support from MPA's belonging to rival parties

PTI seeks PPP alliance to strengthen KP coalition government

QWP's ouster from KPK has led to turn of events as PTI seeks PPP alliance in KPK for firm footing

Donkey trade with China: Should Pakistan be worried?

Experts are worried that Chinese demand might wipe out species.

KP Assembly faces chaos after Shah Farman's remarks

Remark enraged the female members of the house as they staged a protest inside the assembly

KP CM approves ban on plastic bags

The bill is now to be moved in the National Assembly

MPA Zia-ur-Rehman of PML-N disqualified over fake degree

It was challenged by his rival candidate from PPP in Mansehra

KP govt approves compulsory education bill 2017

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa govt attempts at making primary, secondary education mandatory for children

Ruckus in KP Assembly as govt, opposition members exchange harsh words

Aurangzeb Nalota accused Chief Minister KP Pervez Khattak of allocating funds disproportionately

KP govt, opposition agree over police bill

Amendments have been made in the bill so as to give more powers to IG Police

KP is corruption-free, claims Pervez Khattak

Pervez Khattak said that previous governments caused corruption and nepotism in the province

Mardan: Two dead after two groups clash

Police revealed that the incident took place as a result of old enmity

KP Assembly: MPA accuses speaker of being biased

Ziaullah Afridi was not granted permission to speak during point of order, he protested afterwards

4,000 schools in KP devoid of four walls

Promises made by KP government to improve security of government schools remain unfulfilled

KP Assembly: PTI's Amjad Afridi protests for non-provision of funds

MPA Amjad Afridi protested by sitting in front of speaker's dice in the KP assembly session

Miserable cleanliness arrangements go unnoticed at KP hospitals

Out of 1516 hospitals, these incinerators had been placed only inside seven hospitals

TCKP holds paragliding competition to promote tourism

Benazir Awan from Peshawar becomes the first female paraglider of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

PML-N decides to go to court against Asad Qaiser

The reason cited for the legal action has been his participation in the protest against the govt

MQM submits resolution against Pervaiz Khattak in Sindh Assembly

Statements of Pervaiz Khattak were extremely irresponsible, reveals the resolution

Roads linking Islamabad to KPK, Sindh and Punjab blocked

Islamabad-Peshawar motorway has been blocked once again

Imran directs KP Assembly members to tender resignations

PTI Chairman will more likely to announce resignation from KP Assembly during the sit-in

KPK to be epicenter of Islamic revolution: Siraj-ul-Haq

The president and prime minister would be watchmen uring our government’s tenure

KP govt summons provincial APC over CPEC western route

The KP government is in a blind as to whether the western route of CPEC will get complete or not

KP minister angry over hospital administration

The light suddenly switched off during the Echo test

Imran Khan inaugurates second phase of Health Facility Card in KPK

Second phase of KPK Health Facility Card programme will cost 5 billion rupees.

Jahangir Tareen assigned to reunite displeased party members ahead of nationwide protests

Imran Khan decided to raise Khattak's denial issue in a party meeting

Ruckus in KP Assembly as scuffle breaks out between members

Other members of the assembly then intervened and dispersed the brawling members

Sindh Assembly secures first place with 68% efficiency

Punjab Assembly had passed 46 bills, the highest in all the provincial assemblies

Upcoming budget would be better than previous one: KP Finance Minister

Federal govt should pay attention to KP the same way it does to Punjab: KP Finance Minister

KP's PK-8 Peshawar by-election to be held today

Army along with police personnel will be deployed both inside and outside the polling stations.

PM should answer public over Panama Leaks instead of touring country: Imran Khan

Imran also said that 4th wicket is about to go down which belongs to Khawaja Asif

PTI abandons ally JI in Khyber Bank scandal

KP Finance Minister given clean-chit, MD Khyber Bank still not removed from his post

Two suspects confess to Sardar Soran Singh's murder

DIG Khan had revealed that Kumar paid around USD 10,000 for the killing

PTI announces new date to hold rally in Faisalabad

Due to factions in the party, all PTI wings have been allowed to represent themselves

Malakand Custom Act: JI, PTI goes one-on-one

JI has announced to start protest movement against provincial government and the Act

CTD arrests ex-official of secret agency allegedly involved in extremist acts

2 bombs, 32 kg of explosive material, 8 detonators and 2 rocket launcher missiles were recovered

20 murders in 25 days, bodies disposed in Sindh River

More bodies have been recovered from Jinnah barrage which made a total of 20 bodies

Family comes first! Punjab bags biggest share from Annual Development Budget

55 percent of the Annual Development Budget allocated to Punjab.

Calling Rangers for accountability rather than security: Khattak

Punjab and Sindh are afraid of accountability, not KP: Khattak

NAB indicts ex mineral resources minister Mehmood Zeb

Ex KP minister Zeb accused for corruption and abuse of power case: NAB

PM follows PTI's footsteps, approves "Green Pakistan Programme"

100 million trees will be planted across the country over the next five years.

LNG projects to 'brighten up' Pakistan once again

Chairman Board of Investment announces LNG projects.

UN official praises PM Nawaz for CPEC, TAPI projects

Top UN official praises PM Nawaz Sharif.

Met office predicts rain in Sindh, Balochistan

Increasing temperature in different parts of the country, mercury reached to 36 degrees in Karachi

Has PTI defaulted on its promise to root out corruption?

Amendments in the EC Act only empowers the Commission and ensures transparency: CM Khattak

People to decide who is working for nation's benefit: Imran Khan

Khan further urged the nation to decide that who is working for the benefit of the people.

Peshawar: Roads opened after KP CM takes notice of president's protocol

The natives faced problems due to barriers placed on the roads.

KP saw 55% less terror in 2015

Peshawar remained a center of international media's attention despite reduction

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital inaugurated in Peshawar

The hospital will be inaugurated by a cancer patient Faakhir Afridi

Peshawar: Opposition slams PTI for blocking roads for CM protocol

Roads were blocked for CM two days after Imran Khan's statement against protocol

PML-N MPA Sobia Khan critically injured in road mishap near Peshawar

Rescue team has stated that the victims are out of danger now.

PTI's Mehr Taj appointed first woman deputy secretary in KP

PTI candidate got 70 votes while her opponent gained 37 votes

JI chief demands to enhance compensation money for quake victims

Siraj-ul-Haq requested the nation to come forward and assist the affectees.

Rogue member of PTI Javed Nasim appointed Parliamentary Secretary

MPA Javed Naseem Khan was dismissed from the party in the wake of violation party discipline

45,700 newly-elected councilors take oath in Peshawar

As per details, elections for District Nazim would be held on Sunday.

First Hajj flight takes off with 260 pilgrims onboard

As many as 24,500 people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) have been scheduled to perform Hajj this year.

Earthquake rattles Islamabad along with Lahore, Peshawar

Severe jolts of the quake were felt at 1:59 AM at night.

KP assembly approves budget for fiscal year 2015-2016

Opposition parties refrained from participating in the budget session.

KP budget session: Opposition stages walkout

Nighat Orakzai taunted a government representative before walking out

Administrative committee to probe into rigging allegations: CM Khattak

On the other hand, ANP's Mian Iftekhar rejected the decisions of provincial govt made during APC.

Official announcement of KP LB polls' results faces delay

ECP has stated that some district returning officers have still not sent the complete results.

Re-elections should be conducted, demands KP minister Shahram Tarakai

Chief Election Commissioner should take notice of the matter, said Shahram Tarakai

KP Local Body Elections' successful candidates rejoice over results

Successful candidates rejoiced on their victories.

By-election campaign to end tonight at 12am in KP

Candidates will be competing for 41 thousand 762 seats

Imran Khan cancels KP visits till 26 May due to ECP notice

Imran khan had plans to address election rallies in Mansehra, Haripur and Abbotabad on Monday

Opposition parties divided on Pervaiz Khattak's sit-in announcement

Imran Khan has called a meeting of his MNA and MPAs in Islamabad to discuss the issue

KP assembly observed one minute silence for victims of Naltar accident

Members of assembly prayed for martyred pilots, expressed their condolence for foreign ambassadors

Crime rate decreased in KP during current year: report

There have been 15 incidents of terrorism in KP during the first 4 months of 2015

KP assembly approves resolution against Altaf Hussain

Resolution demanded to file case of treason against Altaf Hussain under article 6 of constitution

PTI to move resolutions in KP, Sindh, Punjab assemblies against Altaf Hussain

PML-N has also announced that a resolution against MQM's chief's statement

Khattak indicated likelihood of passing resolution against Altaf Hussain

PML-N has also announced that a resolution against MQM's chief's statement

Aftab Sherpao survives suicide attack, policeman killed

Aftab was coming back from death anniversary of Alamzeb Khan when suicide bomber attacked his convoy

PTI's KP General Secretary Khalid Masood resigns in protest

Khalid Mehmood has mailed his resignation letter to core committee

We are estimating amount of damage done by rainstorm: Mushtaq Ghani

We have completed survey of 1530 homes, relief camps have also been set for victims: Mushtaq Ghani

Difference of stance emerges between Imran Khan, KP govt

Imran Khan said he had asked for assistance in contrast to the provincial minister's statement

Pervaiz Khattak reaches Lady Reading Hospital after 21 hours

Pervaiz Rasheed should have visited Peshawar if he is so much concerned: Pervaiz Khattak

KP Welfare Board employees' dialogue with Pervaiz Khattak fails

Protesters are contract employees of board, demanding to become permanent

Polling on Senate general seat will be held on 13 May

Nomination papers for seat vacant after death of Azam Hoti can be submitted on 27 and 28 April

ECP denies KP demand to hold election under supervision of judiciary

KP assembly passed resolution to hold election under supervision of judiciary, ECP rejects demand

ANP leader senator Azam Hoti buried in Mardan

Azam Hoti was suffering from throat and respiratory illness, he was buried next to his mother

ANP decides to go to judicial commission

90 thousand fake votes were cast in Dir in general election 2013: Asfandyar Wali

Political parties to provide proofs to judicial commission

PPP, JUI-F and ANP have come together to show proofs of rigging against PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa

KPK Police issues list of 1066 missing persons

The list compiled by DIG Investigation was also submitted in Peshawar High Court.

DI Khan: DSP slain by terrorists

The terrorists fired upon DSP Bahawal Khan while he was travelling near Lady Hospital

Sehat ka Ittehad campaign: 38,000 parents refuse polio vaccination to children

Third phase of Sehat ka Ittehad campaign is underway in KPK.

KP govt names 109 schools after APS school martyrs

The institutes that have been renamed belong to different parts of the province

PTI, allied parties victorious in KP Assembly

25 candidates contested for 12 seats of the KP Assembly.

Imran Khan revokes party membership of Javed Nasim

The notification of dismissal of Javed Nasim has been sent to speaker KPK assembly

Chaudary Sarwar declares PTI as 'third political force', to bring change

He said that if a judicial commission is formed then PTI will return to assembly

PTI forms Parliamentary Board for Senate elections

The four-member board will be headed by Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

PTI's 11 members form like minded group

The group has accused that Malik Qasim has ignored and devastated the concept of merit

Peshawar: Principal suspended for opening school without security

More than 300 children were enrolled in the Pishtakhara Primary School.

KP Assembly demands federal govt to review foreign policy

The grieving families of the APS martyrs were expressed solidarity with in the resolution

Kohat: Six Afghans among 20 suspicious people arrested

The suspicious people have been shifted to an unknown place to start interrogation.

CM Khatak summons provincial cabinet meeting

Session will oversee post attack situation and take decisions regarding law and order situation.

KP govt forms 'jirga' to persuade opposition

Govt approved two bills taking advantage of opposition's boycott in KP Assembly

Sloganeering in KPK Assembly, opposition walks out

Opposition leaders chanted 'Go Imran Go' whereas the government raised slogans against Nawaz Sharif

Missing persons cases sent to PHC Additional Registrar

Cases of 22 missing persons from parts of KP have been sent to Additional Registrar of PHC.

Fazlur Rehman meets PM, suggests forming coalition govt in KP

Fazlur Rehman sought permission from PM to pass a no confidence motion in KP Assembly against CM KP.

Punjab Assembly passes bill to issue blue passports to MPAs

Bill ensures diplomatic passports be issued to speakers and deputy speakers.

ECP to suspend membership for not submitting asset details

ECP received details of only 918 members out of 1174 members.

Witness identifies two accused in Zehra Shahid murder case

Lawyer of the two accused has filed a petition against the identification parade.

Ordinance issued to hold polls under biometric system in KP

Provincial delimitation authority has also been transferred to ECP.

Asset details: ECP deadline expires today

Membership of MPs could be suspended on October 15 if they failed to submit asset details to ECP.

Federal govt publishes White Paper on PTI performance in KP

PTI unable to govern KPK, protests only to cover poor performance, says Marvi Memon

PTI decides not to resign from KP Assembly

PTI MNAs would however verify their resignations before the NA speaker together.

209 MPs including Shah Mehmood Qureshi submit asset details to ECP

Membership of MPs will be suspended on October 15 if they failed to submit asset details to ECP.

North Waziristan: US drone strike kills 8 in Datta Khel

The drone fired four missiles on a house and vehicle killing as many as eight people.

Zarb-e-Azb: 23 militants killed in fresh airstrikes

Terrorists fleeing from regions under attack were taking refuge in Bandigar and neighboring areas.

2 new Polio cases surface in Peshawar, Khyber Agency

Number of children infected by deadly disease increasing constantly, govt efforts failing

Flood relief: CM Khatak hands over Rs 100 million cheque to Army Chief

Pervez Khatak commended the efforts of the army for the flood victims.

Sikh community of Peshawar under threat

Another incident of target killing of a Sikh trader sparked protests in Peshawar.

PTI should table demands in Parliament: Zahid Khan

The government doesn't even have its writ in the Federal Capital, says Zahid Khan of ANP.

KP govt will not exercise civil disobedience: Inayatullah

It's illegal for government institutions to exercise civil disobedience, says Inayatullah Khan.

No-confidence motion moved against CM Khattak in KP Assembly

JI and AJI have also given assurance that they would be a part of this movement as well.

Opposition plans to halt dissolution of KP assembly

The final decision for the no confidence movement depends upon the indication by PMLN.

PTI's resignations announcement not good sign: Asif Zardari

Co-Chairman PPP summons senior members of party in Dubai tomorrow

PTI to resign from NA and all provincial assemblies except KPK

PTI MNAs will submit resignations to Shah Mehmood who will later submit in National Assembly.

Azadi March: KPK rally reaches Islamabad despite hurdles

Containers had blocked the way at Islamabad Interchange and Attock Pull.

Nawaz Sharif stops PMLN from 'no-confidence movement' in KPK

"We believe in democracy, PTI should complete its tenure" - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

We will oppose dissolution of KPK Government: Sirajul Haq

It will be a huge loss if democratic process gets derailed because of these protests: JI Head