Traffic from these areas will be closed during smart lockdown.

PESHAWAR (Dunya News) – As the Covid-19 positivity rate in the provincial capital increased, the district administration on Thursday issued a notification imposing smart lockdowns in high-risk areas.

According to the notification, smart lockdown will be imposed in the areas including Akhundabad, Hazar Khawani Road, Afzal Medical Center Road, Regi Lalma and Ejazabad of the provincial capital from 9 pm.

Traffic from these areas will be closed during smart lockdown. Smart lockdown is being imposed only in streets and small areas as per the policy and directives of the federal government. The purpose of lockdown is to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The district administration said that smart lockdown was imposed in these areas amid virus surge, however, only grocery shops, medical stores, general stores, tandoors and emergency service stores will remain open.

Only five people will be allowed to pray in congregation in mosques in these areas. Instructions have been issued to the area magistrate and police regarding strict adherence of smart lockdown.

Deputy Commissioner Peshawar Captain (retd) Khalid Mahmood has strongly emphasized that legal action will be taken against those who violated the smart lockdown.