Liquor samples were 'tampered with' in hospital room: CJP

Dunya News

As per details garnered, CJP resumed hearing of the case here in Islamabad today.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar on Tuesday has decided to transfer Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) ailing leader Sharjeel Memon to prison in Punjab.

As per details garnered, CJP resumed hearing of the case here in Islamabad today.

“There is complete pandemonium over my raid on sub-jail in Karachi. Upon reaching there [at hospital], I felt as I had entered a presidential suite. The sub-jail was given facilities even more than a five-star hotel”, remarked CJP.

Justice Saqib Nisar further remarked he was aware of the topics being discussed in the sub-jail. He remarked, “Who should be arrested and who should be released was being discussed there”.

"The samples of liquor were swapped in the hospital s room," the chief justice remarked during the hearing.

CJP added Memon didn’t deny consuming alcohol. “I have no concern with how samples of liquor had been transported to the laboratory [for test] or who had tampered with them”, remarked Justice Saqib Nisar. He stated, “Olive and honey came out the of liquor bottles after my departure”.

CJP—while hearing the case about shortages of hospital in Islamabad—remarked if he had indented to arrest the man, he would have done right so then. “I would have had confiscated the liquor bottles, conducted medical test and had him nabbed on the spot”.

Expressing exasperation over lack of cooperation from Sindh govt, CJP remarked proceedings of the cases would be carried out in other provinces if Sindh administration continues to avoid cooperation.