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Islamic State in Afghanistan could be able to attack US in 6 months, Pentagon official

Islamic State in Afghanistan could be able to attack US in 6 months, Pentagon official

US says Taliban talks in Doha were 'candid and professional'

Taliban delegates are seated in a plane in an unidentified location, in this handout photo

Barbers suffer under Taliban rule as Afghans shun fashion

Since the Taliban takeover, Afghans say job opportunities have dried up.

Taliban co-founder releases audio statement after death rumours

"There had been news in the media about my death," Baradar said in the clip.

Top Afghan TV network stays on-air despite fear of Taliban

"As a 24/7 news operation, we didn't even have one hour to take a break and rethink."

Pakistan wants Afghanistan situation to remain stable: Fawad Ch

"Pakistan had influence on Taliban but no control."

Taliban legitimacy or support will have to be 'earned': Blinken

"United States suspended its diplomatic presence in Kabul and transferred its operations to Doha."

Uncertainty, distress for Afghan cricketers after Taliban takeover

"The fear is there in their eyes, in their voices, even in their messages."

Taliban co-founder Baradar in Kabul for talks to set up government

Other senior Taliban leaders seen in the capital in recent days include Khalil Haqqani.

US Defense Secretary contradicts Biden, says Americans have been 'beaten' by Taliban

"We will work hard to evacuate as many people as we can between now and when we have to stop."

Desperation deepens as Afghan evacuations falter

"Please, please, please help me... where should I go, what should I do."

Online claims of a CNN journalist being executed in Kabul by Taliban are fake

A reverse Google Images search of the man in the photographs shows YouTuber Jordie Jordan.

FM Qureshi stresses Afghan Taliban to craft all-inclusive political structure after consultations

"Our aim is Afghanistan's stability and we will continue our endeavors in this regard."

Taliban urged to allow fleeing Afghans safe passage

"They hate people who have worked for other agencies rather than their movement."

Afghanistan's Ashraf Ghani, family in the country, confirms UAE

United Arab Emirates says it has accepted Ashraf Ghani and his family for “humanitarian grounds"

Deadly Jalalabad protests as Taliban consolidate Islamist rule

The witnesses said deaths took place when locals tried to install Afghanistan's national flag

'Do not give up': Americans help Afghans in new homeland

Americans are scrambling to help Afghans fleeing their country after Taliban’s takeover

Afghan girls return to school in Herat after Taliban takeover

As the school opened its doors, the students scurried down corridors and chatted in courtyards

Mike Pence claims Biden broke Trump administration's deal with Taliban

'There was no plan to transport billions of dollars worth of American equipment.'

Escorted by Taliban: India's midnight evacuation from Afghanistan

"We then decided to contact the Taliban and ask them to escort our convoy out."

Afghans will confront Taliban if the group didn't stop violence: Karzai

Karzai said the Afghan people are giving the Taliban an opportunity.

PM Imran reaffirms commitment to a peaceful, stable Afghanistan

He said no other country was more desirous of peace and stability in Afghanistan than Pakistan

Taliban shouldn't allow Afghanistan to become hub of global terrorists: NATO chief

Jens Stoltenberg said the Afghan political leadership failed to stand up to the Taliban

Women stage protest in Kabul, demand representation in govt

Taliban fighters did not interfere in the protest.

Taliban's Abdul Ghani Baradar reaches Kandahar

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar will take the nation in confidence.

Tweet claiming US Marine is working at 'the only McDonald's in Afghanistan' is fake

McDonald's did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.

How did the Taliban take over Afghanistan so quickly?

The strategy proved immensely effective.

Afghan women's rights in firing line as Taliban return to power

'It is a nightmare for educated women who envisioned a brighter future for themselves."

Pakistan calls upon Afghan leaders to craft way forward for sustainable peace

"Pakistan will continue to play its constructive role in promoting peace in Afghanistan."

Cargo trucks allowed to cross as Taliban control Torkham border for 2nd day

Cargo trucks allowed to cross as Taliban control Torkham border for 2nd day

As Taliban tighten their grip, Kabul airport only way out

As the Taliban draw closer, the lines and the panic only grow.

Taliban's rapid gains prompts Afghan leadership to consider forming interim govt

The participants of the meeting agreed to assign an authoritative team for negotiations

Taliban capture Mazar-e-Sharif, approach Afghan capital

The fall of Mazar-e-Sharif hands the insurgents control over all of northern Afghanistan

Fingers shouldn't be pointed at Pakistan for failures in Afghanistan: Dr Moeed

He said the Taliban have taken control of more than half of Afghanistan

Pakistan being left alone to perform an impossible task: Dr Moeed

He said that Pakistan could not afford another civil war in Afghanistan

NATO says to support Afghan govt 'as much as possible'

The Taliban has overrun a string of regional capitals in a lightning offensive since NATO troops

'Ashraf Ghani ran Afghan State like a private fiefdom for past 7 years'

Dr Omar Zakhilwal said Ashraf Ghani tried to make his face alone that of the State & the Republic.

Afghan women forced from banking jobs as Taliban take control

The gunmen escorted them to their homes and told them not to return to their jobs.

Taliban near gates of Kabul as embassies prepare for evacuations

The Taliban also captured the capital of Logar province, just 50kms (30 miles) from Kabul

US Embassy in Kabul urges citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately

Taliban fighters captured the strategic Afghan city of Ghazni on Thursday.

Taliban flag flies over Herat police HQ; insurgents capture gateway Ghazni

Further details of the Taliban's presence in the city were not immediately available

Kabul offers Taliban power-sharing to end violence

The interior ministry confirmed the fall of the city

Pakistan has no favourities in Afghan conflict: COAS

The ambassadors appreciated Pakistan's role in promoting peace in the region.

Taliban could isolate Kabul in 30 days, takeover in 90: US intelligence

Taliban fighters have taken control of eight provincial capitals in six days

US vows to isolate Taliban if they take power by force

The insurgents have captured six out of 34 provincial capitals in the country in less than a week

Rashid cries for help amid fierce fighting in Afghanistan

The Afghan spinner has made an emotional appeal to world leaders for the people of his country

Taliban control 65pc of Afghanistan, EU official says, after series of sudden gains

In the capital Kabul, Ghani's aides said he was seeking help from regional militias

UN warns of possible war crimes as Taliban advances

Taliban's sweeping takeover of cities and districts "have struck fear and dread into the population"

Pakistan stands for peace in Afghanistan: Fawad

Afghan Government needs to answer for the daily instances of terrorism in Pakistan: Fawad

Biden unmoved on Afghan exit as Taliban sweep provinces

Biden, like his predecessor Trump, has repeatedly said that the US was not out to build a nation

Contractors who powered US war in Afghanistan stuck in Dubai

Drawn to Afghanistan by the promise of steady employment and wages far higher than in Philippines

Taliban capture sixth Afghan provincial capital as US troops withdraw

The Taliban have stepped up their campaign to defeat the government as foreign forces withdraw

FM Qureshi urges Afghan govt to refrain from blame-game

FM Qureshi categorically rejected the allegations levelled against Pakistan in the UN

Second Afghan city falls as Taliban tighten noose over countryside

The Taliban have taken control of vast tracts of rural Afghanistan since early May

UN says Afghan war has entered 'deadlier and more destructive phase'

The Taliban has stepped up its campaign to defeat the US-backed government since April

Taliban capture first Afghan provincial capital in blow to government

The news from Nimroz also comes as the UN Security Council met in New York to discuss the conflict.

Pakistan, US agree to continue with Afghan peace process: Dr Moeed

We have repeatedly said Afghan soil is being used against Pakistan, which needs to be stopped.

Taliban surge poses 'existential crisis': US watchdog

Attacks have stayed above 10,000 in each subsequent three-month period

US 'deeply troubled' by attacks on civilians as Taliban sweep across Afghanistan

Taliban insurgents have captured districts across Afghanistan and seized vital border control points

Russia beefs up Tajik base, warns of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan

Russia is set to hold military drills on Aug. 5-10 near Tajikistan's Afghan border.

Russian, Tajik defence ministers discuss response to Afghan conflict risks: TASS

Russia on Friday pledged to help its ally Tajikistan to build a new outpost on the border

Afghan govt imposes night curfew to stem Taliban advance

The curfew will be effective between 10:00 pm and 4:00 am local time

Afghan lawmakers voice alarm on air force as US withdrawal nears

Rahmani said that one-third of the 150-strong fleet was already grounded due to maintenance issues.

Afghan govt blames Pakistan to hide its failures: Ch Sarwar

Sarwar called upon the Afghan govt to set its own house right instead of pointing fingers at others

To reach a peace deal, Taliban say Afghan president must go

Taliban will lay down their arms when a negotiated govt acceptable to all sides is installed

Taliban claim to control 90 percent of Afghan border

The resurgent militants now control about half of Afghanistan's roughly 400 districts.

US launched several airstrikes in support of Afghan forces

The strikes demonstrate US intentions to continue supporting Afghan forces with combat aircraft

Pakistan committed to play role in political solution of Afghanistan: Dr Moeed

Dr Moeed Yusuf said Afghanistan is being embarrassed daily due to these idiotic statements.

As war rages, EU weighs more funds to limit Afghans fleeing to bloc

The withdrawal of int'l troops from Afghanistan after almost two decades has galvanized the Taliban

UN chief welcomes Afghan govt -Taliban agreement to expedite peace talks

"The Secretary-General hopes the Eidul Azha holiday will be celebrated in peace in Afghanistan."

Taliban has to stop occupation in Afghanistan: Erdogan

The group is now believed to control roughly half of the nation's 400 districts

Afghan politicians, Taliban meet in Doha as fighting continues

Negotiatiors have been meeting in Doha since September but failed to make substantive progress

Pakistan should play role in helping Afghans achieve an agreement: Khalilzad

Khalilzad said the people of Afghanistan must be given opportunity to have a say

Illegal crossing points sealed along Pak-Afghan border: DG ISPR

The DG ISPR said that peace in Pakistan depends on situation in Afghanistan

Afghan leaders leave for Doha seeking to revive stalled peace talks

Abdullah said peace needed to be sought at the negotiating table.

Russia says US mission in Afghanistan has failed

Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan have capitalised on last stages of withdrawal of foreign troops

Pakistan postpones peace conference on Afghanistan

The announcement comes after PM Imran's meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan, says DG ISI

Lt Gen Faiz Hameed said Pakistan is working for a greater cause in the region.

Blaming Pakistan 'unfair' as Afghan unrest an outcome of military solution, PM tells Ghani

"Why would Taliban listen to Pakistan when they are gaining victory after withdraw of troops."

Pakistan rejects Afghan vice president's allegations of PAF supporting Taliban

"Such statements undermine Pakistan's sincere efforts to play its part in an Afghan led solution."

Officials, Taliban strike ceasefire deal in western Afghanistan: provincial governor

The move came after fighters from the Taliban secured control over all districts in Badghis province

Afghanistan's neighbors wary as US seeks nearby staging area

The administration has given few details of what kind of security access it is seeking in the region

Pakistan hosts peace conference on Afghanistan on Saturday: FO

He said spoilers should not be allowed to exploit any security vacuum in Afghanistan.

US to begin evacuation of Afghans who aided US military

The evacuation planning could potentially affect tens of thousands of Afghans.

Taliban claim control of key border crossing with Pakistan

The seizure of vital border crossing with Pakistan follows days of heavy fighting across Kandahar

Afghan delegation, Taliban to talk peace in Qatar: Officials

The latest attempt to revitalize peace talks comes as the US all but winds up its “forever war"

Taliban surge in north Afghanistan sends thousands fleeing

The Taliban blame the Afghan government for foiling efforts to jumpstart stalled talks

Top US general in Afghanistan relinquishes command

General Austin "Scott" Miller handed command to General Kenneth McKenzie

China evacuates citizens from Afghanistan as US withdraws troops

The Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed that recent returnees included coronavirus patients

Pakistan’s top leadership striving to achieve peace in Afghanistan: Sh Rashid

The minister said Pakistan would not allow any country to use its land for disturbing regional peace

Pakistan trying to unite decision-making forces of Afghanistan: FM Qureshi

Pakistan trying to unite decision-making forces of Afghanistan

Pakistan is a facilitator not guarantor in Afghan peace process: DG ISPR

DG ISPR Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar said the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was a bit hasty

Afghanistan to rush troops to border as Taliban extend gains

"Reinforcements have not been sent to Islam Qala yet. They will be sent there soon."

Afghan warlord slams govt, quick US goodbye

The Taliban’s capture of most of the remote Badakhshan province is particularly significant

US to continue cooperation with Pakistan on Afghan peace process: Blinken

FM Qureshi said securing peace in Afghanistan was the shared responsibility of all stakeholders

Biden lost faith in the US mission in Afghanistan over a decade ago

Biden had previously supported strong military and humanitarian efforts to rebuild Afghanistan

Concerns mount over Afghan healthcare as violence spreads: WHO

Taliban officials said on Friday they had taken control of 85% of territory in Afghanistan.

Afghan pilots assassinated by Taliban as US withdraws

Afghan fleet contained just 13 Mi-17 helicopters and 65 qualified aircrews of pilots and co-pilots.

Biden says it's up to Afghans to run their country as US leaves

Biden delivered his most extensive comments to date about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan

For Russia, US Afghan exit creates security threat on southern flank

The turmoil is a worry for Russia because it regards the region

Russia-led bloc ready to act if Afghan border unravels, Taliban reassures Moscow

Foreign forces, including the United States, are withdrawing after almost 20 years of fighting

Taliban seize key Afghan border crossing with Iran: reports

The seizure is part of a Taliban surge as American troops complete their pullout from Afghanistan.

Afghan politicians, Taliban agree 'war is not solution'

The conversations took place in a cordial atmosphere and all issues were discussed in detail

Pakistan important partner in various fronts: US State Dept

Afghanistan’s neighbors need to play constructive role in helping to bring political settlement

Taliban launch assault on Afghan provincial capital as US ramps up withdrawal

The onslaught came hours after Washington announced US forces had completed 90 percent withdrawal

US pullout from Afghanistan over 90pc complete: Pentagon

CentCom said it had officially handed over seven former US bases to the Afghan security forces

After troops exit, safety of US Embassy in Kabul top concern

The Taliban have issued statements saying they are not looking for a military takeover of Kabul.

Afghan forces vow to retake districts lost to Taliban

Troops and pro-government militiamen were deployed in the northern provinces of Takhar and Badakshan

Afghan pullout has US spies reorienting in terrorism fight

The CIA and Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined to comment for this story.

Afghan fighting rages as US forces see exit by end August

More than 300 Taliban fighters were killed in fighting with government forces

US withdrawal decision made in hurry; will have consequences for Pakistan: Fawad Ch

He said that Pakistan wants good relations with the United States but will not give bases

Biden says 'no' final withdrawal of US troops in next few days

Biden has set a deadline of September 11 for the final pullout of the few remaining troops

Western forces pack up to end their war, Afghans 'manage the consequences'

Guards in body armour still control the heavily fortified entrance to Bagram

Afghan civilians take up arms as US-led forces leave

The group's ascendancy on the ground comes as the last US-led international forces prepare to leave

Top US general says security in Afghanistan deteriorating

Gen Austin S Miller said the rapid loss of districts around the country to the Taliban

It's imminent: After nearly 20 years US to leave Bagram

The closure of Bagram is a major symbolic and strategic victory for the Taliban

Violence intensifies across Afghanistan's central and northern provinces

Violence has risen sharply around the country as foreign forces work towards withdrawing by Sept 11.

Taliban capture five more districts in Afghanistan

The fall of strategic districts has created concerns over the possible infiltration of Taliban

Joe Biden calls on Afghans to 'decide their future' as withdrawal nears end

"Afghans are going to have to decide their future, what they want."

Will not allow use of our soil for operations in Afghanistan: Fawad

US and China which are top economic powers of the world: Fawad

Blinken says 'status quo was not option' in Afghanistan

His comments come as Afghan leader Ashraf Ghani meets later Friday with President Joe Biden

Will seal borders if Taliban try to take over Afghanistan: PM Imran

Imran Khan said Pakistan want a political solution to Afghanistan before the US withdrawal

Taliban gains drive Afghan government to recruit militias

In recent days, the Taliban have made quick gains in Afghanistan’s north

US to evacuate Afghan interpreters before military withdrawal complete

The US officials did not disclose where the Afghans would be transported

Afghan hospital burns after attack; Taliban seize border post in north

Fighting between government forces and the insurgents has surged in recent weeks

Afghan translators fleeing the Taliban land in Britain

More than 3,000 Afghans are expected to be resettled under the accelerated plans

US calls for end to Afghan violence and 'serious negotiations'

US urge sides to engage in serious negotiations that determine a political roadmap for Afghanistan

Withdrawal from Afghanistan without engaging Pakistan a disaster: US Senator

The US senator said that ignoring Pakistan on the issue is a bigger mistake than Iraq.

UN Afghanistan envoy warns of Taliban offensive

US Ambassador to UN, said the decision to withdraw troops was not taken lightly.

Taliban capture Afghanistan's main Tajikistan border crossing

The seizure of Shir Khan Bandar is the most significant gain for the Taliban

Afghan leader Ghani to visit White House as withdrawal nears

Biden has ordered the withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan by this year's 20th anniversary

Pakistan never supported Taliban takeover of Kabul by force: FM Qureshi

Only way forward toward peace in Afghanistan is through reconciliation and coexistence among Afghans

Time running out for Afghan peace process, more efforts needed: EU envoy

Afghan government and Taliban negotiators have met in Qatar's capital Doha

Attacks target polio teams in east Afghanistan, 5 killed

No militant group immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks

NATO approaches Qatar to seek training base for Afghan forces after withdrawal

After two decades of war, forces from 36 countries are set to pull out of Afghanistan

NATO leaders bid symbolic adieu to Afghanistan at summit

For now, NATO plans to leave civilian advisers to help build up government institutions.

Afghan forces struggle, demoralized, rife with corruption

The Afghan government long ago stopped releasing casualty figures among its security forces.

US pullout from Afghanistan at least 16pc complete: Pentagon

The Pentagon is being imprecise about the pace of its withdrawal for security reasons

Fear of Taliban conquering Kabul are overblown: US envoy

Some worry that a Taliban takeover could lead to repression of women and reprisals against Afghans

Afghans who helped the US now fear being left behind

Critics and refugee advocates said the need to relocate could swell dramatically

Intra-Afghan Dialogue presents rare opportunity to end civil war in Afghanistan: FM Qureshi

Intra-Afghan Dialogue presents rare opportunity to end civil war in Afghanistan: FM Qureshi

US pulls out of major Kandahar base in southern Afghanistan: Afghan army

US airstrikes were launched from base last week to help Afghan forces push back a Taliban offensive

Afghan ceasefire calm shattered as 12 die in mosque blast

No group has so far claimed the attack and the Taliban denied responsibility.

Afghan forces fight to recapture Taliban-held district outside Kabul

Govt forces have been struggling against stepped-up attacks by the insurgents as US troops withdraw.

Afghans bury dead from bloody school blasts

The government blamed the Taliban for the carnage, but the insurgents denied responsibility

ICC prosecutor meets with Afghans on war crimes claims

The Trump administration had subsequently imposed sanctions on the top prosecutor

Thousands of Afghans flee homes as fighting erupts after US pullout

About 1,000 families have fled their homes to escape the fighting

Afghan forces could face 'bad possible outcomes': US general

Milley said Afghan military has operated in recent years with less reliance on US

Afghan fighting leaves scores of Taliban fighters dead: ministry

The US military formally began withdrawing its remaining 2,500 troops from Afghanistan

Mapping the Afghan war, while murky, points to Taliban gains

By many measures, the Taliban are in a stronger military position now than at any point since 2001

Counting the costs of America's 20-year war in Afghanistan

Since 2001, at least 47,245 civilians have been killed in the war as of mid-April

Pentagon preparing for Taliban attacks during US withdrawal

The military typically plans for worst-case scenarios to try to avoid being caught by surprise.

What remains as US ends Afghan 'forever war'

The majority of Afghans hold out little hope for their future according to a 2018 Gallup poll.

'Don't leave us behind', Afghan interpreters urge US

Thousands of Afghan interpreters have left the country after getting visas from the US and NATO.

NATO says Afghanistan withdrawal has begun

The NATO official said safety of the alliance's troops "will be a top priority every step of the way

COAS Bajwa, US Defense Secretary discuss drawdown in Afghanistan

Secretary Austin expressed appreciation for Pakistan’s support for Afghanistan peace negotiations.

US orders big drawdown at Kabul embassy as troops leave

The US military and NATO will be shipping some military equipment out of Afghanistan

Islamic State degraded in Afghanistan but still poses threat

The withdrawal is under way, with the final phase starting Saturday.

Top US commander in Afghanistan says steps to end military mission launched

Foreign force withdrawal is slated to begin on May 1, in line with an agreement with Taliban in 2020

Peace in Afghanistan, imperative for stability in Pakistan and region: FM

He said all stakeholders to the Afghan problem will have to play their constructive role

Istanbul trilateral meeting calls for immediate ceasefire in Afghanistan

The Foreign Ministers emphasized their support to the Afghanistan Peace Process

US troops in Afghanistan begin packing gear in pullout prep

The pullout under Biden marks end of America’s longest war after a 20-year military engagement.

Pakistan urges Taliban to stay engaged in Afghan peace process

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 when they were ousted by US-led forces

Terror threat has 'moved' from Afghanistan: Antony Blinken

The unconditional withdrawal comes despite a deadlock in peace talks

No guarantees about Afghanistan's future post-pullout: White House

Sullivan said Biden had no intention of sending American forces back to Afghanistan

US announcement of pullout from Afghanistan undermines chances of peace

Biden announced the withdrawal, pushed back from a May 1 deadline agreed with the Taliban

COAS welcomes Biden's announcement of withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan

Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa also hoped for greater Pak-US bilateral cooperation in all domains in future.

US troop pullout will leave behind an uncertain Afghanistan

The Taliban and Afghan government can no longer hold the US hostage

Top US envoy Blinken in Afghanistan for troop withdrawal talks

Blinken met Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as well as senior US officials in Kabul

US coordinates Afghanistan pullout with NATO withdrawal

The coalition operation in Afghanistan has special resonance with NATO

Biden to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan by September 11

Biden has "reached the conclusion that the United States will complete its drawdown before Sep 11"

Afghan polio vaccine drive in trouble after three female medics killed

Afghanistan's COVID-19 vaccination has not been affected since inoculations are being done

Afghan president promises to step aside if election is held

Ghani has resisted the proposal, saying elections must take place before he will step aside.

Three women polio workers shot dead in Afghanistan

Officials have blamed the Taliban for much of the violence across Afghanistan.

U.S. spy agencies warn Biden of possible Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

U.S. spy agencies warn Biden of possible Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Taliban threaten to re-target foreign troops if May 1 withdrawal deadline missed

Germany's lawmakers approved a mandate to allow its troops to stay in Afghanistan until Jan 31, 2022

Sticky bombs latest weapon in Afghanistan's arsenal of war

The primitive devices, sometimes made in mechanics workshops for little money, are used by militants

Afghans need US troops to counter Taliban: US general

Gen Richard said it’s clear that Taliban has not upheld its commitment to reduce violence

Blinken meets NATO allies, but no decision on Afghan withdrawal

NATO allies have said they are willing to stay in Afghanistan longer if the US remains too

Rejecting US peace plan, Afghan president to offer election in six months

Ghani will unveil his proposal at an international gathering in Turkey next month

US Defense Secretary meets Afghan president amid peace process review

Austin said on Twitter he had come to "listen and learn", on his first trip to Afghanistan

FM Qureshi reiterates Pakistan's support for political settlement in Afghanistan

The FM underscored the need to remain cognizant of the challenges and impediments on the way.

Afghan govt, Taliban agree to accelerate peace talks after Moscow summit

The Moscow conference aimed to shake up largely stalled negotiations

Taliban say US must meet troop withdrawal deadline

The United States is supposed to complete a full withdrawal of troops within six weeks

'Tough' to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by May 1: Biden

"I'm in the process of making that decision now as to when they'll leave," he said.

Khalilzad meets Taliban, Afghan leadership, discusses peace process

Some negotiators of Afghan republic and Taliban are still in Doha and are continuing their meetings

Afghan peace talks should rotate among countries, envoy says amid stall

The Taliban have said they are committed to the peace negotiations.

Things will move forward once India creates atmosphere of dialogue: Moeed Yusuf

Things will move forward once India creates atmosphere of dialogue: Moeed Yusuf

Afghan Buddha in virtual return on anniversary of destruction by Taliban

The projection topped off a day commemorating the destruction of the two famous Buddha statues

As US mulls Afghan exit, activist sees long fight for women

Under a 2020 deal between the US and Taliban, all US troops are to Afghanistan by May 1.

US envoy seeking support to shakeup Afghan peace process, warring parties object

Anti-Taliban leaders met under international auspices in the German city of Bonn

Incoming Commander US CENTCOM calls on COAS General Qamar Bajwa

Incoming Commander US CENTCOM calls on COAS General Qamar Bajwa

No decision on any NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan, Stoltenberg says

NATO countries reluctant to heed a May 1 deadline and risk undermining progress towards democracy

Blinken tells Ghani US supports Afghanistan peace process

Blinken emphasized to Ghani "that the US will continue close consultations with Afghan leaders."

NATO holds post-Trump talks as Afghanistan decision looms

NATO members insist they are willing to remain in Afghanistan, if Washington stays too.

NATO faces conundrum as it mulls Afghan pullout

According to NATO’s website, there are about 9,600 troops currently in Afghanistan