China to introduce AI curriculum at primary and secondary schools

China to introduce AI curriculum at primary and secondary schools


Aims to enhance digital literacy

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(Web Desk) - China prepares to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) curriculum at primary and secondary schools. 

According to media reports, the Chinese Ministry of Education has issued a statement stating that the primary and secondary schools are introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based curricula.

A list of 184 primary and secondary schools across the country has been compiled for the initial implementation of this initiative, with the aim of promoting the advancement of AI education. 

The Ministry of Education in China further explained that to facilitate the integration of AI education, primary and secondary schools should focus on enhancing educational and teaching resources in Information Technology, General Technology, and other related courses. 

They emphasised the need for mentorship by teachers and boosting the morale of nominated AI curriculum leaders. The Chinese Ministry of Education highlighted that the initiative's objective extends beyond the responsibilities of educators.

It aims to promote holistic student development, enabling AI school-based curricula, linking systems and structures, improving teaching methods, fostering collaborative construction and sharing of digital educational resources, and playing a pivotal role in advancing digital literacy among educators.

This move is seen as a significant step towards incorporating AI education into mainstream learning, aligning with global trends in technology and education.