ECP accepts Nawaz Sharif's second plea on NA-15 fiasco

ECP accepts Nawaz Sharif's second plea on NA-15 fiasco


Hearing has been adjourned till Feb 20

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has accepted another plea filed by Nawaz Sharif, seeking to halt the results of NA-15, Mansehra.

A three-member commission, led by Nisar Durrani of the Sindh Commission, convened meeting to address concerns of alleged rigging in the contested constituency.

Nawaz Sharif's counsel Jahangir Jadon presented the case before the ECP. The advocate highlighted that an earlier appeal by Nawaz Sharif was dismissed as he was late, and emphasised the absence of vote recount in NA-15.

He argued that Form-47 had been issued without proper vote counting in various polling stations in the constituency.

Nisar Durrani, heading the commission, responded by saying that the returning officer (RO) had submitted the report for NA-15 and claimed the result and Form-47 had been prepared with Form-45 data in all polling stations. 

Jadon sought an opportunity to present evidence as he claimed to have original Form-45 of all polling stations. He said voting was not conducted in several polling stations of NA-12, Mansehra. 

The ECP accepted Nawaz Sharif's plea and scheduled a hearing for Feb 20 to further investigate the matter.

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A day before (Thursday), the ECP had discarded Nawaz Sharif’s plea for stopping the result of NA-15 Mansehra where he lost.

The ECP rejected the plea seeking withdrawal of notification of victory of independent candidate Shahzada Gustasap Khan in NA-15.

Nawaz Sharif’s opponent Shahzada Gustasap Khan won the election by obtaining 105,249 votes whereas Nawaz Sharif clinched 80,382 votes in NA-15.