Police also apprehended 1888 criminals involved in robberies.

TOBA THE SINGH (Daily Dunya) – As many as 3244 suspects have been arrested by district police in six months in Toba Tek Singh.

According to the sources, huge cache of illegal weapons, 97 kg of charas, cash and stolen goods were also recovered from them. The security officers also confiscated 2900 liter of alcohol, 583 kg of heroin and 403 grams of opium.

The report stated that 41 suspects from drug cartels, six from bars and nine suspects involved in water theft were also detained whereas seven kalashnikovs, six rifles, 33 guns, 128 pistols, five revolvers and 174 bullets were also seized from 176 suspects.

On the other hand, police also apprehended 1888 criminals involved in robberies and took stolen money into custody.