Woman seeks police help to find her lost 'peace'

Woman seeks police help to find her lost 'peace'


Woman seeks police help to find her lost 'sukoon'

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(Web Desk) - In response to a woman's lighthearted complaint that she had misplaced her "sukoon," Mumbai Police’s reply to her query just made her day.

Since December 2015, Mumbai Police has started disseminating humorous and engaging postings on X to the public in an effort to raise awareness of public service announcements (PSAs).

On the platform, they have about 5 million followers.

A resident, Vedhika Arya, tweeted in jest that she had lost her feeling of serenity (sukoon) and was heading to the police station.

''Police station ja rahi hun sukoon kho gaya hai mera @MumbaiPolice,'' she wrote on social media. I can no longer be at ease.

Mumbai Police responded with a brilliant retort that showcased their mastery of wordplay.

They cleverly replied that they understood her trust and that many of them were likewise looking for peace.

They replied, ''Many of us are in ‘talaash' of ‘sukoon' too Ms Arya! We appreciate your ‘aitbaar' in us and are sure that you will find it in your ‘rooh' - for anything else tangible, you may ‘beshaq' come to us.''

The hashtags #EnsuringSukoonForMumbai and #MumbaiFirst were also added.

The Mumbai Police's humorous response went viral on the internet, with many people appreciating its "filmy" tone.

Since then, the October 31 post has received thousands of views, 500 likes, and a flurry of funny user reactions.