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KP Local Body Elections 2021: JUI-F wipes out ruling PTI to gain majority

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JUI-F wipes out ruling PTI to gain majority

PESHAWAR (Dunya News) – In the first phase of local body elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the PTI provincial government has been defeated in several places and the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) failed to even win a single mayoral slot, while the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) has changed the direction of “Change”.

The 17 districts where elections were held include Peshawar, Nowshera, Charsadda, Khyber, Mohmand, Mardan, Swabi, Kohat, Karak, Hangu, Bannu, Lakki Marwat, Dera Ismail Khan, Tank, Haripur, Buner and Bajaur.

Over 12.668 million registered voters, including 7,015,757 male and 5,653,095 female voters, would decide the fate of 37,752 candidates contesting for different seats, while 4,188 polling stations were declared sensitive and 2,507 most sensitive.

On the other hand, there 676 candidates were contesting elections for 65 seats of city mayor and tehsil chairman. PTI is the only party which had fielded candidates for all the 65 seats. JUI-F had fielded 59 candidates, ANP is in third position with 55 candidates, while 51 candidates of PML-N and 47 candidates of Jamaat-e-Islami contested polls, while PPP’s 43, 14 candidates of Qaumi Wattan Party (QWP) and 305 independent candidates were hopeful for victory.

Every voter had been able to cast 6 votes in the election, the color of the ballot paper had been different for different seats, white ballot paper had been used for city mayor / tehsil chairman. Silver color had been allotted for the general seat of Neighborhood / Village Council.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam is leading in the elections while Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) suffered upset defeat in several places. According to preliminary results.

According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, the results of 58 out of 64 seats have been declared and the JUI-F has won 21 seats of Tehsil Chairmen including three mayoral elections.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is on the second position in the election. Despite being the provincial government, PTI has been unable to win single mayoral election yet. However, it was declared the winner in the election of 14 tehsil chairmen.

The Awami National Party has won 8 seats so far including one Mayor and seven Tehsil Chairmen seats. Seven Independent candidates won the election of Tehsil Chairman.

Pakistan Muslim League-N won 3 seats, Jamaat-e-Islami won 2 seats, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Tehreek-e-Islah Pakistan won one seat each.

Unofficial and Unconfirmed Results

Peshawar City Mayor, Peshawar district:

Despite being in government, PTI lost the city mayoral election in Peshawar. According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, the winning candidate and son-in-law of Ameer Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) Maulana Fazlur Rehman Zubair Ali Khan secured 62,388 votes while the PTI candidate obtained 50,659 votes, Awami National Party came third with 49596 votes, PPP candidate Arbab Zark Khan got 45 thousand 958 votes.

Tehsil Budh Bair chairman:

Mufti Tala Muhammad of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) obtained 13,445 votes, while Ghazanfar Ali Khan of Awami National Party came second Badaber Tehsil of Peshawar by getting 12,562 votes. Independent candidate Niaz Mohammad secured 12,027 votes.

Tehsil chairman Chamkani

ANP candidate Arbab Umar Khan grabbed Tehsil Chairman Chamkani (District Peshawar) seat by bagging 24425 votes. PTI candidate Bani Gull came second with 20398 votes while JUI-F’s Khalid Waqar remained third with 2744 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Hassankhel

PTI candidate Hafeez-ur-Rehman Afridi secured 6,274 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Hasan Khel (District Peshawar) seat. Malik Nazar Baz of JUI-F remained second with 2,538 votes while ANP candidate Mohib Ullah came third with 97 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Shah Alam

JUI-F candidate Kaleem Ullah bagged 20,001 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Shah Alam (District Peshawar) seat. Jamaat-e-Islami candidate Sardar Alam secured 7,119 votes to remain second and PPP candidate Malik Firdous came third by getting 268 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Pashtakara

Result Awaited

Tehsil Chairman Mathra

JUI-F candidate Fareed Ullah won the Tehsil Chairman Mathra (District Peshawar) seat by obtaining 22000 votes. JI candidate Iftikhar Ahmed came second by pocketing 15844 votes while Ali Abbas Khan of PTI remained third by getting 9835 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Nowshera

PTI candidate Ishaq Khattak grabbed Tehsil Chairman Nowshera (District Nowshera) seat by bagging 48781 votes. JUI-F candidate Mufti Hakim Ali came second with 41218 votes while PPP’s Ahad Khattak remained third with 31617 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Pabbi

ANP candidate Ghayoor Ali Khatak grabbed Tehsil Chairman Pabbi (District Nowshera) seat by bagging 27,530 votes. PTI candidate Ashfaq Ahmed came second with 27,268 votes while Qari Akhtar Munir remained third with 24,025 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Jehangira (District Nowshera)

PTI candidate Kamran Razzaq won the Tehsil Chairman Jehangira (District Nowshera) seat by obtaining 32124 votes. PPP candidate Jamshed Khan came second by pocketing 27931 votes while Sikandar Masood of ANP remained third by getting 21885 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Charsadda (District Charsadda)

JUI-F candidate Maulana Abdul Rauf grabbed Tehsil Chairman Charsadda (District Charsadda) seat by bagging 76735 votes. ANP candidate Taimoor Khattak came second with 44540 votes while PTI’s Haji Zafar remained third with 24330 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Shabqadar (District Charsadda)

JUI-F candidate Hamza Asif won the Tehsil Chairman Shabqadar (District Charsadda) seat by obtaining 33244 votes. PTI candidate Shahid Ullah came second by pocketing 14416 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Tangi

Independent candidate Fayyaz Ali topped the Tangi Tehsil Chairman election with 14,189 votes, while Yahya Khan Mohmand of Qaumi Watan Party came second with 13,705 votes. Haji Daneshmand of JUI-F came third with 12331 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Bara

JUI-F candidate Mufti Muhammad Kafil won the election for Tehsil Chairman Bara by getting 7986 votes. Independent candidate Abdul Razzaq Afridi came second with 7476 votes. Khan Wali Afridi of Jamaat-e-Islami came third with 5530 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Landi Kotal

Result Awaited

Tehsil Chairman Jamrud

TIP candidate Syed Nawab Afridi grabbed Tehsil Chairman Jamrud (District Khyber) seat by bagging 9837 votes. Independent candidate Syed Ghaus Khan came second with 8722 votes while JUI-F’s Maulana Saeed Khan remained third with 3904 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Upper Mohmand (District Mohmand)

JUI-F candidate Hafiz Taj Wali won the Tehsil Chairman Upper Mohmand (District Mohmand) seat by grabbing 7,987 votes. PTI candidate Hafiz Amir Ullah remained second with 3,914 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Lower Mohmand (District Mohmand)

PTI candidate Naveed Ahmed Mohmand grabbed Tehsil Chairman Lower Mohmand (District Mohmand) seat by bagging 7931 votes. JUI-F candidate Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed came second with 7285 votes while ANP’s Saif Ullah remained third with 1423 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Baizai (District Mohmand)

JUI-F candidate Maulana Bismillah won the Tehsil Chairman Baizai (District Mohmand) seat by obtaining 4788 votes. Independent candidate Malik Zahid Khan came second by pocketing 4210 votes while Muhammad Ayaz of PTI remained third by getting 1121 votes.

City Mayor Mardan, district Mardan

ANP candidate Hamayat Ullah grabbed Tehsil City Mayor Mardan seat by bagging 56458 votes. JUI-F candidate Maulana Anayat Haqqani came second with 49938 votes while PTI’s candidate remained third with 30383 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Garhi Kapura (Mardan District)

ANP candidate Bakhtawar Khan grabbed Tehsil Chairman Garhi Kapura (District Mardan) seat by bagging 20244 votes. JUI-F candidate Muhammad Ayaz came second with 17399 votes while PTI’s Shah Faisal Khan remained third with 1400 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Takht Bai (Mardan District)

JUI-F candidate Muhammad Saeed grabbed Tehsil Chairman Takht Bhai (District Mardan) seat by bagging 45881votes. PML-N candidate Mumtaz Khan came second with 33713 votes while JI’s Muazullah remained third with 72 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Katlang (District Mardan)

JUI-F candidate Hammadullah won the Tehsil Chairman Katlang (District Mardan) seat by obtaining 30474 votes. ANP candidate Fazlur Rehman came second by pocketing 18186votes while Zarshad Khan of PTI remained third by getting 16103 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Rustam (Mardan District)

JUI-F candidate Mubarik Ahmed Durrani grabbed Tehsil Chairman Rustam (District Mardan) seat by bagging 16,887 votes. PTI candidate Muzzaffar Shah came second with 12,482 votes while PPP’s Ayub Khan remained third with 11,619 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Chota Lahore (District Swabi)

PML-N candidate Adil Khan won the Tehsil Chairman Chota Lahore (District Swabi) seat by obtaining 22036 votes. JUI-F candidate Mufti Shahab-ud-Din came second by pocketing 14820 votes while Sohail Ahmed of PTI remained third by getting 12128 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Razar (Swabi District)

ANP candidate Ghulam Haqqani grabbed Tehsil Chairman Razar (District Swabi) seat by bagging 22743 votes. PTI candidate Buland Iqbal came second with 13023 votes while JUI-F’s Maulana Momin remained third with 2283 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Swabi (District Swabi)

PTI candidate Attaullah Khan won the Tehsil Chairman Swabi (District Swabi) seat by obtaining 29,363 votes. ANP candidate Akmal Khan came second by pocketing 21,050 votes while Rab Nawaz Khan of PML-N remained third by getting 5,627 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Topi (Swabi District)

JUI-F candidate Muhammad Raheem Khan grabbed Tehsil Chairman Topi (District Swabi) seat by bagging 23440 votes. PML-N candidate Amir Saeed came second with 2689 votes while PTI’s Muhammad Sohail Khan remained third with 1670 votes.

City Mayor Kohat

JUI-F candidate Sher Zaman grabbed Tehsil City Mayor Kohat seat by bagging 34434 votes. Independent candidate Shafi Ullah Khan came second with 25793 votes while PTI’s candidate remained third with 16244 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Lachi (District Kohat)

Independent candidate Muhammad Ahsan won the Tehsil Chairman Lachi (District Kohat) seat by bagging 8,021 votes. PTI candidate Saim Imtiaz Qureshi came second with 6,278 votes and JUI-F candidate Fawad Khan remained third with 1,255 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Gumbat (District Kohat)

PTI candidate Sajid Iqbal grabbed Tehsil Chairman Gumbat (District Kohat) seat by bagging 15021 votes. JUI-F candidate Maulana Muhammad Rafique came second with 14312 votes while PPP’s Babar Azeem remained third with 231 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Dara Adam Khel

Result Awaited

Tehsil Chairman Karak (District Karak) seat

PTI candidate Azmat Ali Khan won the Tehsil Chairman Karak (District Karak) seat by obtaining 23512 votes. ANP candidate Abdul Rehman Khattak came second by pocketing 9870 votes while Muhmmad Zahoor of JI remained third by getting 8222 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Banda Daud Shah

Result Awaited

Tehsil Chairman Takht e Nasrati (District Karak)

Independent candidate Muhammad Kamran grabbed Tehsil Chairman Takht e Nasrati (District Karak) seat by bagging 12456 votes. JUI-F candidate Gul Rauf came second with 10445 votes while PTI’s Sajjad Asad Khattak remained third with 10093 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Hangu 

Independent candidate Amir Ghani won the Tehsil Chairman Hangu seat by securing 13,761 votes. JUI-F candidate Hafiz Muhammad Qasin got 11,044 votes to remain second while PTI candidate Noor Awaz came third with 4,635 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Tall (District Hangu)

JUI-F candidate Mufti Imran Muhammad secured 14,001 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Tall (District Hangu) seat. Javed Hassan of PTI got 8,400 votes to remain second while Independent candidate Shoukat Hayat came third by getting 1,819 votes.

City Mayor Bannu

JUI-F candidate Irafullah Durrani won the City Mayor Bannu seat by obtaining 59,844 votes. PTI candidate Iqbal Jadoon Khan came second by securing 47,398 votes while another Pashtoon Milli Awami Party candidate Haroon Khan bagged just 7,373 votes to remain third.

Tehsil Chairman Wazir (District Bannu)

JUI-F candidate Malik Mantu Khan won the Tehsil Chairman Wazir (District Bannu) seat by obtaining 3,211 votes. Independent candidate Irfan Ullah came second by getting 731 votes while another Independent candidate Bakht Ullah bagged just 6 votes to remain third.

Tehsil Chairman Kaki (District Bannu) seat

PTI candidate Junaid-ur-Rashid won the Tehsil Chairman Kaki (District Bannu) seat by securing 4,435 votes. Independent candidate Pir Khan Badshah remained second with 2,690 votes while Jamaat-e-Islami candidate Akhtar Ali Shah could secure only 70 votes.

Tehsil chairman Domail

Israr Khan of PTI won the election for the chairmanship of Domail Tehsil of Bannu with 9622 votes, Naikdar Ali of PPP came second with 6785 votes and Musharraf Khan Alamgir of JUI came third with 3275 votes.

Tehsil chairman Miran

Independent candidate Pir Kamal Shah won the election for the post of chairman of Marian tehsil of Bannu with 11885 votes, while Shahid-ul-Hul Khan of PTI came second with 6370 votes. Malik Naeem Khan of JUI-F got 865 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Baka Khel

Local body elections in Bakakhel Tehsil of Bannu had been postponed due to poor law and order situation. A new polling date will be announced later.

Tehsil chairman Lakki Marwat

Resul Awaited

Tehsil chairman Ghazni Khel

Resul Awaited

Tehsil chairman Baitni

Independent candidate Ashfaq Baitni is credited for winning the election of Chairman Tehsil Betni, the winning candidate got 1419 votes, Maulana Anwar Badshah of JUI-F got 1001 votes, Noor Gul of PTI got only 385 votes. Coins

Tehsil Chairman Sarai Naurang

Jamaat-e-Islami won the election for the post of chairman of Sarai Noring tehsil. Azizullah Khan emerged victorious with 17,650 votes, followed by JUI-F s Hizbullah Khan with 15,275 votes. PTI s Ehsanullah Khan came third with 8352 votes. PTI s Ehsanullah Khan came third with 8352 votes.

Tehsil chairman Tank, district Tank

Saddam Hussain of JUI-F won with 36,415 votes, followed by Malik Muhammad Ramzan of PTI with 28,409 votes. Arshad Mansoor Shah came third with 12,162 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Jandola

JUI-F won the election of Jandola Tehsil with 2310 votes, while Syed Badshah Betni of PTI came second with 2294 votes. Independent candidate Aslam Khan Betney got 2203 votes.

City Mayor DI Khan, district Dera Ismail Khan

Elections in Dera Ismail Khan have been postponed indefinitely following the assassination of Awami National Party nominee for the post of city mayor, Omar Khattab Sherani.

Tehsil Chairman Paharpur

In Paharpur Tehsil, PPP candidate Makhdoom Altaf Shah won with 36342 votes, Independent candidate Jahanzeb Akbar Khan got 32430 votes and Kamran Shah Zaidi of PTI got 23993 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Kulachi (District Dera Ismail Khan)

PTI candidate Areez Gandapur secured 18,675 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Kulachi (District Dera Ismail Khan) seat. Fareedon Gandapur of PPP remained second with 7,890 votes while Akbar Khan of PML-N got 3,644 vote to remain third.

Tehsil Chairman Daraban

Ehsanullah Khan of Jamaat-e-Islami got the first position with 14795 votes, Babar Badshah of PTI got the second position with 8634 votes. Independent candidate Gohar Khan secured third position with 284 votes.

Tehsil chairman Paroa

The independent candidate defeated Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam and PTI. The winning candidate Fakhrullah Miankhel bagged 20,945 votes while the losers got 19,490 and 17,345 votes respectively.

Tehsil chairman Darazinda

Result Awaited

Tehsil chairman Haripur, district Haripur

Independent candidate Samiullah Khan defeated Akhtar Nawaz Khan of PTI. The winning candidate bagged 81,721 votes and the loser got 72,114 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Ghazi (District Haripur)

PML-N candidate Qasim Shah grabbed Tehsil Chairman Ghazi (District Haripur) seat by bagging 18355 votes. Independent candidate Khayam-ul-Islam came second with 12416 votes while PTI’s Naveed Iqbal remained third with 2995 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Khanpur (District Haripur)

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidate Raja Haroon Sikandar won the Tehsil Chairman Khanpur (District Haripur) seat by obtaining 32,361 votes. PTI candidate Raja Shahab Sikandar remained second with 26,296 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Khar (District Bajaur) seat

JUI-F candidate Syed Badshah won the Tehsil Chairman Khar (District Bajaur) seat by obtaining 19130 votes. JI candidate Sahibzada Haroon came second by pocketing 17646 votes while Luqman Khan of PTI remained third by getting 15689 votes.

Tehsil chairman Nawagai

Result Awaited

Tehsil Chairman Gagra (District Buner)

PTI candidate Syed Salar Jahan won the Tehsil Chairman Gagra seat in Buner District by obtaining 9,344 votes. Jamaat-e-Islami candidate remained second with 4,975 votes while JUI-F candidate Israr Ahmed could obtain only 289 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Chagharzai (District Buner)

PTI candidate Sharif Khan won the Tehsil Chairman Chagharzai (District Buner) seat by grabbing 8,001 votes. Muhammad Zaib of Jamaat-e-Islami remained second with 4,310 votes. Independent candidate Iqbal Khan obtained just 156 votes to remain third.

Tehsil Chairman Daggar

PTI candidate Rozi Khan bagged 8,547 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Daggar (District Buner) seat. JUI-F candidates Arif Ullah remained second with 6,201 votes.

Tehsil chairman Gadezai

Sher Alam Khan of PTI won with 11,505 votes, Hafiz Saeed-ur-Rehman of JUI-F won with 10,548 votes, Alam Khan of Jamaat-e-Islami came third with 10,510 votes.

Tehsil chairman Mandanr

Naseeb Khan of ANP was declared the winner with 8285 votes, Syed Muambar Shah of PTI got 8101 votes. Sherzada Khan of Jamaat-e-Islami came third with 4990 votes.

Tehsil Chairman Khadokhal (District Buner)

ANP candidate Gulzar Hussain Babak secured 7,087 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Khadokhal (District Buner) seat. PTI candidate Muhammad Afsar Khan remained second with 6,827 votes while while Jamaat-e-Islami candidate Muhammad Hanif Advocate remained third with 255 votes.

PTI admits defeat

PTI leader, KPK Minister Shaukat Yousafzai has also regarded price hike as major reason for poor performance of party in election.

While speaking to media Yousafzai vowed to lower inflation in country.

“Prime Minister has realization about issue of price hike,” asserted the provincial minister.

Shaukat Yousafzai termed the conduct of polling an achievement of PTI Govt saying “grass root level elections at massive level are unprecedented in history of Pakistan” which have been fully participated in by people of province.

Referring to the incident of clashes, skirmishes during course of election, Yousafzai said no more than two or three mishaps took place.

Shaukat Yousafzai said thanks to God that there is no allegation of corruption leveled against PTI government.

‘PTI Candidates had no access to members of NA, KP Assemblies during local bodies polls which also led to defeat in election. PTI will win in next election as party vote bank has not declined’, concluded the PTI leader.

On the other hand, Talking to media in Peshawar, federal minister Shibli Faraz has said that performance of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in KPK local bodies election is not that bad. The Federal Minister while citing current wave of inflation said that PTI candidates in most of constituencies contested aspirants belonging to PTI itself.

The minister expressed pleasure over what he referred as “peaceful conduct of polling” to elect members of new local government in the province.

Faraz further said that PTI has learnt a lot from current local bodies election and that the party will prepare well for next election.

Criticizing other contesting parties in polls he said that Opposition has no alternative future plan.

Shibli Faraz deplored violent clashes at polling stations resulting in loss of fives lives in different KPK cities.

JUI-F emerges largest party

Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Chairman and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said on Monday that his party has emerged largest party in the first phase of the local body elections held in 17 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Talking to media in Quetta on Monday, he said that the local body elections in KP proved that the PTI government is fake and we should be optimistic about next year s elections.

Fazlur Rehman said that it has been proved that the words of corruption are used as a weapon, adding that defamation and humiliation of politicians should end now. Politicians who propagate against politicians are a thousand times more corrupt.

He went on to say that his party has emerged as the largest party in the local body elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it was proved that the general elections in 2018 were rigged and the local body elections have proved that the PTI government is fake.