PTI is the master of propaganda, eclipses Goebbels: PML-N

PTI is the master of propaganda, eclipses Goebbels: PML-N


Attaullah Tarar shares details of how the party creates and operate fake social media accounts

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LAHORE (Dunya News/Web Desk) – PML-N Deputy Secretary-General Attaullah Tarar on Wednesday described the PTI as a “PhD holder” in “propaganda studies” as he shared the details of how the party has been using social media to spread disinformation and lies.

Talking to media persons outside the PML-N headquarters at 180-H, Model Town, Tarar said the PTI had created fake accounts on X, a social media platform previously known as Twitter. He remarked that Joseph Goebbels – Hitler’s closest ally who was responsible for disseminating Nazi propaganda – would have migrated to Pakistan to take oath of allegiance to the PTI former chairman and his wife Bushra Bibi, if he was alive.

He shared the details of an X account created in 2017 and activated in 2022 with the handle of John Burkis as an example, which, the PML-N leader said, was one of the many fake identities used to spread fake news and propaganda.

The image used by the X account is actually of Jens Busch – an American associated with a consultancy firm, he revealed and added that 80 per cent of its followers were the PTI supporters.

The said X account, Tarar mentioned, in a post created a poll to establish that who was the most corrupt political leader in the world without listing the name of former PTI chairman.

He was talking about a poll – a feature through which the X users can vote on any subject – in which the abovementioned intentionally gave the options of Nawaz Sharif – the three-time prime minister – as well as Indian premier Narendra Modi, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

But it doesn’t stop there as the fake account of Burke is just one of the hundreds that have been created and operated by the PTI social media team, shows the details revealed by Tarar.

In another poll, he asked the X users about their voting priority in the upcoming general elections. Obviously, the fake account operated, promoted and followed by the PTI team resulted in a thumping victory for their ex-chairman.

Earlier, Burkis had described the PTI chairman as “the last hope of Pakistani nation”.

Meanwhile, this account has been promoting the former PTI chairman religiously. More examples are given in the following.


The reason behind this was explained by Tarar by saying that the fake character of Burkis used to get approval and endorsed from a White individual. “Burkis is saying that the greatest leader is no other than the PTI chairman.”