Didn't take to streets to wage a war against state institutions: Imran Khan

Didn't take to streets to wage a war against state institutions: Imran Khan


Didn’t take to streets to wage a war against state institutions, says Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Former PM and Pakistan Tehreeke-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said on Saturday that he didn’t take to streets to wage a war against state institutions. 

He said this while addressing a rally against inflation, political destabilisation, load-shedding and recent hike in fuel prices at Islamabad s Parade Ground. “I didn’t come out to damage my country,” he said adding that the imported government wanted us stand in front of our institutions. 

Regarding calling off sit-in on May 25, Imran Khan said that the police brutally tortured the protesters and tear gas them, adding that he was afraid of clashes between police and the nationals in Islamabad and he did not want anarchy in the country.

“Toppling imported government is my only motive,” he said and added an elected government was overthrown through a US conspiracy and later the thieves were imposed top rule the country.”

“I want to show the sentiments of the nation before all national institutions. I am not here to start a war against the national institutions. I know very well that this imported government want us to stand against the institutions and the judiciary.”

Imran Khan hit out at the coalition government over amendment in the NAB law and said that the nation was robbed of Rs1,100 billion through the NAB law amendments.

The former PM said, “I do not have palaces, properties or businesses abroad and my whole life is for Pakistan, adding that he never thought of getting a passport from abroad or living anywhere other than Pakistan but the life and death of the people in the imported government is not in Pakistan.”

He said Asif Zardari and Shehbaz Sharif s properties are abroad and as the rupee decline, their wealth doubles because their assets are in dollars. Asif Zardari sent a message to the US commander through Hussain Haqqani to save him, whereas, Nawaz Sharif had invited Modi to his wedding.

The PTI chief slammed the present government for destroying the national economy despite the PTI government achieved economic growth after 17 years. He added that the PTI government was also dealing with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but it did not increase the inflation rate.

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