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In response to PTI letter, Supreme Court says chief justice can't be pressured

In response to PTI letter, Supreme Court says chief justice can't be pressured


Notes he knows his responsibilities; expresses surprise that document was released to media first

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News/Web Desk) – The Supreme Court on Saturday made it clear that Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa could neither be pressured nor would he show partiality – a day after receiving an application sent by the PTI.

“Everyone should have faith [in the fact] that Justice Faez Isa, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, understands his constitutional responsibilities, and he can neither be pressured nor will he show partiality,” reads a press release issued by the secretary to the chief justice. 

“And with the grace of Almighty Allah, he will continue performing his duties and adhering to the oath he took for his office,” it added.

The remarks came as the Supreme Court also expressed its surprise that the document sealed in an envelope was shared with media even before it was received by the office.

The press release began with sharing when and how the letter was received. “At 12:25pm on December 1, the office of the Chief Justice of Pakistan received a seven-page application including 77 [other] attached pages [“the document”].

However, the document containing 84 pages in total – application, appendices and copies – did not mention the name and contact details of the lawyer who drafted it, says the press release.

According to the Supreme Court, the document is seemingly sent by a political party, although it has been represented well by lawyers. Some of them recently appeared before the apex court in important cases involving military court trials and elections.

Earlier, the imprisoned former PTI chairman in the letter had requested the chief justice to protect his party’s fundamental rights and alleged that those backing him were being prosecuted and arrested in a blatant attempt to “engineer and skew the political landscape of the country”.