Some 80 percent of Yemen's population of 26 million are in desperate need of aid.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US said it is very concerned over recent Saudi-led air strikes on the city of Hodeida in Yemen, noting the port s important role as a "lifeline" for humanitarian relief.

A statement from a White House National Security Council spokesman late Thursday joins a chorus of international voices criticizing the strikes that seemingly were targeting Shiite Huthi rebels controlling the city, but also reportedly killed dock workers and damaged infrastructure.

"We are deeply concerned by the August 18 attack on critical infrastructure at the port of Hodeida in Yemen," spokesman Alistair Baskey said.

"The port is a crucial lifeline used to provide medicine, food and fuel to Yemen s population."

The strikes on Hodeida have drawn criticism from the EU and United Nations, with a UN aid official telling the UN Security Council that the attacks were "in clear contravention of international humanitarian law."

Aid chief Stephen O Brien said he was concerned the raids could have a severe impact on an already dire humanitarian situation in war-wracked Yemen.

Some 80 percent of Yemen s population of 26 million are in desperate need of aid, and over a million have been driven from their homes in the nearly five-month war.