Video of banned outfit activists firing on police personnel surfaces

Dunya News

Law Minister Raja Basharat said no one in Punjab will be allowed to take the law in their hands.

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Video of banned organisation activists spraying bullets on police personnel deputed to control the demonstrators surfaced.

As the violent protest the banned organization continues, last week, police personnel were fired on police personnel last day, was fired by 4 to 5 workers of the banned organization last day, firing firmly in the video of the banned organization in the video. Can be seen

It can be seen in the video that the workers of the banned organization were holding weapons in their hands and kept firing from time to time.

Some unidentified armed activists of the proscribed organisation had opened firing on police personnel. The activists of the outlawed outfit can be seen clearly firing on the police in the video.

Several policemen were wounded in the firing who had been shifted to the hospital for treatment. Later, two of the wounded policemen succumbed to their wounds and embraced martyrdom.

Sources privy to the police said that in order to arrest the activists, the NADRA has been asked to identify the shooters.

On the other hand, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat directed the concerned institutions to identify men involved in the firing.

The provincial law minister directed to immediately identify and arrest the perpetrators, adding that no one in Punjab will be allowed to take the law in their hands.

He said the members of the banned outfit should show responsibility as their protest has affected millions of people.