Murad Ali Shah said the govt has failed and none of ministers, including PM are doing their job.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Sunday said that it isn’t the duty of the prime minister to issue production orders but he should rid the people from inflation and let the assembly speaker do its job.

Addressing a press conference in Karachi on Sunday, he said that the judiciary should take notice of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement when he blamed the judiciary for slow expediting of cases.

The chief minister said that the ordinance on the islands is unconstitutional, adding that the Sindh cabinet has also written a letter to the federation to withdraw the ordinance.

“The people of the province will not allow their land to be occupied,” he added.

Murad Ali Shah went on to say that the prime minister was nervous and confused. “The incumbent government has failed and none of the ministers, including Prime Minister Imran Khan are doing their job,” he added.

Speaking about the economic situation of the country and rising prices of essential commodities, the Sindh CM said that the present government has created a storm of inflation, adding that the people of Pakistan will no longer tolerate oppression and inflation.