Sikhs For Justice exposes India's 'evil design' by organising G20 in Occupied Kashmir

Sikhs For Justice exposes India's 'evil design' by organising G20 in Occupied Kashmir


The third G20 tourism working group meeting will be held between May 22 and 24

(Web Desk) – Sikhs living in the UK have come forward to help Kashmiris to expose Indian evil design to hoodwink the world about the valley by holding G20 summit there.

The Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), a group that supports Khalistan movement, urged the Kashmiri leadership to block Srinagar airport in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) to sensitise delegates arriving to attend the G20 summit.

The third G20 tourism working group meeting under India’s presidency will be held in the Occupied Kashmir between May 22 and 24.

The SFJ, an international human rights advocacy group working for the realisation of the right to self-determination, has released a video by a New York-based lawyer and SFJ’s Counsel General Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.

Pannun said: “G20 Nations, Kashmir is not India and India is illegally occupying Jammu and Kashmir. India is setting up your delegates to go to Srinagar from the 22nd to the 24th. Indian security forces are planning to kill Kashmiri Hindus and then they are going to blame Kashmiri freedom fighters and Pakistan for that. India is planning a terror attack, that’s why they are meeting in Srinagar.”

He asked Kashmiris to block Srinagar airport and “expose the violence and genocide, expose the killings of Kashmiris, expose the rape of Kashmiri women. Now is the time.”

The SFJ has also launched a dedicated email site for the Kashmiris to send emails urging G20 ambassadors to “Boycott Kashmir Summit” and “Save Kashmiri Pundits” as Indian forces are planning a terror attack to blame Kashmiri freedom fighters and Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism.

Meanwhile, the SJF wrote a letter to the G20: “We are writing to you today to alert you that Indian agencies might orchestrate and perpetrate violent incident on Kashmiri Pundit community in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir during or on the heels of upcoming G20 Summit and blame it on Pakistan in order to defame her as well as to vilify the freedom movement of the Kashmiri Muslims who are already living under Indian occupation in the conditions which have been categorised as ‘Brink of Genocide’ by the Genocide Watch.

"Your Excellency, our concern regarding India's plan to orchestrate a violent incident during G20 is supported by India's pattern and practice from the past.

“On March 20, 2000, on the event of President Bill Clinton's visit to India, 35 Sikhs were brutally massacred in Chittisinghpora, Anantnag, Kashmir. India instantly blamed Pakistan for the massacre. However, later investigations and confessional statements from the high-ranking Indian Army officer revealed that the massacre was planned and perpetrated by the Indian Army. In 2017 Lt Gen Retired KS Gill who was part of the investigation in an interview admitted that the Indian Army was involved in the massacre.”

Since the illegal annexation of Jammu and Kashmir by the Modi government in August 2019, repression of the Kashmiri Muslims has increased manifolds and simultaneously India is attempting to whitewash its ongoing crimes against Kashmiris by orchestrating incidents to divert the attention and blame Pakistan for supporting terrorism.

However, Pakistan's position on Kashmir and its support is unequivocally for the Kashmiri people's right to self-determination as guaranteed in the UN Resolution. Pakistan's position is further reaffirmed by Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s most recent statement "Unless India reviews the action it took on August 5, 2019, Pakistan is not in a position to engage bilaterally with India", given during the SCO meeting. India is also trying to create before the world community a semblance of legitimacy for its illegal occupation and annexation of Jammu and Kashmir which is the UN-designated disputed territory subject to resolution via plebiscite.

"We, therefore, urge you to Boycott G20 Summit in Kashmir to save the Kashmiri Pandits from Indian-orchestrated violence.”