Texas Legislature adopts two resolutions recognizing 'Pakistan Day'

Texas Legislature adopts two resolutions recognizing 'Pakistan Day'


Texas Legislature adopts two resolutions recognizing ‘Pakistan Day’

WASHINGTON (Web Desk) - The Texas House of Representatives has adopted two landmark resolutions recognizing 23rd March 2023 as ‘Pakistan Day’ and 20th March 2023 as ‘Pakistan Day of Action at the State Capitol’, according to a press release issued by the Pakistan embassy here.

The resolutions were submitted by two Pakistani-American politicians– Representative Suleman Lalani and Representative Salman Bhojani — who won the support of their fellow representatives in the Texas Assembly.

Texas is the second largest state of the U.S., both in area as well as population.

Introduced by Representative Suleman Lalani, Resolution 581 was adopted by the House on 20 March 2023 stated that Pakistan Day “provides the opportunity to recognize the societal, religious, linguistic, and economic contributions of the people and families who have immigrated to Texas from Pakistan.

“The success of Texas has been bolstered by Pakistanis and Pakistani-Texans,” the resolution said.

“Today, the State of Texas joins Pakistanis in celebrating Pakistan Day and in promoting diversity, inclusion, education, and the appreciation of Pakistani culture and the Pakistani community residing in our state.”

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Masood Khan, phoned Representative Lalani to congratulate him, according to the press release. He said the two lawmakers had made Pakistan proud and done a great service to strengthen Pak-US relations. The two resolutions, he said, would provide momentum to the efforts to promote people to people ties between Texas and Pakistan.

“The recognition of national days of Pakistan and the contributions made by Pakistani Diaspora in the United States is a huge stride for the Pakistan-US community,” he said.

Resolution 600, introduced by Representative Salman Bhojani, recognizes Pakistan Day of Action at the State Capitol on 20th March and highlights close cooperative relationship between Pakistan and Texas in a range of mutually beneficial fields including trade, energy, education and cultural exchanges.

“Members of the Pakistani-American community contribute to the vibrancy and prosperity of the Lone Star State in myriad ways, and the participants in this advocacy day are demonstrating their commitment to making an even more positive impact through active civic engagement.”

During the telephonic conversation with the Ambassador, Representative Suleman Lalani briefed him about the resolutions and the efforts being made to project soft power of the country.
“By projecting our true image, norms and values, we are endeavoring to bridge the gap between the communities and countries,” he said.

Ambassador Khan appreciated the efforts being made to strengthen the existing relationship and encouraged Representative Lalani and his peers to visit Pakistan along with entrepreneurs and academics to introduce them to real Pakistan.

The Ambassador also called upon Representative Lalani and other leaders of Pakistani-descent to work on establishing institutional linkages and Sister State-Province Agreement between the two sides to streamline and broaden the scope of bilateral cooperation.

“Building strong networks of law-makers, business community, professionals, academics and others would help us creating better understanding of each other and forging robust partnerships in diverse areas,” he said.

The Ambassador assured Representative Lalani of full support of the Embassy of Pakistan in their endeavors to bring the people of two sides closer .

Representative Suleman Lalani reiterated his commitment to continue serving mutual interests of Pakistan and the United States, the press release said.