Fawad said Pakistan had hosted over five million Afghan refugees despite fragile economy.

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on Saturday urged the international community not to abandon the Afghan people as collective efforts can bring stability in war-torn country.

Talking to Cuban news agency Prensa Latina, he said the time was ripe for the international community to show its commitment with the humanity and hopefully the collective efforts of the world would help bringing stability in Afghanistan.

Peaceful Afghanistan was not only important for world’s tranquility. Peace was imperative for smooth administrative structure in the war-ravaged country, he added. The recent developments in Afghanistan have brightened the chances of stability in Afghanistan.

The minister said Pakistan’s advice to world again was not to leave the people of Afghanistan in the lurch and not to allow the extremists organizations around the globe to take refuge in Afghanistan. All and sundry should engage and stand up with very brave men and women of Afghanistan, who sacrificed for long time, he added.

He said the plight of Afghanistan was not of 20 years old but it’s 40 years old as the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) had invaded Afghanistan in 1979, triggering a conflict in the region. In 1988, the West instead of helping war-ravaged Afghanistan had abandoned it. Pakistan was left alone to deal with the mess.

Fawad said Pakistan had hosted over five million Afghan refugees despite fragile economy. He said, instead of helping Pakistan, Pressler Amendment was imposed on Pakistan, which disqualified Pakistan from receiving any more American economic and military assistance. However Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) did extended help to Afghanistan during that era. But unfortunately, the world had abandoned the people of Afghanistan which led to a catastrophe.

He said Afghanistan become hub of all terrorist organizations around the world and this cruel scenario led to 9/11 and after which, the USA had decided to launch full-fledged military operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan stood where the world.

“We stood with the world – we fought the war despite the fact that it was not ours – however we fought the war of the world. Again this (will) led to catastrophe for the people of Afghanistan,” he said.

He said Pakistan’s constant stance in the years 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019 that there was no military solution of Afghanistan and we stressed carving out a political solution of Afghan issue, but unfortunately, Pakistan’s advice was ignored and not heeded to. Today there was again a mess to deal with in Afghanistan as the situation was bad due to political and administrative uncertainty in the war-ravaged country.

He said Pakistan’s policy was not only to evacuate the stranded people in Kabul but also to engage with the Afghan authorities. Pakistan has evacuated hundreds of people from Afghanistan stranded in Kabul. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has evacuated thousands of stranded people.