Why Pervez Khattak is not being considered as KPs next CM?

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With a senior candidate like Khattak available, people ask why is he not likely to be the next CM?

(WebDesk) – Following Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s historic victory in the Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where the political party was able to clean sweep the elections and come into power with a very heavy mandate, talks of Atif Khan becoming the next Chief Minister of the province are certainly gathering momentum. With a senior candidate like Pervez Khattak, who has had the opportunity of heading the province recently as well, the question arises why is the ex CM not likely to regain power?

Rumors suggest that Khattak might not be the next CM. Photo: Khyber News

Senior anchorperson Kamran Khan asked the same question to Dunya TV’s senior Journalist, Iftikhar Firdous. Talking to Kamran Khan on Dunya Kamran Khan Ke Saath, Firdous said: “I have had the opportunity of conversing with six high officials from the province of KP and everyone has collectively informed me that the selection of Atif Khan to become the province’s next Chief was done prior to the General Elections.”

Iftikhar Firdous talking to Kamran Khan. Photo: Dunya

He further went onto say: “There are two basic reasons why Pervez Khattak is likely to be ousted by Atif Khan. Firstly, according to my sources, Imran Khan wants a completely untainted government and having Pervez Khattak as the provincial head will not fulfill this condition. Also rumors emerged from within the Party’s camp that the ex-minister has encircled at least 4 MPAs and MNAs who were all of the view that Khattak should become CM. This ‘forward block’ of sorts is also a reason why Atif Khan is being entrusted with the all-important rank.”

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It is also to be noted that PTI’s previous members that left the political party blamed Pervez Khattak for their reason of exit, the most famous being Ayesha Gulalai who claimed that the KP government was being run under a corrupt CM who gets favored by chairman Imran Khan.

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Talking about Atif Khan’s achievements in the past five years, the senior journalist further elaborated: “During his tenure as the Education Minister of KP, Atif Khan enrolled over 68,000 deserving people in different positions in educational institutions. Other than that, Atif has no taint of corruption and therefore is a good option for Khan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’”.

Reports suggest that Atif Khan is leading candidate to become the next Chief Minister KP. Photo: File

At the end of the day, the entire selection power lies in the hands of chief Imran Khan who has just a few days left before the MPAs take oath.

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By: Raacikh Asghar