Imran Khan announces long march between May 25 and May 29

Imran Khan announces long march between May 25 and May 29


Imran Khan said, “No revolution is “successful” till women and youth take part in it”

MULTAN (Dunya News) – Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said on Friday that without breaking the shackles of slavery, Pakistan can never become a great nation and the decision on the date of long march will be taken between May 25 and May 29. 

The former premier said that he had called a session of the PTI core committee on Sunday in Peshawar, where a final decision on the date for his long march to Islamabad will be made.

“I have prayed throughout my life for the Pakistani nation to awake so that wouldn’t have to bow down before mafia and superpower,” Imran Khan said while addressing a rally in Multan on Friday.

The former PM while thanking the people of Multan for the warm welcome appreciated the women and youth for participating in the jalsa, adding that no revolution is “successful” till women and youth take part in it.  

Taking a dig at the coalition government, especially the Sharif family, Imran Khan asked the masses "not to bow your heads before thieves and robbers".

While launching a tirade against his political opponents without mentioning their names, the PTI chairman said that those who had plundered the country and had been facing corruption cases, hatched a conspiracy to overthrow his government after he refused to give NRO to them.

The former PM further said, "The coalition government was leading the country towards situation like Sri Lanka due to which he was demanding the dissolution of the assemblies and immediate general elections in Pakistan.

He criticised that an under-secretary of the US had threatened the Pakistani envoy to remove Imran Khan if the country wants to be pardoned. “Pakistan does not need a pardon from anyone as it is an independent nation.” He said that the nation has foiled the ‘conspiracy’ and the time has arrived to end the politics of the ruling families.

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