The prime minister condemned the occupying Indian govt's siege of IOJK ongoing for over four months

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – As the human rights violations continued around the world on the basis of religion, caste, creed, and ethnicity on the “International Human Rights Day”, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the international community to end gross abuses and atrocities being inflicted in Indian Occupied Kashmir by the occupation forces.

In a series of tweets on the International Human Rights Day, he said: “On Human Rights day we must appeal to the world s conscience, to upholders of international law & to the UNSC to act against the illegal annexation of IOJK by the Indian Occupation govt.

The prime minister condemned the occupying Indian govt s siege of IOJK ongoing for over four months now and demanded an end to the "gross abuse and atrocities being inflicted on Kashmiri men, women and children by Indian occupation forces in violation of all international humanitarian and human rights laws".  

“We salute and stand resolutely with the brave Kashmiris struggling for their right of self determination,” Imran Khan added.

In another tweet, PM Imran said that on the international day for human rights, "Muslims need to remember the message of equality, justice and protection of human rights for all" that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had given over 1,400 years ago.

"This embodied the cardinal principles of respect for human rights and human dignity," he said. 

On 5 August 2019, the government of India revoked the special status, or limited autonomy, granted under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir.

The Indian government revoked the special status accorded to Indian-administered Kashmir in its constitution, the most far-reaching political move on the disputed region in nearly 70 years.

A presidential decree issued on August 5 revoked Article 370 of India s constitution that guaranteed special rights to the Muslim-majority state, including the right to its own constitution and autonomy to make laws on all matters except defence, communications and foreign affairs.

In the lead-up to the move, India sent thousands of additional troops to the disputed region, imposed a crippling curfew, shut down telecommunications and internet, and arrested political leaders.

Govt committed to protect, promote human rights of every citizen: President Alvi

President Dr Arif Alvi has stated that the government stood committed to protect and promote human rights and would continue making efforts to safeguard freedom, liberty, dignity and self-esteem of every citizen of the state.

“The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees rights to its citizens regardless of their caste, colour or creed”, he said in a message on the occasion of International Human Rights Day being observed on December 10 (Tuesday).

The President said that the observance of International Human Rights Day signified their commitment and firm resolve towards the promotion of human rights at all levels, adding, “Indeed upholding human dignity, safeguarding human rights and ensuring human freedom and equality is one of the fundamental principles of our religion and Constitution.”

He said that cognizant of the need to accord greater attention towards protection of the vulnerable and marginalized segments of society, the government was determined to make every possible effort to put in place effective legal, economic and social frameworks so as to ensure protection of human rights.

The President also took the opportunity to reiterate Government of Pakistan’s commitment to support freedom struggle of Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and to express deep concerns over the military lockdown, curfew and suppression of basic human rights of more than 80 million Kashmiris.

“On this historical day, I call upon all the government, non-government organizations, media and civil society to come forward and play their role for the protection of human rights of the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir and their right to self-determination in accordance with the United Nations Charter and UN Security Council Resolutions”, he added.

The President appreciated the UN agencies, non-governmental organizations and media for their endeavours in supplementing the government’s efforts to create conducive environment for our people.