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Harmful waste generation set to jump by over 75pc, UN warns

Says humanity moved backwards over past decade, generating more pollution, greenhouse gas emissions

Struggling to sleep at the moment? You're not the only one - here's why

More light can potentially affect the quality and duration of our sleep

AI tools to improve people's health could put them at risk in other ways, doctors warn

AI is used in radiology – but could contribute to health threat there is, climate change

'X' faces prolonged suspension across Pakistan

The site is inaccessible with VPN as well

Leaving the Bel Paese: Tax break clampdown adds to Italy brain drain fears

Govt points to budget constraints, scheme abuses; 0.5m young people left the country since 2011

Young blood joins Punjab Assembly fraternity with optimism

A number of MPAs become member of the august House of 371 for the very first time

50pc of Asian students use AI to help with university work

In March 2023, several universities banned ChatGPT over plagiarism fears

Shifting sands in Pakistan's political landscape

Shifting sands in Pakistan's political landscape

Argentina inflation: Soup kitchens serving the hungry poor are on brink of collapse

Milei pushed the prices further up through peso devaluation, subsidy cuts, loosening price controls

Interest rates and economic paralysis? Here is a lesson for Pakistan from South Korea

Seoul has prepared a $56.97bn programme to boost investment and support small businesses

Economic slowdown, high unemployment rate make some Chinese youth to 'lie flat'

Expert says the trend represents their pessimism about the future

The poet of all ages - a remembrance

Poet of all ages remains immortal in his versification

Let's celebrate legacy of hope and peace

Faiz Ghar - a symbol of hope and peace

ECP stops final results of several national, provincial constituencies

ECP stops final results of several national, provincial constituencies

12 women clinch NA seats by defying odds

Five of them were backed by PTI; PML-N, PPP, MQM-P have four, two and one respectively

Political wrangling continues as PDM components vie to join hands again

Consultations are going on between the PML-N, the PML-Q and the MQM to form government

Tshepo Jeans: From South Africa township to closets of Meghan Markle and Beyonce

Firm logo is a stylised crown with three spikes representing the women who marked his life

Pakistan develops AI robot to support autistic children

AI robot works as friend and caretaker for autistic children

Struggle for power in Centre and provinces intensifies as ECP announces final results

ECP announces results of National Assembly and provincial assemblies seats

Independents ride the wave of public support in poll outcome

Independents ride the wave of public support in poll outcome

60m people exercised their right to vote on Feb 8: Fafen

Says govt’s suspension of cellular, internet services undermined efforts to reform polls process

Teenage 'Newton of Gaza' creates system to light up family tent

A 15 years old in Gaza proves necessity is the mother of invention

Independents give PML-N, others a run for their votes

Results of few constituencies still awaited

Triumph of hope and resilience

Triumph of hope and resilience

Bilawal's dream to get Lahore throne shattered as Tarar clinches NA-127

PPP chairman could only get 15,005 votes and lost the seat with a huge margin

Country goes to polls amid a myriad of challenges

Country goes to polls amid a myriad of challenges

How EMS will ensure fail-safe polling results

The system designed by a private company can work without internet connection

Akhtar Mengal - a profile

Mengal contested his first election in 1988 and won from PB-31 on BNA ticket

Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui - a profile

He ran for MNA from NA-169 Hyderabad in 1990 for first time as candidate of Haq Parast Group

Road to elections paved with AI minefield

Road to elections paved with AI minefield

SBP competition for new design of currency notes sparks memefest

The deadline for submitting the suggestions is March 11, 2024

Not a good news as there won't be any US interest rate cuts at least till May

Fed keeps policy rate in 5.25pc-5.50pc range; Fed's Powell says March rate cut unlikely

Japanese women: Industries open door to more female directors, but managers remain rare

Japan Airlines gets a female president; Firms scrambling to improve diversity under govt pressure

The hit and miss Modi economics: Higher spending on infrastructure, not enough jobs for millions

The unemployment rate rose to 5.4pc in 2022-23, from 4.9pc in 2013-14

Shehbaz Sharif – master of all he surveys

He became Punjab CM for first time in 1997 and became PM in 2022

World-beating growth? Not for India rural majority

Country’s overall annual growth is expected to be 7.3pc against 1.8pc for farm output

Jahangir Tareen - a political heavyweight

Tareen began his political career with PML-Q when he was elected to NA in 2002

The rise and rise of Fazlur Rehman

His political career started when he became JUI-F chief in 1980 after death of his father

Scholz for EU capital markets union, ECB says rate cuts require slower wage growth

Says the single market is far too fragmented, especially when it comes to financial issues

Do fiery speeches in campaigns reflect real challenges?

In speeches, leader have failed to take a deep dive of issues faced by people

Gadget to save pilgrims from heat

The portable air-conditioner can be used anywhere with temperature control unit

Safe-haven Dubai property market sees more buyers from Pakistan in 2023

Many see signs of fizzling out, but an expert says Dubai will always benefit whenever there is chaos

Thousands protest against Milei's planned Argentina budget cuts

Protesters bore placards reading "The homeland is not for sale" and "Eating is not a privilege"

Asif Ali Zardari - a shrewd politician

He rose to prominence when he became president in Sept 2008

Nawaz Sharif aspires to fourth term as premier

Nawaz Sharif has served as PM thrice before and became Punjab CM twice

Feb 8 polls - how TikTok can contribute to transparency

TikTok's 'Pakistan Election Centre' will filter out hateful information

A campaign without 'rhyme' or reason

Ongoing campaign has not produced popular slogans that could captivate imagination of voters

Bright future? Pakistan out-of-school children totalled at 26.2m in 2020-21

Alarming figures are in addition to poor quality of education, lack of human resource development

Five effective strategies to accomplish your goals while being consistent

Prioritizing your 'SMART' tasks is a key recipe to success.

What's PTI 'plan C' and how would it benefit party and its candidates?

PTI unveils 'Plan-C' amidst electoral symbol 'bat' setback

China population drops for second year amid very little appetite for marriage and babies

India surpassed became world's most populous nation last year

Being rich in resources doesn't mean you have a strong economy

Nigeria inflation rises to more than 27-year high in December

Fog in plains, no snow on mountains -- a summary of current winter season

Global warming effects have been amplified by El Nino

Chaudhrys of Gujrat in court over Zahoor Elahi Palace

Local judge grants stay in favour of Shujaat who says Parvez Elahi is denying his right

Property prices are down, developers to face a tough 2024

Funding costs rise in Hongkong where house prices expected to continue falling

Artificial intelligence to impact 40pc global jobs, widen labour income inequality: IMF

Says advanced economies are at greater risk, but also better placed to take advantage

Many developing countries going for 'government bonds' option amid falling borrowing costs

Six emerging economies could each issue over $10 bln this year

Dollar is the king: Bearish bets on most Asian currencies edge higher as US rate cut hopes wane

One currency that seems to be charting its own path is the Indian rupee

Pakistan remittances in Dec recorded at $2.38bn. More than half of it came from Gulf States

Saudi Arabia and UAE are the two top contributors, followed by UK, EU and United States

German train drivers start three-day strike to press for pay raise, reduced working hours

Walkout coincides with protests by farmers over withdrawal of subsidy

Saudi Arabia new civil laws aim to boost investment, but caution lingers

The move is part of Vision 2030 reform plan to pivot its economy away from oil and gas sector

A vibrant economy means more customers. Hence, Starbucks is expanding

The coffee chain plans to increase number of cafes in India from 390 to 1,000 cafes by 2028

MQM-P to back Shehbaz, three other PML-N candidates for National Assembly in Karachi

Nawaz League also finalises details with GDA for the fight in interior Sindh

Tired of inflation? Just check Cuba where fuel prices will go up over 500pc

Power and gas tariffs are also increased as govt tries to tackle budget deficit

PPP-P not in the race for 19 national, provincial constituencies from its stronghold Sindh

Seats in questions are both in urban and rural parts of the province

Forced marriages: 53 cases reported in Peshawar last year, but actual numbers are much higher

Lack of will and absence of resources mean the state is unable to provide protection

Pakistani fielders try to catch two birds with one hand

Pakistani fielders try to catch two birds with one hand

India-South Africa game becomes shortest Test match ever

India-South Africa game becomes shortest Test match ever

Pakistan food inflation is going up, so are the food exports

Chicken is available for Rs548 per kg, eggs at Rs380 a dozen

Argentina to clinch deal on delayed IMF review after devaluing peso from 366 to 800 per dollar

Milei's government is also working on reducing energy and social subsidies

'Negative people only' - welcome to Tokyo cafe

The only thing that hints at negativity is the menu

Italian may regain use of hand after nerve transfer from amputated leg

He needs around five months of post-operative care to see whether the move is successful

Economy at work. China domestic tourism revenue over three-day New Year holidays touches $11.23bn

Railway passenger trips surged 177.5pc year-on-year; Increase in the case of air is 140.3pc

It's really a new year for some as Jan 1 brings minimum wage hike

Per hour salary in New York City and suburbs is now $16 and $15 for the rest of the Empire State

Pay gap widening at an alarming rate: At least bank executives are under scrutiny

Switzerland's financial regulator wants to discuss the ability to claw back bonuses from bankers

No! Pakistan doesn't need you in 2024

We are in a post-truth country where the PTI chairman is considered immune from law and Constitution

Pakistan cricket in 2023 - moments of joy and heartbreak

2023 was the proverbial rollercoaster ride for team and its die-hard supporters

Pakistan remained 'a hard country' in 2023

2023 can be summed up as period of tumultuous politics, constitutional crisis and tanking economy

2023: A year of records and historic firsts

Unsung heroes brought smiles on faces of fellow citizens amidst challenging times

2023 back to pavilion - a glimpse of cricket's highs and lows

2023 back to pavilion – a glimpse of cricket’s highs and lows

Benazir Bhutto's legacy of courage and compassion lives on

What a sad day it was when the life of a remarkable person was cut down

Economic canvas of Pakistan in 2023

Unprecedented inflationary pressures and high prices left a profound impact on masses

Dramas in 2023: stories that kept people glued to screens

Pakistani dramas win applause for showbiz world marred by shaky silver screen

Holidays in 2024 - here is calendar for you

There are 33 public and optional holidays in 2024

SUNSET 2023 - Gone but not forgotten

Our TV screens will sorely miss the icons

Japan's Nippon Steel - fourth largest in the world - to acquire historic US Steel for $14.9bn

The buyer Nippon did not give any projection on the value of the synergies that will arise from the

Economy of divorce: Husband kills four in Lahore, billionaire in Mumbai can lose 75pc of his wealth

Divorce is a messy affair. However, your social status makes the episode easier or difficult for you

AI at your door. Is there anything to worry?

AI's impacts are far and wide, so striking right balance will be key for a better future

Glaring flaws in online driving licence facility

The current system can be misused by unscrupulous elements

What is Tesla's robot capable of? Let's find out

The humanoid is named Optimus II and is one of the most advanced robotic technologies

With elections approaching, deepfake is already employed in Pakistan too

It helps spreading fake news; AI used to air PTI founding chairman’s speech in ‘virtual rally’

Do traffic police have licence to fleece motorists?

It is alleged that wardens ask for money and allow the violators to go scot free

UK honours Asian 'Curry Stars' for delectable cuisines

Public votes determined top 100 food brands and restaurants

The next big thing in retirement benefits might be the oldest: a traditional pension

Defined-benefit pensions still dominant in public sector but have disappeared in the private sector

Paris readies for a new Metro network as underpasses, signal-free corridors captivate the elite in Pakistan

Our policy-makers aren’t ready to accept that cars aren’t a solution and people should be the focus

Can we control our dreams? US startup set to realize this dream

The device can be worn at night like a crown

Cost-of-living crisis is worsening not just in Pakistan but even in developed West

German train drivers take industrial action in Germany after their pay raise demands are rejected

PTI is the master of propaganda, eclipses Goebbels: PML-N

Attaullah Tarar shares details of how the party creates and operate fake social media accounts

Quality of education: An unprecedented decline in teenagers' mathematics and reading skills

Nearly 700,000 15-year-olds tested in over 80 countries; Singaporeans top marks in all subjects

How to prevent kidney stones

A kidney stone is made up of waste products in your urine

Hottest temperature a human can survive is much lower than you think

The major way heat causes injury to the body is through water

Wow --- Japan slows inflation without raising interest rates

BOJ member says country yet to achieve wage-driven increase in price hike

Can technology solve the global climate crisis?

Participants at COP28 will also be considering deployment of the nascent technologies

Far-right and ground realities: Half of German companies face labour shortages

Survey coincides with recent polls in the UK show which majority of Britons say Brexit was a mistake

Majority of Britons support re-joining the EU single market, poll shows

Polls in recent months have shown that most of the people now think Brexit was now a mistake

I have no problem being hated: Elon Musk

In an interview Musk opened up publicly to a degree never seen before

Lack of public transport amid population bomb? India vehicle sales climb 19pc in festive season

India and Pakistan have been grappling with the problem amid worsening pollution crisis

Authentic: Merriam-Webster's word of the year

Merriam-Webster said it saw a "substantial increase" in online searches for the word

Electronic noses designed to prevent food poisoning

The human nose and its ability to smell is an amazing thing

Italian food is loved worldwide, but Italy no country for young chefs

They are frustrated by low pay, lack of labour protection and scant prospects

Afghanistan - a minnow that becomes world-beater

Afghanistan – a minnow that becomes world-beater

Climate change means poverty for many. Is Pakistan ready to address the challenge?

More and more people are added to the list of vulnerable amid increase in extreme weather events

World Cup leaves a trail of controversies

World Cup leaves a trail of controversies

What is FCA? Central Power Purchasing Agency wants it at Rs3.55 for Oct

Nepra to make the final decision; Amount to be charged in the monthly bills of December

Cummins - cool, calm and collected

Australia beat India to lift sixth world cup title

Palestinian children are being slaughtered as we celebrate World Children's Day

Domestic violence and lack of protection in Pakistan mean they face the consequences forever

Brazil has 234m cattle. Some of its companies will now certify they aren't causing deforestation

Grazing is the most common initial use for deforested areas in the Amazon

We export food items when people are being crushed by food inflation at home

Policy-making in Pakistan doesn’t revolve around the people and their interests

Widening rich-poor divide means target population for businesses is getting exclusive

Global luxury brands are targeting the richer among the rich in China

Dollar posts steep weekly fall, trades below 150 yen

Euro rose 0.52pc after data confirmed year-on-year inflation in the euro zone slowed sharply in Oct

What is artificial rain and how it helps fight smog?

The process costs Rs40m for one time

OpenAI explores how to get ChatGPT into classrooms

OpenAI explores how to get ChatGPT into classrooms

Inflation means even the affluent are spending less

Burberry sees store sales growth dipping to just 1pc in second quarter against 18pc in the first

If you can't beat, buy them: GM snatches key Tesla supplier in EV race

Tesla can now develop a car in 18 to 24 months but rivals currently take three to four years

Argentina's Massa says IMF deal causing inflation, will renegotiate it

His challenger Javier Milei has proposed dollarizing the economy and shutting the central bank

How Pakistan's semi-final dream goes sour?

How Pakistan’s semi-final dream goes sour?

Human activities and climate change -- Worsening sand, dust storms driving global land loss: UN

Trend impacting food supplies, driving migration, impeding navigation, creating security risks

Do you recognise them? If not, consult AI

AI-generated faces now look more real than even the actual human faces

Santa Claus? US consumers to get extra discounts amid excess stock, high inflation

Carrying too much inventory a problem for many retailers because it drives up retailers' expenses

'Can't buy new jeans': Argentina inflation hits 143pc as shoppers tighten belts

Rising voter anger is propelling radical Javier Milei against Sergio Massa in presidential election

Critically ill British girl dies after life support removed

Rome had granted Indy Gregory Italian citizenship for shifting her to Italy to ensure treatment

Rachin Ravindra - Rahul and Sachin rolled into one

Rachin Ravindra has smashed records in the world cup

What is wearable 'Ai Pin' and how can it serve you?

The Ai Pin, as the device is called, is designed to be worn on clothing

Abused South African women log on for online lifeline

African nation has some of world's highest rape stats

Rare earths war: Western miners target China's grip with premium prices

Geopolitical tensions between the West and China risk reliable supply of these minerals

Majestic Maxwell makes Mumbai match memorable

Majestic Maxwell makes Mumbai match memorable

What is timed out law? Is everything fair in 'cricket' and war?

Mathews becomes first batsman in cricket history to be dismissed timed out

IMF wants to end tube wells subsidy as first review of $3bn deal is in progress

Power tariff for other consumers has already been hiked to a record-high level

Worse than other estimates: Research says two thirds of Britons to spend less this Christmas

Official data earlier showed British retail sales volumes fell more than expected in September

Developing countries 'coerced'? World Bank poised to host climate Loss and Damage Fund

Expert says it's a sombre day for climate justice; Pakistan had led efforts for its creation at COP2

Controversies land Pakistan on a sticky wicket

PCB is no stranger to controversies

World Bank sees oil price dipping to $81 next year, but Middle East war can be a spoiler

Worst case scenario due to an expanded conflict may spike the prices to $140-$157 range

Spending $112bn to protect your people from inflation

Japanese government to present a supplementary budget for the purpose

'AI' named Collins Word of the Year

Lexicographers at Collins Dictionary said use of the term had "accelerated"

China kicks off nation population survey amid declining birth rate

Exercise will help formulate national economic and social development related policies

Messi not thinking about long-term future

It was a dream come true for me, my teammates and my country

Manufacturing jobs to decline, many countries to move directly from agri to services

Study says China may be an exception with an increased factory output

Emerging markets need $1.5tr to make buildings greener

Pakistan is among those countries which are worst affected by climate change

LHC steps up efforts to grapple with smog

LHC steps up efforts to grapple with smog

What went wrong with Pakistan cricket team in World Cup?

Pakistan have consistently been a competitive side in tournaments

Tribute to Ali – The Greatest

Despite being considered the best boxer of all time, Ali dealt with racism and discrimination

Reporting pain and anguish on Gaza's frontline

Tents in a hospital courtyard have become their newsroom by day and dormitory at night

Ford, UAW reach tentative deal to end strike including record pay raise

The campaign converged with union efforts in Hollywood and at delivery giant UPS

Why US states are up in arms against Meta?

In total more than 40 states have sued Meta

China passes patriotic education law for children, families

Xinhua says some people "are at a loss about what is patriotism"

Japan to extend fuel subsidies until April next year as inflation accelerates

BOJ goes for bond-buying operation to slow a rise in government bond yields

Iceland prime minister to join strike against gender injustice

Organiser says female-led professions are still undervalued and much lower paid

World 'failing' on pledge to stop deforestation by 2030

Report praised EU’s new rules intended to block imports of commodities driving deforestation

Robots to work shoulder to shoulder with humans in UK school

Chatbots are named Abigail Bailey and Jamie Trainer

Argentina braces for election with 138pc inflation

South American country is rich grains, shale gas and lithium which can boost its economy

AI can diagnose people with diabetes in 10 seconds using voice recording

AI model promises to reduce cost for ordinary people suffering from chronic health condition

A snapshot of legal cases awaiting Nawaz Sharif

Obstacles to Nawaz Sharif’s return to country

Fighting the inflation: TotalEnergies to keep France fuel price cap in 2024

Move comes as government decides against extending windfall tax

Cost of doing business amid rising cost of living? British shopkeepers robbed and assaulted

It’s not just criminal gangs as mothers and pensioners are also among the culprits

Third BRI forum: Another 'power show' for global and economic equality

Putin's presence in the forum is a message to the US and allies for striking balance of power

Blue or green Rs75 note - what SBP says?

The SBP issued currency note in green colour on 75th independence day and blue on its anniversary

Biden set to visit Israel whereas Iran is incensed

Joe Biden will visit Israel on Wednesday for talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Is flip of a coin merely a luck? Experts don't think so

It turns out one side has a slightly greater likelihood of landing face up

Palestinians - dying for freedom

No peace is expected in the Middle East unless an independent Palestinian state

Job or baby? Italian women's struggle to have both holds back growth

Country has lowest female occupation rate in the EU; GDP to shrink sharply due to ageing population

GAZA BLEEDS - Scars too deep to heal

As many as 1,400 Palestinians have been killed

Rising cost of living: Pakistan's poor return to villages as prices spiral

Govt says inflation stay higher in November due to hike in energy tariffs and fuel rates

Do you want to be finished? If not, embrace AI

There is a need to be pragmatic when it comes to embracing AI

Israel-Palestine conflict - an eye-opener

Israel-Palestine conflict - an eye-opener

Dunya Exclusive: South Africa 'rise' to the occasion

Proteas kept the record-keepers busy in their marquee event’s opening match against Sri Lanka

Autumn's splendour: let's celebrate the wonders of change

Autumn’s splendour: let’s celebrate the wonders of change

First Pakistani in space - Namira Salim, we are proud of you

Namira took Pakistan’s flag to new heights and won wide acclaim for her mission

Hong Kong man in prison for importing 'seditious' children's books

Publications feature sheep living in a village while defending against wolves

Teachers Day - let's salute our mentors

Unesco theme revolves around overcoming teachers' shortage

Dunya Exclusive: Let's hark back to top scorers of World Cup 2019

Old records will be broken and new highs will be achieved

South Asia female health workers fight for basic rights, social protection

Demands include better pay and working conditions, pension, sick leave

Have names of Nobel chemistry prize winners inadvertently released? What will happen now?

ٓA Swedish newspaper named the laureates as Moungi G. Bawendi, Louis E. Brus and Alexei I. Ekimov

Surging property prices squeezing out many. Tokyo is a case study

UBS global real estate report ranks Japan’s capital as second most expensive city after Hong Kong

Dunya Exclusive - Challenges Pakistan have to surmount

This time round, the Pakistani side is uniquely different due to multiple factors

Unlocking the secrets: How are ancient Roman and Mayan buildings still standing?

Ingredients mixed into old structures include tree bark, volcanic ash, rice, beer and even urine

Australia Indigenous referendum hit by 'toxic' disinformation

Support for referendum has fallen amid propaganda especially on social media

Prison: Pakistan officials consider a new way to boost polio vaccination

Opinion is divided as many believe it will backfire

Mentally-challenged Muslim lynched in India. Saner minds shocked at height of insanity

The 26-year-old Isar Muhammad was tied to a pole before severe torture

Elon Musk's X Corp in another legal fight. Read on

Atlas and X entered a sublease agreement for space in April 2021

Nowhere to Go: Inflation and global warming are impacting livelihoods around the world

The lethal combination is complicating the affairs for crisis-hit countries like Pakistan

Guinean student cycles across Africa for place at top Islamic university

Covering approximately 100 km each day, Barry pedalled through jungles, deserts and conflict zones