Five years in power, three federal ministers, not even a single university

Dunya News

Political candidates are spending resources on their campaigns, giving no priority to education.

(Web Desk) - Educational system of every country should be up-to-date and meet the needs of contemporary time. If this is not the case, the nation starts failing and the youth instead of getting equipped with the latest and modern education becomes indulge into nefarious activities, and this is not useful for anyone. Unfortunately, there is a city of Pakistan viz. Gujranwala which in the previous term of Nawaz Sharif produced three federal ministers. Sadly no one could construct a public university. They come for votes but they never expressed their interest for the construction of any university, which is quite outrageous, students viewed.

Overall, the population of the entire district has increased from five million and having no public university is making the students go to Lahore or Gujrat for fulfilling their educational desires, increasing their educational expenses.

Political candidates are spending a huge amount of money on  biryani  and other eatables to entertain prospective voters in their rallies. They are more concerned with gaining votes only. No one has ever focused over the construction of university in his constituency.

Just like Gujranwala, a number of other cities are waiting for true and education-friendly leadership which could endorse educational activities in their respective districts.

Interestingly, a number of non-governmental organizations are putting efforts to improve educational system of the country. In this regard, Alif Ailaan, an NGO, is raising awareness regarding the importance of education through various means. Indeed, education-friendly candidates deserve votes.

Students’ concerns

Students, who have to rush to other cities for meeting their educational needs, have to spend a lot of financial as well as non-financial resources. Unfortunately, they have to lodge in hostels, leaving their families in their homes. Interestingly, now the awareness concerning significance of universities and other educational institutions is commonplace. Masses are well-aware how it, education, can change their life. And the youth, which is more than 60 per cent of the whole population, will caste vote keeping into consideration the relevant educational policy of every party.

Although private sector is flourishing in the district and even all around the country but gaining education from it is quite expensive and in some cases unbearable for the poor, middle, and even the rich class.

Edited by: Junaid Ali Malik