Bring the May 9 planners and executioners to justice: ISPR

Bring the May 9 planners and executioners to justice: ISPR


Warns Pakistan will remain hostage to those hatching conspiracies in case of a failure

  • Statement issued after the 83rd Formation Commanders Conference of Pakistan Army
  • Notes 'digital terrorism' against the state institutions being carried out with the assistance of foreign facilitators
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RAWALPINDI (News Desk) – The military on Thursday again called for holding the planners, facilitators and executioners of May 9 violence accountable and warned that the country would remain hostage to the elements hatching conspiracies in case of a failure. 

It was the 83rd Formation Commanders Conference of Pakistan Army, chaired by Chief of Army Staff Gen Asim Munir, after which these views were shared through the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). 

“It is necessary in the wider national interest that the planners, promoters, facilitators and executors of May 9 are brought to the justice,” said the Pakistan Army leadership who have expressed their dismay over the delay in judicial process. 

The country will always remain hostage to such conspirators without establishing the writ of law and immediate and transparent judicial process, said the military leaders. 


The gathering said “digital terrorism” against the state institutions – especially the armed forces – was being carried out with the assistance of foreign facilitators to achieve nefarious political objectives. 

Explaining their stance, they added that the purpose of the ongoing campaign was to spread despondency among the nation by spreading lies and resorting to [baseless] propaganda. 

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“The digital terrorism is aimed at creating a gulf between national institutions, especially the Armed Forces of Pakistan, and the people.” 

However, the army leadership said, the nation was fully aware of the nefarious designs of those resorting to lies and propaganda, promising that they would be given a crushing and certain defeat. 


Meanwhile, the conference, according to the ISPR, also deliberated upon a wide range of issues, including economy and economic development. 

They expressed their complete support to “sustainable economic development” and promised to extend assistance to curb illegal activities, including smuggling, hoarding and power theft. 

At the same time, the forum also shared a unified and favourable stance on issues like one-document regime and sending the illegal expatriates back to their countries with dignity.

Meanwhile, they also expressed their resolve to back the government measures to protect the national data in different fields.


The ISPR earlier this month had said that the “criminal acts” perpetrated on May 9 were “a futile attempt to bring about a misplaced and short-sighted revolution in the country”.

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The military’s media wing also made it clear that “there can neither be any compromise with the planners, facilitators and executors” of the May 9 violence nor “they would be allowed to hoodwink the law of land”.

“Failing to undermine national harmony and stability, the planner, facilitators and executors of this conspiracy embarked upon a sinister campaign of hate against the armed forces and the state with an intent to twist the narrative to their advantage and shift the blame on the state institutions,” it added.