Election 2018 approaching: Voters, not politicians, are VIP now

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PTI claimed it would change KP altogether, but change is yet to come in slums.

(Web Desk) - As the general election 2018 approaches, the behavior of political elite has started getting public-friendly. Once again the public leaders have started building castles in the air. NA 31 is one such constituency where the public representatives, who rarely visited it, seem more interested in paying attention in it. The area is consisted of the underprivileged people who are suffering from dire poverty. Seemingly, good days have come back for the poor.

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The heaps of dirt are apparent in the area. In normal days, no one would like to come here except the poor residents, but people from the elite class have made it a center point of their concentration now.

A resident of the poorest, more properly dirtiest area of the country said Imran said he would make change but he had concealed somewhere. Another female resident said politicians come for votes but once they take it they do not come back.

Unfortunately, people are impoverished and cannot clean the area by themselves. On the other side, public street sweepers rarely visit the area. Various regions of PK 77 are cripplingly suffering from poverty. Politicians consider these areas quite crucial concerning voter bagging. They know that vote can be attracted from this area either by pressurizing the voters or by luring them, showing them golden but hollow dreams.

Interestingly, politicians from all three parties, Shabir Ahmed Khan of MMA, Syed Zahir Ali Shah of PPP, and Zia ullah Afridi of PTI, won from this constituency but no one could alter the fate of this area.

Karachi, heaps of garbage everywhere

Dirtiness and shattered infrastructure are not the issues of only one constituency, entire metropolitan city like Karachi had become the hub of debris, and residents were overlooked. As the general election 2018 has come nearer, the situation has altered utterly. Voters have also become VIP in the city where everyone was afraid of VIPs and their squads.

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Change is yet to come

Although PTI claimed it would change the situation of the province altogether, but change is yet to come in slums. The life of the poor is yet to improve. It is a fact that KP is better province now but not to the extent PTI claimed. More time, financial resources, and most important of all more will and determination is required. Only then real change will be evident not only in one constituency but in the entire country.

Edited by: Junaid Ali Malik