The incident was reported nearly ten days ago on a flight Tokyo to Beijing flight

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has suspended a pilot on Thursday for giving an exclusive tour of the cockpit to a woman passenger midway from Tokyo to China.

It was reported on May 9 that pilot of PK-853 named Shehzad Aziz had violated the international aviation code and given an exclusive tour of the cockpit to a woman passenger after asking the crew to exit the space.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the national carrier had vowed to carry out required probe in the issue and record statements of the crew as soon as they landed in Beijing.

Nearly ten days after the incident was reported, PIA has suspended the pilot over the violation.

A couple of weeks ago, a PIA pilot was reported to have fallen asleep with 305 passengers onboard, leaving the control to subordinate. The flight was on way to London from Islamabad.

On January 20, crew of a PIA flight PK-743 had at least seven passengers travel to Madina while standing in the aisle owing to excess number of passengers onboard.