West destabilized G20 talks, say Russia

West destabilized G20 talks, say Russia


US, EU, G7 countries disrupted collective decisions by imposing "diktat" through blackmail, ministry

MOSCOW (Web Desk) - Moscow has accused the West of attempting to ram through a joint statement on Ukraine that stalled due to disagreements, destabilizing the G20 finance ministers' conference in Mumbai.

The foreign ministry expressed sorrow that the G20's operations continued to be destabilized by the Western collective and utilized in an anti-Russian fashion. Russia charged that the US, EU and G7 countries disrupted the adoption of collective decisions by attempting to impose their "diktat" through what they referred to as obvious blackmail.

The ministry’s statement said that their goal had been to use lobbying and ultimatums to impose their version of the Ukrainian crisis in the joint statement. "Renounce its damaging approach as quickly as possible to recognise the objective facts of a multipolar world,” the ministry urged.

It stated that instead of intruding on the security realm the G20 must remain an economic platform.

During meetings on the global economy on Saturday in Mumbai, the G20 finance ministers were unable to reach a consensus after China tried to tone down any mentions of the situation in the Ukraine.

However, the chair's report from the two-day conference in Bengaluru presided by India stated, "Most members strongly denounced war and that various evaluations of circumstances and penalties were made.”

Adapted from the G20 Bali Leaders' Statement in November a footnote stated that two phrases summarizing the disagreement were agreed to by all member countries with the exception of Russia and China.