Gun violence a 'public health crisis': US surgeon

Gun violence a 'public health crisis': US surgeon

What other health conditions are weight-loss drugs being tested for?

Alzheimer's and neurological disorders among those diseases which are being focused upon

Scientists use finger sweat to track drugs in bloodstream

Collecting fingerprint sweat can be performed without the need for special parameters

World first epilepsy device fitted in boy's skull

Epilepsy seizures are triggered by abnormal bursts of electrical activity in the brain

Australia vape ban bill watered down after opposition from Greens

Planned legislation is first in the world and will come into effect from July 1

Preemptive health protocols ensured smooth Hajj proceedings, says Saudi health minister

H.E Fahd Al-Jalajel says more than 1.3 million health services were provided amid searing heat

World leaders announce $1.2bn to create 'African vaccine market'

World leaders announce $1.2bn to create 'African vaccine market'

Child obesity remains a challenge as weight-loss options are hard to come by

Leading medical groups recommend intensive behavioural counselling

Bird flu spreads to seventh Australian poultry farm

There isn't any shortage of eggs yet, though some retailers have put in place limits on purchases

Who do consume more meat, men or women?

People in wealthier countries ate more meat overall.

South Africa reports second mpox death this week

Mpox spreads through close physical contact

Punjab budget 2024-25: Key statistics you must know

Rs95 billion have been allocated for health and Rs69.72 billion for education

New doping test can accurately identify cheaters among female athletes

Advances in medical science have now touched the world of sports as well

WHO confirms India human bird flu case

The patient was admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit (ICU) of a local hospital

First-in-kind protocol for making mini artificial brains developed

This technique allows scientists to undertake more advanced research

How lack of oxygen affects the formation of memory in brain

The study sheds light on the brain's response to temporary oxygen deprivation

Four key breakthroughs mean cancer 'won't be a death sentence'

Drugs were “100-per- cent effective” or gave “remarkable” results

Bioengineered implant triggers natural bone regeneration: study

The breakthrough could cure serious skeletal injuries

South Korea's doctors plan June 18 strike to protest reforms

Thousands of trainee doctors walked off the job on Feb 20

Study suggests xylitol may cause strokes and heart attacks

The findings emerged from an analysis of over 3,000 people in America and Europe

Australia bird flu case followed travel to India: WHO

genetic sequencing showed the virus was subtype H5N1

Mexico health ministry: bird flu patient died of chronic disease, not the virus

The 59-year-old man identified with bird flu suffered from a chronic kidney disease

Doctors issue urgent warning to anyone who drinks energy drinks

Energy drinks contain caffeine ranging from 80mg to 300mg per serving

COVID shots should target JN.1 lineage variants in 2024-25, FDA advisers say

Novavax says its vaccine would be able to do the job, sees shares going up 18pc

WHO reports bird flu death in Mexico

Source of exposure to the virus is not known

Your socioeconomic status may determine risk of diseases

Their findings based on genomics, socioeconomic status

Two more children die of measles in Lahore

The death toll of measles rose to 26 in Punjab – four in Lahore alone.

Can we regrow our teeth? Japanese scientists say yes!

They have made an incredible breakthrough

Astra's Enhertu breast cancer trial shows 'unprecedented' results

A number of other trials are underway aimed at moving the drug into earlier lines of therapy

Being a patient getting harder in strained, complex US healthcare system

Care delays due to insurer pre-approval requirements have grown more common

People with ancient viruses in their DNA more prone to depression

Ancient viruses are still lingering in human DNA

Countrywide anti-polio drive to begin tomorrow

As many as 6.4 million children would be administered polio drops in Punjab

Here's how Intermittent fasting still could work for you

Simplicity of time restriction might be easier to maintain than a typical diet

Pfizer lung cancer drug expected to top $1bn in sales following impressive five-year data

China considered to be a particularly important market for Lorbrena

Study links better sleep health to reduced loneliness across all age groups

Paving the way for innovative interventions to address loneliness and promote holistic well-being

Nicotine-like chemicals in US vapes may be more potent than nicotine: FDA

The synthetic substances are not subject to United States tobacco and vaping regulations

US health secretary sees pandemic treaty deal as close

Health officials are meeting in Geneva this week

Weight-loss drug sale forecasts jump to $150bn as supply grows

Over 80 experimental obesity drugs have reached the human testing stage

Measles claims six lives in Pattoki

The parents of the affected children have accused the hospital administration of negligence.

Discover how regular walking can boost your wellbeing

Walking for 20 minutes or more on a daily basis is said to improve your health

WHO chief Tedros 'confident' of eventual pandemic treaty deal

WHO chief Tedros 'confident' of eventual pandemic treaty deal

How to protect yourself from 'annoying family members' -- the mosquitoes

Repellents with ingredients like DEET, IR3535, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus should be used

UK's Sunak confirms anti-smoking plan will not become law before election

Sunak had earlier wanted to bring in some of the world's strictest anti-smoking rules

CM Maryam wants air ambulance service functional in June

The air ambulance will be used in far-flung areas to shift the patients in situation of emergency

Cancer victims sue Johnson & Johnson over 'fraudulent' bankruptcies

Lawyer says the pharma company is playing a dark game of chess with financial and judicial systems

Can pink noise enhance sleep and memory?

White noise and pink noise may provide small benefits for people with ADHD

Kirin electric spoon leaps from Ig Nobel infamy to the dinner table

It will sell just 200 of its Electric Salt Spoons online for 19,800 yen ($127) this month

UK infected blood scandal could and should have been avoided, inquiry finds

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says report marks 'day of shame'

Iraq father begins legal action against BP over son's cancer death

Gas flaring is reportedly responsible for the deceased being diagnosed with leukaemia

Moderna wins COVID shot patent case, Pfizer gets damages in cancer drug patent trial

Pfizer loses against Moderna, but remains winner against AstraZeneca

Obesity and high blood sugar play ever growing role in ill-health

People in age bracket 15 to 49 facing issues worldwide attributable to these two risk factors

Thai cannabis groups urge government to rethink plan to re-criminalise marijuana

Thailand has a long tradition of using marijuana to relieve pain and fatigue

US FDA approves expanded use of Bristol Myers cancer cell therapy

Breyanzi was first approved in 2021 as a second-line treatment for B-cell lymphoma

Health-related benefits associated with regular exercise

Physical activity is beneficial for overall health

Your memory may depend on how hard your brain had to work

It may depend on how hard the brain has to work, according to a study

Wegovy users keep weight off for four years, says Novo Nordisk

17,604-patient trial tested Wegovy not for for its heart protective benefits

New breast cancer genes found in women of African ancestry may improve risk assessment

Some of the mutations identified had not previously been linked with the disease

Indian spices: Who are the two iconic spice brands under scrutiny?

It started with a Hong Kong sales ban on some of their products over a cancer-causing pesticide

First person to receive a genetically modified pig kidney transplant dies nearly 2 months later

Two men received heart transplants from pigs, although both died within months

Study shows spending time with dogs reduces stress

Positive effects on participants' mood and brain wave patterns

Pandemic treaty talks will go on after missed deadline, some progress: WHO

Reports say the UK won't sign the deal over vaccine sharing

Britain launches artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetics

Local NHS systems started identifying people living with type 1 diabetes who could benefit from it

Romania opens first crowd-funded hospital

No less than 350,000 people and almost 8,000 companies contributed to it

We know late-night screens are bad for sleep. How do you stop doomscrolling in bed?

Why checking social media has become your late-night reward?

Thailand to recriminalise cannabis as PM vows to get tough on drugs

The moves come despite rapid growth of a domestic retail sector for marijuana

Can yogurt reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes?

No single food can reduce the risk of a disease tied to overall diet

World Asthma Day observed with call for proper management

Over 340 million people globally affected by the disease

SPDC, WHO propose 37pc tobacco tax increase to save lives

Say Pakistan can save 265,000 lives and generate Rs37.7bn revenue

China's health body probes hospital after surrogacy claims

China is trying to boost its birth rate

Karachi to ban usage of plastic bags

Mayor Karachi announced plans to introduce legislation

Global health heavyweights team up for climate, disease funding

The Novo Nordisk Foundation, Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced partnership

Women who vape have less chances of pregnancy, scientists warn

Women advised to stop vaping to boost their chances of pregnancy

How a Pakistani doctor makes big time?

Dr Shahzad Baig figures in Time's list of 100 most influential persons

A new form of mpox that may spread more easily found in Congo's biggest outbreak

Over 4,500 cases and nearly 300 deaths have been reported since January in the country so far

Non-White pedestrians more often end up in ER for vehicle-related injuries, report shows

Unsafe walking environments can be attributed to development that prioritizes cars over pedestrians

Dairy worker bird flu case shows need for protective gear: US CDC

The outbreak – the first in cattle – is so far known to have infected 36 dairy herds in nine states

WHO chief urges countries to finalise pandemic accord by deadline

Countries are due to finalise negotiations on the accord on May 10

Anger even for a few minutes may trigger heart attacks

A study found that recalling angry experiences led to impaired blood vessel function

Biggest cyber attacks in US healthcare sector

Biggest cyber attacks in US healthcare sector

First-ever human clinical trial shows jab helps fight deadly brain tumours

Scientists say the jabs 'could be a new paradigm for cancer cure

Maryam launches field hospitals project to bring healthcare to people's doorsteps

Punjab CM says dream she shared with ex-PM Nawaz Sharif has been realised today

US Justice Department takes step to make marijuana use a less serious crime

Black Americans and communities of colour disproportionately impacted by marijuana drug enforcement

Australian regulator examines possible contamination of Indian spice mixes

Hong Kong suspended sales this month of three MDH spice blends

J&J, Bristol Myers lose challenges to US drug price negotiation programme

A federal judge rules they were free to stop participating in Medicare

DAFPAK hands over campaign assets to KP Population Welfare Dept

DAFPAK hands over campaign assets to KP Population Welfare Dept

Cholera cases in the French department of Mayotte double in two days

Cholera cases in the French department of Mayotte double in two days

Study shows nutritious dietary choices lead to effective brain health

Must incorporate healthy regimen early in life to avoid health risks

Study confirms air pollution increases risk of Alzheimer's disease

Exposure to air pollution may raise the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

Five children die of measles in Tando Allahyar

Five children die of measles in Tando Allahyar

PM Shehbaz calls for global health equity, climate resilience at WEF

PM Shehbaz calls for global health equity, climate resilience at WEF

Polio eradication 'not guaranteed', support needed: Bill Gates

Comments came as wild form of virus remains endemic in Afghanistan and Pakistan

US food regulator gathering information on Indian spices after alleged contamination

MDH and Everest spices among most popular in India, are also sold in Europe, Asia and North America

Biden officials indefinitely postpone ban on menthol cigarettes amid election-year pushback

FDA said the move would prevent hundreds of thousands of smoking-related deaths over 40 years

US FDA approves Pfizer gene therapy for rare bleeding disorder

Treatment called has a price tag of $3.5m, same is that of Hemgenix produced by CSL Ltd

Heart knows no border - Indian donor injects new life in Pakistani girl

Ayesha experienced cardiac issue in 2019 and had to ultimately get transplant

Smaller towns in South Korea bear brunt of doctors' shortage

South Korea has 2.6 doctors for every 1,000 people

US birth rate retreats after pandemic-era growth

The decrease is 4pc for women aged 20-24 years, reaching a record low level

Vaccines saved at least 154 million lives in 50 years: WHO

Vaccines saved at least 154 million lives in 50 years: WHO

Therapeutic nihilism? Alzheimer's drug adoption in US slowed by scepticism

Food and Drug Administration approved Leqembi last year

New Biden rule protects privacy for women who get abortions

It will protect those living in states where abortion is illegal who travel out of it for procedure

As syphilis cases among US newborns soar, doctor advises more screening during pregnancy

The disease can also cause deformed bones, severe anaemia, blindness or deafness

Spanish hospital enlists therapy dogs to boost ICU patients' morale

Patients in the programme receive two visits each week of 15 to 20 minutes each

USDA confirms cow-to-cow transmission a factor in bird flu spread

Wild migratory birds are believed to be the original source of the virus

Poliovirus detected in two environmental samples taken from Quetta, Karachi

Poliovirus detected in two environmental samples collected from Quetta, Karachi

WHO likely to issue wider alert on contaminated J&J cough syrup

WHO likely to issue wider alert on contaminated J&J cough syrup

Study finds climate change could shorten human lifespan by six months

Women and those in developing nations are expected to be disproportionately affected

Biden administration announces new partnership with 50 countries to stifle future pandemics

Says the strategy will help “prevent, detect and effectively respond to biological threats

Congressional committee finds China is subsidising US fentanyl crisis

Fentanyl is a leading cause of drug overdoses in the United States

British lawmakers to vote on smoking ban for younger generations

The legislation is one of Sunak's flagship policies before an election later this year

WHO warns of falsified cough syrup ingredients seized in Pakistan

DRAP sent suspect drums of propylene glycol for testing

More than 250 websites selling fake weight-loss drugs reported by anti-counterfeit firm

Cases of harm linked to fake versions of Ozempic and other GLP-1s have been reported

Sweden's Olsson improving after suffering blood clots in brain

He has represented his country in 47 internationals

South Africa recalls J&J cough syrup sold in six African nations after suspected toxicity

Move follows a report by Nigeria which first detected the toxin in Benylin Paediatric Syrup

EU regulator rules out link between weight-loss drugs and suicidal thoughts

Review focused on medicines containing semaglutide or liraglutide, both GLP-1 targeting compounds

Asia-Pacific gets new weapon in fight against drug-resistant TB

The region had most of the world's estimated 10.6 million new TB cases in 2022

Peru's dengue deaths triple as climate change swells mosquito population

Mild symptoms include nausea, rashes and body pains

US accuses Regeneron of fraudulent price reporting for eye drug

The medication has a wholesale acquisition cost of $1,850 per vial.

Arizona's top court revives 19th century abortion ban

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled, 4-2 in favor of an anti-abortion obstetrician

More produce, less dairy for low-income families under US nutrition program changes

WIC program changes prioritize fruits, veggies, and seafood, reducing dairy.

Synchron, a rival to Musk's Neuralink, readies large-scale brain implant trial

It plans to launch an online registry for patients interested in joining the process

Doctors run first human trial of growing new liver in patient's body

This groundbreaking approach offers solution to challenges posed by severe liver diseases

Many cancer drugs remain unproven five years after accelerated approval

The programme was created in 1992 to speed access to HIV drugs

Geneos cancer vaccine shrinks liver tumours in small trial

Liver cancer is considered a cold cancer because it contains fewer mutations

World Health Day observed

World Health Day observed

CM Maryam initiates comprehensive health reforms

Vowed to make equitable access to healthcare

Despite legalisation, California battles illegal marijuana farms

Police say there appears to be scant evidence of the involvement of large-scale organized crime

Scientists find link between lack of sleep, unemployment and heart disease

People of South Asian heritage have higher rates of premature heart disease globally

Lawsuit demands menthol cigarette ban following White House delays

It's the only flavour still allowed under a 2009 law that gave the FDA authority to regulate tobacco

Gene involved in cell shape offers clues on left-handedness

TUBB4B controls a protein which gets integrated into filaments provide internal structure for cells

Kenya doctors strike over pay and training extends into third week

A previous strike in 2017 lasted three months

Japan health supplements tied to 157 hospitalisations

Japan health supplements tied to 157 hospitalisations

Abortions are legal in much of Africa. But few women may be aware, and providers don't advertise it

Tech giants banned local abortion providers from advertising services

South Korea's Yoon hints at flexibility in doctors' strike as election looms

Earlier, Yoon has taken a hard line approach to labour disputes

Bird flu detected in Texas person exposed to dairy cattle

USDA does not see the need to cull dairy herds as infected cows are being isolated and recovering

Russia behind 'Havana Syndrome'?

Russia behind 'Havana Syndrome'?

South Korea's Yoon urges doctors to end impasse over trainees

More than 90% of the country's 13,000 trainee doctors have been staging walkouts

A second Kobayashi Pharma Japan factory inspected over deaths

As many as 114 people had been hospitalised after taking the supplements

Italy birth rate falls for 15th year running to a record low

The country has seen real wage decline since 1990

Study reveals insights into genes for breast cancer prevention

Preventing breast cancer without resorting to surgery

New York 'trash revolution' targets overflowing waste, and the rats feasting on it

If a day's trash bags were lined up, they would reach 27 miles

Female patient's video issue: Nankana Health CEO made OSD, Shahkot MS suspended

A ban has been imposed on visit of trainee doctors to hospitals of Nankana

US officials warn of increase in bacterial illnesses leading to meningitis and possibly death

Already, 143 cases have been reported since Jan 1. The total was 422 last year

How to keep your skin hydrating, glowy in Ramazan?

Follow good diet and skincare routine

Japanese pharmaceutical factory searched over dietary supplement deaths

As of Thursday evening, 114 people were hospitalised, five of them died after taking the supplement

Surging dengue cases in Americas cause alarm as potentially worst-ever season looms

Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay are the hardest-hit countries mosquito-borne disease

Sudan needs 'immediate action' on hunger to avert widespread death, UN-backed report says

Cereal production 46pc lower than the previous year due to fighting in primary crop production areas

Study discovers a hormone can shield the kidney's functioning in diabetic patients

Signify early interventions to mitigate the risk of kidney disease

AI fails to detect depression signs in social media posts by Black Americans, study finds

Social media data could be used for risk assessment of an individual or group

European regulators close in on Big Tobacco's new tea sticks

The European Commission likely to shut down loopholes when it next updates EU tobacco law

Seaweed gel can treat blindness caused by retinal detachment

Gel's distinctive elasticity facilitates fluid management within the eye

Cardamom consumption boosts appetite and fat burning

the aromatic spice also helps with inflammation

Japan warns on surge in potentially deadly strep throat cases

Infections of streptococcus bacteria being diagnosed at quadruple the pace of the past five years

Six arrested for illegal kidney transplantation, says minister

PHOTA, FIA jointly arrest the gang members

US Supreme Court abortion pill fight brings claims of distorted science

Mifepristone is taken with another drug called misoprostol to perform medication abortions

Humans spread more viruses to animals: Study

Humans have never been considered a source of virus

Drug overdoses reach another record with almost 108,000 Americans in 2022

The CDC has not yet reported overdose numbers for last yea

South Korea's medical professors join protests, reduce hours in practice

The trainee doctors have been on strike since Feb 20

Exercising even once a week is better than not: Expert

Worried about not being able to work out daily?

World Tuberculosis Day observed

World Tuberculosis Day observed

Allergy season arrived early in US. Here's how to keep pollen from ruining your spring

There are three main types of pollen that cause seasonal allergies

US surgeons transplant a gene-edited pig kidney into a patient for the first time

The experiment marks the latest development in xenotransplantation

Ready or not, AI chatbots are here to help with Gen Z's mental health struggles

Authors say chatbots could “significantly reduce” symptoms of depression, distress in the short term

Ready or not, AI chatbots are here to help with Gen Z's mental health struggles

Chatbots could “significantly reduce” symptoms of depression and distress in the short term

US FDA grants full approval to AbbVie's ovarian cancer therapy

Elahere belongs to a new class of treatments that precisely target cancer cells

Tiger mosquitoes now everywhere in France after spreading to Normandy

The discovery comes from the results of fieldwork conducted in the Seine-Maritime department

Pollen concentration soars in Islamabad, Rawalpindi

The peak concentration anticipated during the last week of March 2024

California wants to pay doctors more money to see Medicaid patients

Last year Newsom signed a law that greatly increased this tax

GSK to cap out-of-pocket inhaler costs in US

US lawmakers in January had criticized the top four inhalers manufacturers over high prices

Musk's Neuralink shows first brain-chip patient playing online chess

Arbaugh had received an implant from the company in January

Global fertility rate to shrink by the end of the century, study warns

The fertility rate in half of all nations is already too low to maintain their population size

'Critical' to catch up on measles vaccinations to stem outbreaks: WHO

Also recommends the use of the hepatitis E vaccine for all women of childbearing age in conflicts

EU lawmakers vote to extend exclusivity period for new medicines, softening Commission proposal

A company would also receive three years of market protection from generics

New Zealand government to ban disposable e-cigarettes

Fines for retailers selling e-cigarettes to those under the age of 18 will increase

Louisiana's strict abortion ban threatening women's healthcare in US state

Doctors specifically cited the abortion ban in refusing to see the patient

Many hospitals in China stop newborn delivery services as birth rate drops

China is one of the world's most expensive places to bring up a child

Punjab cabinet approves air ambulance project

Punjab cabinet approves air ambulance project

New study finds no brain injuries among 'Havana syndrome' patients

The Havana syndrome participants reported more fatigue, posttraumatic stress symptoms and depression

More than 60pc of US abortions in 2023 were done by pill, study shows

The method involves two drugs, taken over a day or two

US approves first gene therapy for children with rare genetic disease

The disease is estimated to affect one in every 40,000 individuals in the United States

Biden expands women's health research, adds $200m for sexual and reproductive issues

The executive order will require medical research to better track differences between women and men

Scientists develop pill that gives all benefits of exercise without moving muscle

It could stave off heart failure and declining kidney function

No evidence of Havana syndrome brain injury, US studies find

No evidence of Havana syndrome brain injury, US studies find

How genetic therapies transformed the lives of sickle cell patients

SCD affects around 100,000 people in the United States and some 20 million worldwide.

Study offers alternatives to sleeping pills for sleep disorders

Digital therapy breakthrough, new program offers hope for treating co-occurring sleep disorders

A new kind of hospital is coming to rural America. To qualify, facilities must close their beds

Only 19 hospitals across the US received rural emergency hospital status last year

How brain turns motivation into goal-oriented action?

Study helps to determine treatments and possible solutions for mental health

Marriages in the US are back to pre-pandemic levels, CDC says

Highest marriage rate of 16.4 per 1,000 people recorded in 1946, which was 6.2 per in 2022

EU parliament to extend new medicine data protection to 7.5 years

EU parliament to extend new medicine data protection to 7.5 years

Study documents headaches experienced by astronauts in space

Space travel effects body and changes organs activity