IMF talks to continue as PM Khan rejects draft agreement

PM Khan has directed concerned officials to persuade the IMF for a reduced tax collection target.

PM to perform groundbreaking of maternity hospital in Rawalpindi today

PM Imran would also address a gathering after laying of the foundation stone of maternity hospital.

Opposition to be taken into confidence over deal with IMF: Shah Mehmood

"It is the right of every political party to shuffle its members," he went on to say.

Govt enforces significant hike in petroleum prices

OGRA had proposed a hike of Rs14.37 per liter in the price of petrol from May 01.

'Pakistan proud to have partnered with China in BRI, CPEC initiatives'

The premier said Pakistan has been among BRI's earliest and most enthusiastic proponents.

Asad Umar's resignation catches backlash from PTI's rival political parties

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari claimed that the decision would yield better results for economy

Fire at PM Office: Venue of Tuesday's cabinet meeting changed

The cabinet meeting will be held at PM House on Tuesday.

Fire at Prime Minister Secretariat in Islamabad extinguished

The PM Secretariat has been evacuated as fire fighters attempt to extinguish the flames.

PMYA to launch 'SME-lending facility' for young entrepreneurs

PMYA has made a comprehensive strategy for the uplift of youth by initiating several projects

Health Insaf Card Programme launched in South Punjab: CM Buzdar

He revealed that a roadmap was being formulated and implemented for modern healthcare facilities.

PM Imran Khan 9th most popular world leader

PM Khan is the 9th most popular world leader in terms of followers on Twitter

PM Imran Khan writes letter to Shehbaz Sharif for appointment of ECP members

PM Khan and Sharif were required to recommend three names for representation of each province in ECP

PM Imran Khan to visit China on April 27

The PM is invited to attend the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

PM Imran meets German FM, stresses int'l community to take notice of HR violations in IoK

The premier praised the leadership of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

PM Khan to launch Punjab Enrollment Policy in Lahore today

He is also expected to chair a high-level meeting at the Chief Minister Secretariat.

Pak-India tension: PM Khan another diplomatic triumph over Modi with release of pilot

PM khan announced that the pilot is to be released on Friday

PM Khan launches Sehat Insaf Card scheme in Punjab

In Pakistan, the poor goes to government hospital while the rich visit private ones, said PM.

Agreements worth $21 billion to be signed between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

MoUs of five hydropower projects worth SR1.207 billion are expected to be signed.

Dreams do come true; Sonia Nisa presents calligraphy portrait to PM

Sonia Nisa met the PM in person with her family

10 things to know about Sehat Sahulat Programme

Angioplasty, brain surgery, cancer and several other medical operations will be offered free of cost

Federal cabinet approves e-visa on arrival policy

Foreigners will need to apply online for getting E-VOA.

Zardari meets Shehbaz over possible joint alliance

Sharif welcomed Zardari and Bilawal upon their arrival at his chambers in Islamabad.

PPP's Murtaza Wahab discloses PTI operating 18 undeclared bank accounts

According to the PPP leader, the PTI has been operating 26 bank accounts across Pakistan

UAE, Pakistan agree to devise effective 'counter-terrorism' policies

Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan visited Pakistan on Sunday.

PM Imran Khan's official visit to Turkey for enhancing bilateral ties

This will be his first trip to Turkey as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Govt to keep its course of action against 172 people on Exit Control List

The meeting, however, reviewed the decision following the apex court's disapproval.

Turkish interior minister invites PM Khan to visit Turkey

PM Khan also extended an invitation to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to visit Pakistan.

Terrorists will be chased till they are completely wiped off: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan strongly condemned terrorist attack on security forces in Turbat.

Demolition of boundary wall of Governor House challenged in LHC

The plea stated that this change in the historical building of the Governor House is not acceptable.

'Do not challenge state's writ': Fawad Chaudhry

The minister also welcomed opposition's stance on the issue.

PM Imran arrives in Lahore

PM will chair meeting at Chief Minister House to review the execution of 100-Day plan.

Who is Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Group?

Transference of shares of K-electric to Shanghai Electric still is hanging in middle for more than t

PM Imran, COAS Bajwa reiterate support for Afghan peace process

The prime minister said peace in Afghanistan is critical to the regional peace and development.

Fake bank accounts on rise in Pakistan: What is actually going on?

Keeping in view these happenings, it can be any one: an accountant, a retailer, or even a dead man.

Entry of PayPal in Pakistan at a time when freelance market is over-competitive

Freelance market is over-competitive; PayPal is too late but can benefits goods' buyers and sellers.

Govt sets target of 15 mn bales of cotton for year 2018-19: Dawood

Dawood said that government has set a target of 15 million bales of cotton for 2018 -19.

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty: Hunger still thrives in Pakistan

Poverty in Pakistan is affecting more people than expected and is worst menace than terrorism.

Dollar rate mounts 8.20 pc in the first two months of Naya Pakistan

Dollar was trading at Rs. 123.57 in interbank market when PM Imran Khan resumed the govt office.

Chinese deputation's visit to Pakistan; here is what was the mission

Imran Khan has already said Pakistan is to learn a lot from China's experience curbing corruption.

Clean Green Pakistan Drive busted in Peshawar – Is PTI unaware of performance of its own initiatives?

Peshawar is swamped with waste dumps, garbage heaps and unhygienic gutter water all over the place.

World Food Day 2018 and a curious case of food hunger in Pakistan

Pakistan produces enough food still hunger is at large; majority faces starvation and worst hunger.

Legacy of the Human Rights Icon continues - The Two-Day Asma Jahangir Conference concluded

The two day event was attended by the heavyweights and general public in a large numbers.

Has PTI suffered a major loss? An insight to the Party Positions after By-Elections 2018

PTI faces a severe blow in popularity and reputations after the unsatisfactory performance.

By-elections 2018: PMLN in opposition upsets PTI in government

PTI has seen major upset and a neck-to-neck competition in many of the constituencies.

By-elections 2018: Result of six constituencies can take a U-turn, margin is so close

Overseas Pakistanis votes can affect the result of some constituencies where victory margin is low.

By-election 2018: Mother defeats son, dynastic politics in action?

On PP 272, Zahra Batool defeats her son, while on PP 292, Awais Leghari defeats his nephew.

In pictures: Women participation in by-election 2018 and trends that prevailed

In KP and Balochistan females' participation was low, while in Lahore and Rawalpindi, it was high.

By-Elections: PM Imran, other politicians cast votes at different polling stations

Politicians cast votes in their respective constituencies. PTI hopes to gain most of the seats.

Internet voting can cause breach of article 226 of the constitution

Candidate whom overseas Pakistanis voted for will be known; thus secrecy will compromise.

Mismanagement in projects: Curbing corruption in Chinese way

The purpose of the agreement is to keep projects away from any sort of mismanagement.

'Path of thorns': An IMF bailout set to impede PM Imran Khan's populist agenda

The IMF predicted Pakistan’s growth will slow to 4 percent in 2019 and fall to about 3 percent later

Interior ministry told to carry out scrutiny of names on ECL: Fawad

The information minister said ECL contains names of more than 3,000 people.

Karachi to advance without Safe City Project: Blind corruption shut the project

Karachi Safe City Project, if completed successfully, could have curtailed crimes in Karachi.

Be aware of Cancer and its signs: Prevention is always better than cure

Cancer is a worst nightmare; the poor cannot imagine of its cost, while it can turn rich into poor.

PTI being trolled for going to IMF; reaction of supporters and foes

Owing to negligent and reckless policies of previous governments, getting rid of IMF is not possible

Inevitable IMF – A Tsunami of inflation on the way

Early signs and indicators of Pakistan’s economic melt-down have started to appear.

PM Imran launches 'Clean and Green Pakistan' campaign

The campaign will officially kick off on Saturday, October 13.

Shahbaz remand rages PMLN workers - protests, anti-govt demonstrations and arrests erupt

Irked protesters chant anti-government and anti-NAB slogans against the arrest of PMLN president.

No Muslim country in the list of top 10 when it comes to Halal food trade

Halal food industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry; Muslim countries failed to gain benefits.

IMF – A bitter pill for economy or a loss of political face – What Naya Pakistan will choose?

PSX hits nine-month low after Shehbaz Sharif's arrest and drop by 860 points

Another Friday Another Blow to PMLN - Shahbaz Sharif arrests in Ashiana Scandal

A glance over few of the past 'Fridays' that have proven significant in PMLN recent history.

Save UoP - Twitter reacts to the awful misuse of force against Peshawar University Students

Many of the students are critically injured with skull, backbone and legs injuries.

How would PM rescue his CM - DPO Pak Pattan Transfer Case ignites the heat of Article 62-1 (F)

Article 62 -1 F is a threat to not only CM Punjab but for all who made tall claims and high promises

As by-elections are conducted, prices of electricity and gas will hike

Now prices of electricity and gas will increase as by-elections are conducted.

Govt launches 100 Days Agenda tracker website

Arbab said the website has been created for the public and media to track PTI's 100 Days progress.

Will Fatwa against thieves help curtail electricity theft?

Another step towards curbing the wastage of electricity. Imams will issue fatwa against thieves.

Analysts believe FM Qureshi presented Pakistani viewpoint well than Nawaz Sharif

Speech of FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi was in Urdu and quite comprehensive but results are yet unknown.

Imran Khan in Mehran, Naya Pakistan, and hype on social media

At a time when social media is used to spread facts, at the same time, it is a hub of fake news.

41 more luxury cars of PM House to be auctioned

Two bomb-proof vehicles would also be sold in the second phase

Uniform education system in Pakistan, a key to academic success

Education system of Pakistan is divided into factors like language, course content, training etc.

Good news for South Punjab: Kidney transplant services now available at Bahawal Victoria Hospital

It is indeed a positive step which will render numerable benefit to patients with kidney issues.

Federal and provincial ministers are displeased with PTI, here is why

Internal clash in PTI might be on air as ministers believe they are denied resources.

World Heart Day being observed today: Cardiac deaths escalating in Pakistan

For reducing the risk of heart attack, it is better to be active, jog on daily consume health food.

PM to launch five million housing scheme in October

Imran directed task force to expedite finalisation of the plan including the legislative framework.

Jeep rally on World Tourism Day 2018: Tourism can generate billions of dollars

The purpose of the rally was to portray KP a peaceful place for tourists.

Selected PM making life worse for the poor: Bilawal

Bilawal criticises PM’s decision to send Foreign Minister to attend the UNGA

Kobler selfie worked: Social media tool to wake slumbering authorities?

Keeping the cities clean is responsibility of the government and citizens; both are failed in it.

Historical buildings in Sialkot close to getting ruined, turning into shopping plazas

Recklessness of authorities on the rise; historical buildings getting ruined.

Climax of another controversy is another 'U-Turn' - Radio Pakistan is saved

Radio Pakistan headquarters still holds the great significance and glory as a symbol of state.

Another Health Task Force, Nepotism Outcry and PM Imran Khan's Cousin Nosherwan Barki

PM Khan's cousin again has been assigned charge of task force constituted to bring health reforms

Tree tsunami hits Peshawar Zoo but after death of thirty animals

Plantation started in the Peshawar Zoo but after the death of dozens of animal beings.

Cyclist lost legs in an accident after the Dam Fund Raising Cycling Marathon

The hapless cyclist champion broke his legs and is hampered to live a miserable and wretched life.

Subsidies vs Relief: Power tariff scaled up to 350 pc in last two decades

PMLN succeeded in stabilizing the power tariff in last three years of their government.

PM Imran Khan, time to have mercy on masses instead of bureaucrats

Masses need rewards and benefits than bureaucrats, experts opine.

Govt. finds buyer for scrap, helicopters, but with a stringent condition

Helicopters are scrap in real sense; each penny counts so they should be sold to highest bidders.

Karachi a hub of trash: “Change” is far away from metropolitan city

How unlucky city of Karachi is, so dirty, so leaderless. PTI has potential to curtail its miseries.

FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi to attend UNGA amid selfies and rejection of FMs level talks

Constructive engagement between Pakistan and India is the need of hour and should be taken serious.

Five takeaways from PM Imran Khan’s first overseas visit to Saudi Arabia

Pakistan invited Saudi Arabia in becoming the third strategic partner in CPEC.

Release, Rejoice and Revival of PMLN after Sharifs' Suspension of Sentences

A pictorial story of the relief, rejoice and a glimpse of enthusiastic beginning of revival of PMLN.

Suspension of Nawaz, Maryam and Safdar Sentences in Avenfield: PMLN leadership is hopeful

Political leadership reacted to the decision of the suspension of sentences of Sharifs.

Clash between PTI and BAP getting intense: Will the allied government sustain?

If PTI and BAP had settled on a ruling agreement earlier, these clashes might not have raised.

PM Imran Khan pays respects at Roza-e-Rasool

The prime minister is visiting Saudi Arabia on the invitation of King Salman

Gas prices hike: is it not against OGRA Ordinance?

The loss of 94 billion and 58 billion will be borne by the masses and government respectively.

Pakistan auctions cars in austerity drive, PM Khan commutes by helicopter

Auction has been billed as part of Khan’s drive to give “the nation’s wealth to its rightful owners”

ByPolls - Overseas Pakistanis pay no heed to the call for I-Voting

Expats have shown little interest in getting themselves registered for first ever I-voting

Austerity Ka Mahaaz - Prime Minister House is a palace of luxuries and amenities

This is how our rulers enjoy the lavish living and luxurious amenities inside this grand edifice.

Deteriorating situation of parks in Peshawar explore govt negligence

Digital fountain worth Rs11 million has fall victim to Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit Project.

Khan in Karachi: an account of Pakistani rulers’ visits to Mazar-e-Quaid

PMs have shown reverence by visiting Mazar-e-Quaid but they could not act upon his principles.

Austerity drive: 50 vehicles of PM House auctioned in two phases

The auction of the vehicles will add crores of rupees to the national treasure.

Civil service reforms by PTI and concerns of PMS officers

PMS officers expressed concerns and demanded representation in committee formed by PTI.

Austerity drive: 102 vehicles of PM House to be auctioned today

Government believes that the auction will add crores of rupees to the national exchequer.

Finance minister to present mini budget on Tuesday

The prime minister said eliminating corruption was the topmost priority of his government.

Dead fish, plastic bottles and bags on Karachi Sea view explain a tale of carelessness

Karachi sea view, like many other natural blessings in Pakistan, has been taken for granted.

Luxurious lifestyle of public servants from Punjab, too costly to bear

A whopping Rs1400 million is being wasted on the maintenance of these houses on annual basis.

Will Prime Minister Imran Khan be able to fix issues of Karachi?

Mountains of garbage and chronic water shortage by tackling tank are pivotal issues.

World Democracy Day - Political leadership is determined to foster democracy in Pakistan to its core

Pakistan’s democratic system has fluctuated between civilian military governments at various times.

Protocol, President, PTI and Protest - Where have gone the claims of 'Do Nahin Ek Pakistan'?

Social media ablaze with the rebuking reactions over the protocol videos of new President.

In Pictures: The last Journey of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz Sharif

Thousands of people joined mourning family in performing the final rites of the former first lady

Auctioning the helicopters – Who will buy the scrap?

All of the four helicopters at present are nothing but a scrap and cannot be auctioned.

In shift, Pakistani giant Engro to bet big on rising middle class

Engro Corp has seen its fortunes rise on the back of massive Chinese investment.

In Pictures: Funeral Prayers of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz offered in London

Former first lady’s funeral congregation will be held in Sharif medical city after Friday prayers.

Quetta, Qalat, Kohat - Coalmines engulf more than 70 lives in six months only

Such loss of lives - neither concusses the political elite nor knocks up the watchdogs.

Hard work pays off: Son of chai wala grabs third position in Faisalabad board

Youth is an asset which should be utilized to make nation rising to every occasions.

PM Imran gets security briefing at ISI headquarters

Army Chief General Bajwa and DG ISI Naveed Mukhtar received the prime minister.

What is parole - How long can Sharifs stay over the special grant?

Former Premier Nawaz Sharif can stay as long as the home department grant the extension to him.

Pompeo visits and Trump's dangerous Asian game - What's Brewing?

Pompeo Mattis during their stop in India signed a major military communications accord

Showbiz Stars extend their condolences to Sharif Family over loss of Kulsoom Nawaz

People from all walk of life including showbiz also exprss sympathies over the loss of Kulsoom Nawaz

Begum Kulsoom Nawaz Demise: Social Media demands apology for ridiculing her severe ailment earlier

Infuriated Social media erupts with the admonishing reactions for mocking Kulsoom Nawaz illness

Here is what you need to know about former first lady Kulsoom Nawaz

Former first lady of Pakistan Kulsoom Nawaz dies of cancer in London, left everyone in sorrows.

Pak Army donates over Rs1bn to dam fund

General Bajwa handed over the cheque to Chief Justice Saqib Nisar.

PM pushes housing ministry for early roll-out of housing plan

Imran Khan said he would personally look after the initiative.

Miracles cannot be performed in weeks, PTI govt. needs time, experts opine

PTI should be given time before people start evaluation of its performance.

Lack of rains and ineffective water policy affect crops of grape in Balochistan

Storage of water through reservoirs and then consuming it sustainably can increase production.

President Arif Alvi receives guard of honour

Alvi was also introduced to the staff of the President's House.

US congratulates new President Arif Alvi

Alvi was sworn-in as the 13th president on Sunday.

In pictures: Another historic day for PTI as Arif Alvi clings to Presidency

Another historic day for PTI, struggle of Arif Alvi for PTI pays off well today.

Internet voting unable to fetch attention of overseas Pakistanis, some thousands registered

The ultimate responsibility is on PTI, which is in power, to motivate Pakistanis for registration.

PTI police reforms: abandoned police vehicles wait for govt. ownership

New vehicles leaving the old ones abandoned will not curb the crimes, police willpower is needed.

Inevitable Diamir Bhasha Dam - Requirements, Reservations and Challenges

The gigantic project remains a bone of contention of the political discourse.

Imran Khan requests funds for dam: overwhelming response of overseas Pakistanis

Our mother needs our help, and we are ready to help it out at this time of difficulty, an overseas.

Chinese foreign minister reaches Pakistan

Yi will hold discussions with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday.

PM Office orders inquiry into fake notification about govt employees

The fake notification was doing the rounds on media on September 5.

Naya Pakistan govt receives a harsh criticism over asking Atif Mian to step down from EAC

Atif Mian was appointed a member of economic advisory council by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Chinese Foreign Minister to visit Pakistan

Wang Yi will meet Pakistan's top leadership on his three-day visit.

PTI government: Lack of funds heading Women Crisis Cell in Multan to end

Women are already victim of patriarchy, closure of such institution will aggravate the situation.

Key steps taken by PM Imran Khan and his team

continuous struggle is required but the fact is change is in the air and is turning into actions.

Pakistan girds for 'exchanges' with Pompeo as U.S. halts military funding

Qureshi argued that the U.S. was not justified in cutting the $300 million as it was reimbursement.

18th Amendment and the powers of the President of Pakistan

Powers to exercise the authority as President are limited as the ceremonial figurehead.

Dr Arif ur Rehman Alvi - 10 things to know about the newly elected 13th President of Pakistan

New President Dr. Arif Alvi is a dentist by profession and a renowned politician

Pak-US relations: America continues demanding ‘do more’ even from Imran Khan

It definitely will be a challenge for PM Imran Khan to tackle Donald Trump. Time will explore.

The Democratically Elected and the Military Presidents of Pakistan

Out of 12, 7 were democratically elected President and 4 were the military Presidents.

Imran puts 100 Days Agenda on top of the list

The prime minister said PTI is determined to change governance in Pakistan.

Auction of luxury vehicles on September 17

The fleet of cars up for auction includes 27 bullet-proof vehicles.

PM urges public to join 'Plant4Pakistan' environment drive

The campaign has been launched in multiple cities across the country.

Imran Khan meets journalists: demands only three months before criticism

Journalists had candid discussion but only with a glass of water; austerity drive in action.

Billions are needed: who is going to help Pakistan stabilize its economy?

PTI stabilizing economy especially without ruinous loans will be worth praising.

Cabinet issues revised list of members

The cabinet now consists of 25 members.

Five Controversies of 'Dil Ka Acha' Info Minister Punjab Fayyaz ul Hassan Chauhan

He is being ostensibly criticized over his foul language, obscene remarks and illogical allegations

PTI promotes Shehbaz Sharif appointed bureaucrats: is “Tabdeeli” possible?

Those officers who once used to be bad for PTI have become apple of Imran Khan's eye.

Despite fears, concerns and stirs 'Enforced Disappearances' still is a missing truth

Enforced disappearance has become a global problem and is not restricted to a specific region.

Opening of Kartarpur corridor: bringing Pakistan and India closer through borders

Imran Khan unlike previous Prime Ministers has ability to solve matters of significance with India.

Pakistani Islamists call for Dutch envoy's expulsion over blasphemous competition

Several thousand activists gathered in the eastern city of Lahore for the demonstration.

Preparations underway for new local govt setup in Punjab

Senior Punjab Minister Aleem Khan will represent his recommendations to PM Imran on Sep 1.

PhD, MSc degree holders in Federal and Provincial cabinets of PTI government

Some ministers in PTI government are highly qualified while others are not.

What experts say: Shireen Mazari reacted to a letter written to PM Imran Khan by HRW

Shireen Mazari delivers sharp rebuke to HRW for selective oversight

Pakistan complains to Netherlands over blasphemous contest by Wilders

Just recently Upper House of Pakistan passed resolution against this contest.

Change in ideology or need of hour: Musharraf supporters in abundance in PTI govt.

Embracing to PML-Q and Sheikh Rasheed was the need of hour for Imran Khan and PTI.

Senator Hidayat Ullah Khan joins PTI

Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed Senator Hidayat Ullah Khan’s decision of to join PTI.

Railways, Minister Railways and Railway walas: A week in the ministry of Sheikh Rasheed

Minister railways drew media attention with back to back controversies in a week.

Arif Alvi, next President of Pakistan: PTI does have majority

Presidential Election will be no different; PTI along with allies has edge over grand opposition.

PTI imposes Rs0.5m fine, treatment of 20 patients; not enough yet encouraging

PTI, considering backlash from its own supporters on social media, decided to go a step further.

Remembering revolutionary Ahmad Faraz on his 10th death anniversary

“Poetry is the most effective way to protest,” said Ahmed Faraz

Statements of President Mamoon Hussain, worth pondering indeed

President Mamoon Hussain demands accountability of the corrupt people who are badly cursed.

Failure of RTS system: why Pakistan could not get rid of rigging?

It is evident that system is corrupt and lacunas have been solidified in it intentionally.

Pakistan disputes U.S. account of call between Pompeo and new PM Khan

Pakistan regularly denies that the Afghan Taliban operates from its soil.

Prime Minister Imran Khan's Federal Cabinet: Who is Who?

Brief profile of the the cabinet members who are given important portfolios.

Complete text of Prime Minister Imran Khan's first address to nation

PM Khan addressed the nation for more than an hour.

PM Imran Khan Address: Twitter explodes in praise for new PM

Following the PM's address, the hashtag #PMIKAddress became the world’s top trend on Twitter.

International leaders congratulate Imran Khan on becoming Prime Minister

From everywhere in the world people are greeting Imran Khan.

Khan’s player to rule Punjab: Sardar Usman Buzdar new Chief Minister of Punjab

Buzdar thanked Imran Khan for showing his confidence and vowed to introduce KP-styled reforms.

Indian media censuring Sidhu for meeting COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa

Indian media is ignoring the fact that Imran Khan has aspired to have friendly relations with India.

Navjot Singh Sidhu thanked Pakistanis for love they gave

Talking about Imran Khan he said he has power to change image of Pakistan.

This is how international media covered oath-taking ceremony of Imran Khan

Imran Khan oath-taking ceremony was covered everywhere, inside and out of Pakistan.

Five biggest challenges facing new Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Khan has vowed to improve trade with India, increase the ease of doing business and boost tax collec

Achievements of Imran Khan which seemed impossible at first

Imran Khan was mocked at different stages in his life, but he rose to the occasion.

Imran Khan to be sworn in as Prime Minister today

The oath-taking ceremony will be held at the Aiwan-e-Sadr (President House) in Islamabad at 10:00am.

Justice Nasirul Mulk resigns as interim PM

Justice Mulk oversaw the functioning of the caretaker setup for a period of two months and 17 days.

Ex-cricketer Imran Khan elected prime minister of Pakistan

Parliament’s move cleared the way for the 65-year-old Khan to set up a coalition government

Speech in Parliament: Twitterattis appreciate Bilawal and denounce newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan

Social Media flooded with tweets appreciating Bilawal speech and denouncing PM Imran Khan oration

Shehbaz demands formation of parliamentary body to probe into 'election rigging'

The PML-N president questioned the legitimacy of the July 25 election.

Imran Khan's Struggle: From Cornered Tiger to Prime Minister

Imran Khan's life is an epitome of the fact that with great struggle comes realization of big dream

Despite only 10 seats in Punjab Assembly, PMLQ's Pervaiz Elahi becomes speaker

Ch Ilahi has been elected as Speaker Punjab Assembly after securing 201 votes — more than expected

Expected federal ministers in new government of PTI

If competition for Ministry of Interior goes on, Imran Khan will retain it by himself.

PPP takes U-turn, refuses to support PML-N in PM elections

Members of National Assembly (MNAs) will elect new premier on Friday.

National Assembly to elect new PM on Friday

The election of the prime minister will be held in the National Assembly session on Friday

Imran Khan submits nomination papers for PM slot

On August 7, PTI had formally nominated Imran Khan as their candidate for country's next PM

Making Pakistan green: Plant trees for saving future generations

Trees help human beings in growing and living a healthy life. They are home to millions of species.

In Pictures: Illuminated buildings on the eve of 72nd Independence Day

Important buildings and monumental sights across the country are decorated with buntings and lights

In Pictures: National Assembly historic session leading towards third democratic transition

Imran Khan and PTI seemed quite happy; they should be as after a long struggle their dream realizes.

Imran Khan not the only PM to have refused protocol

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, too, refused to live in the PM house and kept minimal protocol.

Parliament to see some new faces and bid farewell to prominent/old ones

This assembly is going to be quite diverse one especially with the new parliamentarians.

Caged Lion of Punjab: the fall of Pakistan's ex-PM Sharif

Many PML-N leaders told him not to speak against the army and judiciary, but he didn't listen.

Imran Khan to reside in PM House's staff colony after taking oath

Khan has also decided to retain seat of Mianwali.