Trial court erred in Toshakhana case, we won't, asserts IHC chief justice

Trial court erred in Toshakhana case, we won't, asserts IHC chief justice


Trial court erred in Toshakhana case, we won't: IHC CJ

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - The Islamabad High Court on Friday adjourned hearing of the PTI chairman's request for suspension of his sentence in the Toshakhana case due to non-appearance of Election Commission’s lawyer Amjad Parvez. 

A bench, headed by Chief Justice Amir Farooq, of the Islamabad High Court conducted hearing of the petition filed by the PTI chairman for suspension of his sentence. 

ECP lawyer Amjad Parvez could not appear in court due to illness, however, his assistant counsel appeared in court. 

Parvez's assistant counsel told the court that they had not sought any adjournment for the last eight months. He said he had no power of attorney in this case. 

Justice Amir Farooq said the request for suspension of sentence was now at the critical stage. Arguments were to be completed in 15 to 20 minutes. There was no double bench available on Friday.

“In these circumstances, we could adjourn the case till Monday but we didn't,” said the IHC CJ. 

“We could adopt the same path as the trial court did, but we will not take any step (in haste). The trial court committed a mistake (in deciding the case) but we will not. The court adjourns the case till Monday and said if no one attends the hearing on that day, the court will decide the case,” said the IHC CJ. 

PTI chairman's lawyer Latif Khosa took to the rostrum and said one person had been in jail for the last 20 days. They would keep the PTI chairman in jail for another three days. Khosa warned they would not appear in court (as protest). 

Later, the court accepted the request of the ECP lawyer and adjourned the hearing till Monday.