PTI promotes Shehbaz Sharif appointed bureaucrats: is Tabdeeli possible?

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Those officers who once used to be bad for PTI have become apple of Imran Khan's eye.

(Web Desk) – Major reshuffling in top bureaucracy of Pakistan was expected as Imran Khan took oath, but this is not the case. Every new government in Pakistan likes to award crucial posts to bureaucrats that have some sort of relations with the ruling party. Imran Khan has been bashing PPP and PML-N for doing that but time has come that PTI has embraced them (bureaucrats) whole-heartedly. Those who once used to be bad have become apples’ of PTI’s eye.

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Though the dream of Naya Pakistan has been achieved but top bureaucrats seem not only be hanging to their post but have been promoted to higher positions. According to news analyst/expert Khawar Ghumman, PTI is rewarding bureaucrats of “Purana Pakistan” with new posts. These are the same officers who have been getting full advantage of their posts in previous regimes and could not perform miracles which Imran Khan vowed for.

Take the instance of Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan, who has been awarded chairmanship of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), he has been a close aide of Shehbaz Sharif. He has been the part of dubious Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park project. Also he has been Secretary Planning and Development and Additional Chief Secretary energy.

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Furthermore, he has medical background and to what extent he becomes able to generate massive revenue of eight billion rupees, which Imran Khan has claimed, will be worth pondering. He has also been Ambassador to France in Asif Ali Zardari’s government.

The second vital post of Director General Intelligence Bureau was filled by Doctor Suleman Khan; when Shahid Khaqan Abbasi appointed him on this post, PTI called it a cat’s paw of PML-N. See the hypocrisy, during acting government time, he was removed owing to pressure from PTI, but now he is right over there.

District Management Group (DMG) officer Ijaz Munir has been posted as secretary Establishment Division who was introduced by Fawad Hasan Fawad in PM house. Now he will control the bureaucracy of the entire Pakistan.

According to very credible sources, these appointments are being conducted by Advisor on Establishment Muhammad Shehzad Arbab and Principal Secretary Mohammad Azam Khan. It is a matter of fact that DMG officers take care of each other very well. The million dollar question will be to know how “Tabdeeli” will be achieved through these officers. When the question was asked from Special Assistant to Prime Minister of Pakistan on Media Iftikhar Durrani, he said each officer will have to perform his duty scrupulously and if he is failed, he will have to face accountability. Another close friend of Imran Khan said he (Imran Khan) knows every change in bureaucracy and PM will make them accountable every week.

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Now that Imran Khan is in office, the paramount thing will be to make these officers perform their duties to the utmost extent possible. Indeed it would be miracle to achieve the set objectives from the officers who once used to be grilled by PTI, especially by Imran Khan himself.

Furthermore, this also shows the non-interference policy of Imran Khan as he is not directly involved in their postings, but at this moment, this policy does not make any sense. Only the time will tell if these bureaucrats will act in accordance to Khan’s “Tabdeeli” roadmap or will be washed away in tsunami of accountability.

Analysis by Khawar Ghumman

Translated and edited by Junaid Ali Malik