10 awe-inspiring lessons to re-learn from Varun-Anushka's Sui Dhaaga

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Heartwarming story of Sui Dhaaga depicts the journey of an honest Mauji and a compassionate Mamta.

(WebDesk) - Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan starrer Sui Dhaaga is a beautiful, awe-inspirational and sweet story of a man who with his compassion, determination and hard work when flames up by his wife, crossed the impediments in his way to achieve name, fame and success and to make way for fortunes and riches to sparkle his dark and tiny dwelling in a small town.

Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma starrer Sui Dhaaga depicts an insirational tale of a day and night struggle of a common man. Photo: YRF social media

The heartwarming story depicts the journey of an honest and sincere Mauji – the role played by Varun Dhawan as a tailor who long had left his talent of tailoring, stitching and designing. His wife Mamta – a simple small town house wife – when learns that his innocent husband is pathetically mocked by his employer and his mean son for their mere entertainment gets dishearten and pleads his husband to opt for a job which gives him respect and reverence instead of taking his pride. Mamta is a powerful portrayal of womanhood played by the talented and absolutely awesome actor Anushka Sharma. Sharma goes completely de-glam for the character of Mamta to transform into a small town simple housewife.

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Mauji and Mamta lay a foundation of their faith and talent that raise them through humble beginnings as celebrated entrepreneur duo. Photo: Screen shot from the trailer

Mauji and Mamta lay a foundation of their faith and talent that raise them through humble beginnings as celebrated entrepreneur duo. Though movie on many notes feel low and can be treated with more poise and passion to make it more potential and powerful.

Yash Raj Films needled the story of Sui Dhagga penned and directed by Sharat Katariya with nice cinematography, a good music by Anu Malik and finest acting by the main lead and almost all the supporting cast.

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Film has a lot to speak about but here’s given 10 of the most inspirational lessons revision to hold faith in hard work, value of hard work and supporters of hard work:

There is no wealth better than self-reliance, perseverance and optimism

Mauji and Mamta stamina and will power alone helps them achieve from nothing to all. Mauji has talent of stitching, cutting and embroidery. His dependency on his job at some sewing machine earned him nothing but a small amount not even enough to run a kitches and a lot of burden of his greedy employers’ extra and personal work demand at shop and house, left him no time to spend with family and wife. Mamta encourages him to defy the odd and re-take his ancestral occupation and polish his talent to earn money. His self-reliance and determination - one after another achievement - helps him to get his luck.

Mauji and Mamta stamina and will power alone helps them achieve from nothing to all. Photo: Screenshot from the trailer

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Behind every successful man; there is a woman – All you need is a strong, loving and caring companion

This film once again rejoices the saying of a woman behind a successful man - not only Mamta but all the women of the town inspires their husband to seek the way of their success and achievements.

Mamta is such companion one can ever wish for. A companion, who glances in your soul, knows your wishes and motivates you to pave way to fulfil them. On the other hand, Mauji is such companion who respects his companion, understands what is said and what is not and is firmed to do every good he can.

Mamta is such companion one can ever wish for. Photo: Screenshot from the trailer

Hard work never goes wasted

Mauji and Mamta believed in themselves, motivated each other and struggled hard but this alone couldn’t make way for them until their hard work melt the hearts of their parents, brother and sister-in-law, neighbors and all whom their support was highly required to showcase their hard work, brains and talent.

Sometimes relationship is all about care not blood

It is said that friends can become foes as fast as strangers become friends. Sui Dhaaga threads many such associations and links.

Beside the bond of respect and friendship between Mauji and Mamta, this story weaves many relationships neatly which are not blood but of cares and concerns such as sweing machine delivery man, Mauji friend and other town men when even his own brother left them in worst time and parents even were not cheering them to move forward.

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Siblings are pillars to each other

Though Mauji brother along with wife and only child chose to live separately and was irresponsible towards his parents needs but when the difficult times comes, his blood boils for his brother and parents and extends his support to them. Alone with burden share by his brother, Mauji breathes new with his energy and enthusiasm.

Old parents are annoying but nothing is worthwhile than have them by your side

When parents get old, they usually get annoyed, short-tempered, irritated, demanding and most importantly go sly with their skills of emotional blackmailing Mauji father after his resignation when learns that his son who is the only bread earner now has also left the job, he goes crazy and scolds his son. He remains worried about the future of his son and his responsibilities to run home affairs. Mauji and Mamta once again stir the waves of much-needed empathy, understanding and care towards old parents.

Mauji Parents character are the real treat to watch in Sui Dhaaga. Photo: Screenshot from the trailer

Mother knows nothing than her children’s well being

Mauji’s mother’s character is a sheer fun, love and of typical mother’s emotional, affecting and touching avatar. She cares for her husband more but remains have an eye to the needs of his son. She along with her daughter in law do daily house chores and remain anxious and vexed with the needs of the house and money to run it.

Water is a need not a luxury; thousands are deprived – don’t waste it

On a very hilarious note, on multiple occasions, the writer/director tries to make people realized the worth of a bucket of water. Mauji’s mother has no ssue bigger than the filling of water to the tank even in her emergency situation at water. This is how millions of people not in sub-continent but across the globe are struggling hard for their needs of water and shortage of water from the Earth.

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Celebrations of effort, courage and struggle is called ‘Miracle’

There is nothing that is called miracle but when the courage kicks off the struggle and hard work gets appreciation, more and more hearts and minds align the way the success routes to your doorstep. One after another small things lead Mauji, Mamta and their team sui dhaga to a miracle called success among many with resources, money and contacts.

A talent can earn you a fortune

A man should not lose hope not only become dependent on the only resource from where money makes way for his kitchen. Following a passion is not only about making money, it’s about living life, exploring the happiness and paving ways for art, creativity and innovation to make other’s contented with the ease and pleasure a true talent when polishes can bring.

By Mehreen Fatima