Quaid-e-Azam museum library in Karachi revitalizing the spirit of freedom

Dunya News

Young generation is not well acquainted with historical events our forefathers had to go through.

(Web Desk) – Although people around Pakistan have adopted modern methods of reading and writing, books still have their significance. Libraries are still flooded with book lovers especially those who have interest in historical events. Among them, one of such historical libraries is that of Quaid-e-Azam Museum library in Karachi which has been fetching attention of book-lovers from the metropolitan. Young people also come at the library and become aware of historical events related to founders and fathers of Pakistan. This library has enormous significance as there is a treasure of speeches and pictures of historical personalities and written record of freedom events. One can gain every historical information.

 Every type of historical book especially the one related Quaid-e-Azam is available in the library. Photo: Screenshot

Rare pictures of the members from the first cabinet of Pakistan have been preserved quite outstandingly. Photo: Screenshot

Father of Nation standing with his sister and daughter. Photo: Screenshot

It is one of the biggest treasures where numerous books have been well-maintained for decades. Photo: Screenshot

Director Quaid-e-Azam Academy Razi Haider talking to Dunya News said, “Not in a single library one can found this many number of books.” He further added, “Quaid-e-Azam in one of his speeches said, “Keep on breathing in shadow of your history, it is the way to development and prosperity.”

Readers of almost every age visit library and quench their thirst of knowledge. Photos: Screenshot

“Never ever bargain on your principles; this is what our leaders and young generation need to understand.” A reader said.

Another said, “They (founding fathers) always think of people and humanity not only just for themselves.”

Unfortunately, our young generation is not well acquainted with the historical events with which our forefathers had to go through. Although people visit these types of libraries but their number is quite low. Such libraries are genuine treasure which should be secured to the best extent possible. This is the only way to success and development. Also only then nation will be able to rejoice 14th of August every year.

Edited and Translated by Junaid Ali Malik