Punjab budget 2024-25: Key statistics you must know

Punjab budget 2024-25: Key statistics you must know


Rs95 billion have been allocated for health and Rs69.72 billion for education

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LAHORE (Dunya News) - The Punjab government has presented a comprehensive budget totalling Rs5,446 billion, with Rs 3,700 billion sourced from the federal divisible pool. 

Annual Development Programme (ADP)

The government has allocated Rs700 billion for the Annual Development Programme (ADP), emphasising infrastructure and social sector improvements. 

Health and Education 

More than Rs95 billion have been dedicated to the health sector - Rs76.61 billion for specialised healthcare and Rs33.89 billion for primary healthcare. The education sector will receive Rs69.72 billion, with Rs2.50 billion for undergraduate programmes and another Rs2.50 billion for Danish Schools. 

Salaries and Pensions 

The budget designates Rs610 billion for salaries and Rs451 billion for pensions. An increase in salaries has been announced: 25pc for employees from grade 1 to 16, and 20pc for those from BP-17 to 22. Pensions will see a 15pc increase. 

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Infrastructure and Welfare Initiatives

Road construction has been allocated Rs121.74 billion. Law and order will receive Rs13.80 billion, while Rs10 billion will be kept for the 'Apna Ghar' housing scheme.

Forestry projects will get Rs8 billion, and Rs2 billion will be allocated for the 'Nigheban Card' initiative. Additionally, Rs1 billion have been earmarked for the welfare of the transgender community. 

Youth and Agricultural Support 

The government has allocated Rs6 billion for the laptop scheme to benefit students. In the agriculture sector, Rs75 billion will be provided as interest-free loans to 500,000 farmers. 

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Transportation and Industry 

The budget includes Rs49 billion for the introduction of environment-friendly buses in major cities. Furthermore, Rs3 billion are allocated for establishing a Garments City, aiming to boost the textile industry.

Allocation for Minorities

The government has earmarked Rs2.5 billion to support minority communities. This allocation aims to enhance the socio-economic conditions and ensure equal opportunities for all minority groups in the country.

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Air Ambulance Funding 

A budget of Rs4.5 million has been appropriated for the air ambulance service. This initiative will provide rapid medical assistance and transportation for patients in remote and hard-to-reach areas to save lives.

Clinic on Wheels Initiative

The government has set aside Rs1 billion for "Clinic on Wheels" programme. This initiative aims to bring essential healthcare services to underserved and rural communities.

Climate Change

A substantial amount of Rs 10 billion is designated for climate change initiatives in Punjab, the most populated province. This funding will be used for projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions, enhancing environmental sustainability, and combating the adverse effects of climate change.