He said the Taliban have taken control of more than half of Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – National Security Adviser (NSA) to the Prime Minister Dr Moeed Yusuf on Friday said that no other country needs peace in Afghanistan more than Pakistan and fingers shouldn’t be pointed at Pakistan for failures inside Afghanistan.

In an interview with German media on Saturday, he Dr Moeed responding to a question of influence on Taliban said that the use of the word "influence" was wrong and telling anyone to prepare the Taliban for a settlement is tantamount to living in a fool s paradise.

He said the ground realities cannot be ignored and the Taliban have taken control of more than half of Afghanistan, adding that they were moving as if they are on the battlefield by occupying one district after another.

The adviser further said that whether it is Taliban, Ashraf Ghani or other political forces, who could benefit by bringing them to a settlement or a fruitful process. He asked if there were any doubts about Afghan government receiving money from United States, Europe and the international community and how much control they have over the Afghan government.

He went on to say that the ground reality was that the United States had decided to withdraw, knowing well how unstable the country would be after its withdrawal where it had been for more than 20 years and the Taliban will advance.

The adviser said at a time when 1.5 million foreign troops were stationed in Afghanistan, Pakistan was calling for a political solution to Afghanistan but no one listened to us and now they should focus on these failures.