Despite only 10 seats in Punjab Assembly, PMLQ's Pervaiz Elahi becomes speaker

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Ch Ilahi has been elected as Speaker Punjab Assembly after securing 201 votes more than expected

(WebDesk) - Former Chief Minister of Punjab, former deputy Prime Minsiter, former deputy speaker of National Assembly, former speaker of Punjab Assembly a known arch rival of Sharif Brothers and PMLN and now a staunch ally of the new major party in National Assembly, joint candidate of PTI-led alliance Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi has been elected as Speaker Punjab Assembly after securing 201 votes — more than expected. 

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Chaudhary pervaiz Ilahi made a return to the politics of  Punjab after a decade as Speaker in the Punjab Assembly

The biggest party in the National Assembly Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf with its ally Pakistan Muslim league Q has nominated former Chief Minister of Punjab and the deputy Prime Minister Chaudhary Pervaiz Ilahi in Punjab Assembly as their joint candidate for Speaker in Provincial Assembly of Punjab who has contested against the opposition parties’ candidate Chaudhary Iqbal Gujjar. 

There were 349 votes cast during the election out of which Ilahi received 201 and Muhammad Iqbal 146. PTI candidate was expected to receive 185 votes, whereas the PML-N candidate was expected to get 162 votes.

After 2008, Caudhary Brothers led PMLQ presence in the national and Punjab assembly began to decline and it suffered many defections.

After the 2008 polls, Chaudhary Ilahi formed an alliance with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and was first appointed minister for industries and defence production and as deputy prime minister in 2011. These days, Ilahi is firmly in the camp of Imran Khan’s PTI.

He is now all set to serve his second term as speaker of the Punjab Assembly after ninteen years. Previously, he served as speaker of Punjab Assembly in PMLN government from 1997 to 1999.

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How Chaudhary Pervaiz Ilahi gained the speakersip in Punjab Assembly

To elect Chaudhary Pervaiz Illahi speaker of Punjab Assembly, the most probable ruling party PTI and allied did not face any major obstacles. The ruling party in center PTI, gained 119 general seats in Punjab in general eleactions 2018. Later, 23 independent candidates joined them.  After the reserve seats for women andfor religious minorities, the ruling alliance has surpassed the magic number required to form the government.

The most probable next ruling PTI led alliance in Punjab now have 186 seats in Provincial Assembly which were more than enough to get Chaudhary Pervaiz Illahi of Pakistan Muslim League Q elected speaker.

Despite this, the alliance managed to gain 15 more than the required and expected votes. PTI led alliance candidate Chaudhdary Pervaiz Ilahi gained 201 votes through secret balloting.

Earlier, this mind boggling number games mauvering already had helped PTI Chaudhary Ghulam Sarwar to acquire a seat in Senate despite having less number of seats in Punjab Assembly.

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Why PMLN could not acquire the required numbers for the speaker of Punjab Assembly

Though Pakistan Muslim League N is the major political party in the Punjab Assembly with 130 seats but due to the non-alliance of Pakistan People’s Party and other required number of independents, was not in the position to form the government. Likewise, the number of votes required to get PMLN’s nominated candiadate Chaudhary Iqbal Gujjar to get elected speaker of the National Assembly were also not available with PMLN.

Chaudhary Iqbal Gujjar only once contested on the party ticket of Pakistan Muslim league Q and defeated otherwise he remains a member of Punjab Assembly. He previously has portfolios of Health, Education and Information. He was said to be close to Chaudhary Pervaiz Ilaihi during the reign of Pervaiz Musharaf when Ilahi was the Chief Minister of Punjab but he has now been fielded against him.

According to the analysts, this can be the first severe blow to the former ruling party in Punjab, PMLN. In the coming days, this trend may dent the party internally more and more of the party memebers can betray the party. After Chaudhary Sarwar elected to the sebate,the latest trend of unexpected vote increase through secret balloting hints more wreak in coming election of Chief Minister.

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The election of speaker of the Punjab Assembly and Pakistan Peoples Party

Pakistan People’s Party has six general seats and one seats reserved for woman in Punjab Assembly. PPP has decided not to cast vote in any of the party’s or alliance favor.

Pakistan Muslim League Q along with its alliances has 10 seats in total in Punjab Assembly. After only 1995, it is the second time that the party with such a less number of seats has acquired such an important designation in the Punjab Assembly. In 1995, Mian Manzoor Watto from the platform of Pakistan Muslim League Junejo with the help of PPP got elected as the Chief Minister of Punjab. Junejo League had had only 18 seats then.

With the support of PPP to Junejo League, Mian Watto succeeded in acquiring chief minister ship of Punjab and with the non-support of PPP to PMLN, Chaudhary Pervaiz Illahi succeeded in acquiring speakership of Punjab Assembly in Pakistan.

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By Mehreen Fatima