The matter sparked outrage as the mosque was portrayed in noise pollution chapter of science book

(Web Desk) – A picture of a mosque shown as source of noise pollution in an Indian class VI science textbook has sparked outrage. The textbook was published by Selina Publishers who were made to apologise after media and civil rights groups expressed their objection on it.

Here s how people responded:

The publisher assured that such depiction will be removed from all editions of the science textbook. The picture was in the noise pollution chapter of the book in which its sources were discussed. Young boys and girls studying in class VI of ICSE schools were being made to believe that mosques were a source of noise pollution, apart from buses, cars, trains and aircrafts. A man is also portrayed beside who is grimacing and shutting his ears due to the loud noise pollution.

Textbook publisher Hemant Gupta apologised after the outrage and said, “We do apologise if it has hurt the sentiments of anyone. We will change the picture in subsequent editions.”

He also mentioned that the actual concept was to depict a fort, not a mosque. There have been several other incidents reported about the Indian textbooks earlier. A picture environmental science textbook for in class IV suggested students to kill kittens as part of their experiment. Physical Education textbook for class XII had once opined that 36-24-36 was ‘the best body shape for females".

Two months ago, a complaint was filed against Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam in for terming Azaan forced religiousness in his tweets. He then received flak from people who called it disrespectful towards Islam.