Shiraz bids farewell to vlogging for a better cause

Shiraz bids farewell to vlogging for a better cause


Country's youngest vlogger announces his decision in a sentimental video

  • Shiraz catapulted to fame by virtue of his vlog endeavour at a tender age
  • He earned YouTube Silver Play Button early in his career
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GILGIT (Web Desk) - Muhammad Shiraz, who is considered country's youngest vlogger, has shared a sad news with his audience. 

And the news is he would no longer make vlogs as his "father has asked me to focus on study". 

“I would do whatever my father would say. If he says I should leave vlogging and focus on study, I will follow his advice. I would make vlog when he would ask me. I feel making clips distract me from my study. I want to do a lot of study,” Shiraz said with tears in his eyes. 

Shiraz announced his decision to step away from the world of vlogging after achieving significant success and garnering immense affection from his fans. 

In a heartfelt farewell video posted on his YouTube channel, Shiraz bids adieu to his followers, revealing that he was temporarily halting his vlogging journey to prioritise his studies, following his father's advice. 

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Expressing his deep attachment to vlogging, Shiraz conveyed his sorrow over concluding this chapter of his life but assured his fans of a potential comeback in the future. 

Amid emotional sentiments, Shiraz extended his gratitude to his dedicated viewers for their unwavering support throughout his vlogging career. 

Accompanied by his sister Muskan, he concluded the vlog with heartfelt goodbyes, leaving behind cherished memories for his audience. 

His fans remain hopeful for his return to the vlogging sphere, eagerly awaiting his future endeavours. 

Catapults to fame 

Siblings Shiraz and Muskan catapulted to fame after joining the vlogging sphere. They captivated viewers with their innocence and offered a refreshing take on nature and local life.

At just six years old, Shiraz brings a unique perspective, showcasing the beauty of Khaplu village in Gilgit-Baltistan.

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An unforgettable gesture 

A few days earlier, in an appeal to his followers for the help of a poor man in reconstructing his house, Shiraz highlighted the plight of the man with an emphasis on virtue of kindness and compassion.  

With sincerity in his voice and empathy in his eyes, Shiraz expressed his deep concern for the elderly man’s plight. 

YouTube Silver Play Button 

Shiraz uploaded and released his first vlog a few months ago and grabbed countless subscribers and a YouTube Silver Play Button.