This is how international media covered oath-taking ceremony of Imran Khan

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Imran Khan oath-taking ceremony was covered everywhere, inside and out of Pakistan.

(Web Desk) – Imran Khan oath-taking ceremony was watched everywhere in Pakistan; international media also covered it. It was the third consequent democratic transition which was long-waited in Pakistan. Imran was lucky enough to gain premiership after 22 years of hard struggle. Masses voted for the new party with an aim to see real change that Imran Khan inspired in them. Here are the headlines showing how international media covered this ceremony.

 CNN compared Imran Khan with Donald Trump. Moreover, Khan’s relations with army were also considered Photo: Screenshot

Al Jazeera focused over the situation prevailing in the oath taking ceremony of Imran Khan. Photo: Screenshot

 BBC described the prevailing political situation in the country and Imran Khan’s induction was also discussed. Photo: Screenshot

 Financial Express focused over the Urdu linguistic mistake that Imran Khan made during oath-taking. Photo: Screenshot

 DW explored the crises that lie ahead for PTI and its leader and how they would be facing it. Photo: Screenshot

Fox News considered AP news better to convey its message. The story focused over role of parliament in electing the new prime minister. Photo: Screenshot

 Gulf News discussed Imran Khan s political struggle and how it helped him in gaining this premiership. Photo: Screenshot

NDTV termed Imran s incubency a new era for Pakistan and comapred his upcoming tenure with the cricket innings. Photo: Screenshot

Overall, the interest of international media shows how much importance Imran Khan holds. Relations with other countries will definitely be affected under Imran Khan’s leadership. The above mentioned media and others were quite interested and explored the situation in accordance to its own viewpoint, hoping his leaderhsip will bring positive change.

by Junaid Ali Malik