Saudi FM shuts down Indian journalist, refuses to condemn Pakistan

Dunya News

Saudi FM gave an interview to a private Indian channel.

NEW DELHI (Dunya News) – Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi minister of state for foreign affairs, delivered clear stance on Pulwama attack today (Wednesday), stating that no statement can be issued against Pakistan when there is no evidence of its involvement in the incident.

In an interview with a private Indian channel, the minister maintained, “How can we condemn Pakistan when we don’t have the evidence before us yet?”

He asserted that India and Saudi Arabia have shared concerns on terror and will work together to de-escalate tensions.

Earlier, Indian media begun to cry foul after a joint statement of the Saudi Prince’s visit to India was issued. The crown prince signed joint accords on industry and culture but announced no major deals.

This did not went well with the biased Indian media and their extremist leaders who maintained that Saudi prince announced $20 billion of investment for Pakistan but not a single penny for India.

The media also termed Modi a ‘traitor’ for not mentioning Pakistan -- a key Saudi ally -- as he again blasted the "barbaric attack" in Kashmir last week that left at least 40 paramilitaries dead.

Moreover; no such organization has been mentioned in the India-Saudi Arabia joint declaration through which any sort of accusations can be leveled against Pakistan.