Nawaz wants to debar me from politics, claims Imran Khan

Nawaz wants to debar me from politics, claims Imran Khan


Nawaz wants to debar me from politics, claims Imran Khan

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that he has no hope from those who back the government, and the nation is looking towards the Supreme Court.

Addressing the nation through video link on Thursday, he said that his party had announced the date of the election rally day before yesterday, and police also fixed the route of the regular rally but Section 144 was suddenly imposed on the day of the rally and containers were placed on the roads, while water cannons, and tear gas were deliberately used on the workers.

The PTI chairman said that Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) also banned coverage of the rally on TV channels.

Imran Khan said that the former prime minister and Pakistan Muslim Legaue-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif says he [Imran Khan] should be taken out of the way, adding that he is ready for anything including going to jail.

Yesterday, they [govt] harmed the country’s democracy, he added.

Imran Khan went on to say that the whole nation is looking towards the Supreme Court, adding that we want the apex court to stand by the law and constitution. “The Sicilian mafia is trying to create division in the top court,” Mr Khan said and added they are the people who used to attack and call the judges.

Earlier in a meeting with a delegation of journalists at his Zaman Park residence, the PTI chairman claimed the government wanted elections after getting him arrested or debarred from the politics.

The deposed premier termed the incident of March 8 as sequel of May 25 – the previous year. He claimed, "In yesterday’s incident, those officers were involved in the incident that were also responsible in May 25 incident."

In connection with the withdrawal of Section 144 by the Punjab government, Mr Khan said, “We will again pour onto the streets. We are soon going to kick start our electoral campaign.”

Launching a broadside at his political opponents, Mr Khan claimed, “The rulers’ plan is to divide the judiciary and launch a campaign against the Chief Justice. We will not let this plan of the government get successful. "

He was of the view, "the government is showing reluctance in terms of holding elections."

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Mr Khan schooled Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senior vice president Maryam Nawaz and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, saying, "The upbringing of Maryam and Bilawal was done with the money of corruption."

Earlier today, Mr Khan said that the masses were extending their support to him, saying he needs nobody’s help.

Speaking to foreign media, the deposed premier said he could talk with anybody else’s about holding elections. He reiterated the apex court had delivered the verdict of announcing elections within 90 days.

He lamented that the role of the caretaker government was to ensure the holding of elections, how could the government delay elections.

Mr Khan claimed the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was panicking due to the PTI.

Speaking about his injuries, Mr Khan said it will take time for them to heal. "Doctors had barred me from walking, but I presented myself before the courts, where there was no security."

The former premier went on to say, "Even the interior minister had said that I was having a life threats."

Talking about his potential arrest, Mr Khan said, "These people [rulers] want elections, without me."