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Bag of cocaine washes up near mystery shipwreck

The cocaine, valued at $75,000, was found "washed ashore" at Cove Estate on Tobago

'Cosmic hurricane': Astronomers identify possible brightest object in universe

The record-breaking quasar shines 500 trillion times brighter than the sun

Charlotte, with no male companion, is pregnant in her mountain aquarium

Expert says impossible for her to have mated with one of the five small sharks that share her tank

Dry weather hampers mass Christmas Island crab migration

There are over 100 million red crabs on Christmas Island in Indian Ocean

Cambodia to install hundreds of wildlife cameras in an effort to restore its tiger population

Tigers were declared “functionally extinct” in Cambodia in 2016 by the World Wide Fund for Nature

Before dawn at Vatican Museums, the key keeper unlocks history

There are exactly 2,797 keys... Each one has between one and five copies

Assam declares citrus lemon as state fruit

It is well known for its distinct scent and medicinal properties

The lovers who left their heart in Havana cemetery

Baro's adulterous romance scandalized high society, but lives on in luxurious touches of her tomb

Be gone, winter! Young Slovenians reclaim sheepskin monster parade

Dating back to 18th century, the tradition believed to be of pagan origin and practised over 10 days

Polar bears struggling to adapt to longer ice-free Arctic periods

Study finds the longer polar bears spend on land, the higher the risk of starvation

Second critically endangered gorilla born at London Zoo in a month

Western lowland gorillas, which inhabit west and central Africa, are classified as high risk species

Istanbul mosques convert working class faithful to sport

Women's employment rate is less than half that officially recorded for men in Turkey

Migrant boats make music at Milan's La Scala

The multicoloured "violins of the sea" were made by prisoners out of rickety boats

Dating app helps Swedes with disabilities find love

Launched in Sweden last November, the DigiVi app is reserved for those with autism

World first intact chicken egg laid 1,700 years ago discovered

A scan found that the egg discovered in a Roman wishing well still had its inner contents

Mountain stinking: Everest climbers ordered to use waste bags

Climbers will present their full poo bags for checking upon return to the base camp

Andean farmers use age-old technique amid climate change

On the border of Peru and Bolivia, the Waru Waru - meaning ridge - are once again protecting crops

Meet Bigfoot chicken that roam Vietnam dining tables

Dong Tao chicken are believed to bring good fortune and wealth to their owners

Environmentalist surveying Mexico's Maya Train warns of damage to ancient caves

"We are putting at risk bio-cultural heritage for Mexico, and for humanity," said environmentalist

Shark bites and deaths up even as species faces crisis: study

There were 69 unprovoked attacks in 2023, up slightly from 63 in 2022

Waiters to race through Paris streets as historic contest returns

First born in 1914, the cafe waiters' race is being held on March 24 for the first time since 2011

UK museum gets 200k pounds grant to tell stories of last Sikh Maharaja

Fascinating and important stories of the wider Duleep Singh family

Mass wedding event: 200 fake marriages unearthed in Indian state

200 couples were paid to act as brides and grooms to receive benefits from the scheme

Mexican community revives customs with ancient fire ritual

The tradition was revived by Purepecha people in 1980s with the help of historians

On Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring

The first official celebration of Groundhog Day was in 1886

Schoolboy dies after swallowing ten magnets in TikTok stunt

He didn't tell anyone he had swallowed small balls

Furry surprise in theft suspect's pocket: A tiny blue-eyed puppy

Police discovered a blue pit bull on Jan 16

Woman tossing trash falls into dumpster

She survives getting compacted in the garbage truck

Man finds diamond at Arkansas state park

He names gem after his fiancée

Saudi Arabia to launch 'Dream of the Desert' train

The first trips will begin from North Train Station in Riyadh and end at Al Qurayyat station

Dying thief who stole 'Wizard of Oz' ruby slippers from Minnesota museum will likely avoid prison

The FBI recovered the shoes in 2018 when someone else tried to claim a reward

New Orleans cake thief hits bakery in a very Mardi Gras way

King cakes are among the foods most associated with Carnival in New Orleans

World's smallest escape room is a coffin

Participants have 30 minutes to free themselves from a coffin by solving puzzles

World's first nitrogen execution: Man put to death by inhaling gas

The Supreme Court voted 6-3 to allow the execution to proceed

Rare all-white penguin spotted in Antarctica

Papua penguins are characterised by black and white plumage

Scientists achieve world's first IVF pregnancy in rhinos

It could save species from extinction - with just two left in the world

Child dies as parents dip him in Ganges for cancer treatment

The family of the five-year-old had taken the terminally ill child for a dip in Ganges

Scientists spot previously unknown colonies of emperor penguins in Antarctica

Some penguins are moving their colonies as melting ice from climate change threatens breeding ground

Mexico's Benito the giraffe begins 50-hour journey to new safari home

A crane lifted a large box containing the towering Benito onto a truck

Why Wimbledon uses bright yellow tennis balls?

Because black or white tennis balls are not visible on screen

Devotees flock to see 'auspicious' Neelkanth birds ahead of Ram Mandir opening

It is believed Lord Ram conquered Ravana’s Lanka after seeing the bird

Newborn found alive inside shopping bag on freezing night

Authorities said they are extremely concerned about baby's mother

Six-legged spaniel undergoes surgery and adjusts to life on four paws

The extra legs extended from the right hindquarter and appeared to be of no use

Electric nasal massager relives congestion, helps users breathe easier

This strap-on nose massager tweaks beak with electric shocks

Forgotten flashlight sucked into fighter jet engine caused millions in damage

The blunder left jet “beyond local repair” with an estimated $3,933,106 in damage

Israeli company gets green light to make world's first cultivated beef steaks

The move follows approval of lab-grown chicken in the US last year

In frigid Toronto, women dive into an ice-cold lake for energy boost

Cold plunges have become increasingly popular in Canada

Severed hand found in pocket of man held on suspicion of woman's murder

The man suspected of killing a woman and leaving her body in a creek

Guinness World Records reviews evidence related to 'world's oldest dog' title

Bobi, who died in October last year, was declared the world's oldest dog

Woman gives birth to quadruplets in Lahore

The quadruplets are born at Lahore General Hospital

Spectacular arches, caves as monster iceberg decays

The berg is being ground down by the warmer air

Australian woman wins 'World's Ugliest Lawn' competition

Kathleen Murray of Sandford, Tasmania, was named the winner of the contest

Five-foot long, highly venomous snake discovered in child's cloth drawer

The woman was quick to call a snake catcher to her home

Man declared dead comes alive after ambulance hits pothole

The family has hailed the incident as nothing short of miracle

After a wait of 9 years, Texas zoo welcomes first lion birth

The lion cub named Moja is currently under the care of the zoo

Bindi, lipstick and handcuffs: Man arrested for posing as girl at exam

The youth was caught after the invigilators at a school verified his details using biometrics

Scientists assert 'alien mummies' in Peru are really dolls made from Earthly bones

The two small specimens were described as humanoid dolls by experts at a press conference in Lima

Archeologists uncover 'lost valley of cities' built 2,500 years ago in Ecuador

Lost cities in Amazon rainforest was home to 10,000 farmers around 2,000 years ago

Monumental ancient map re-emerges in new Rome museum

The 5-million-euro ($5.5 million) project is part of broader refurbishment of Rome

Blockbuster discovery in Amazon reveals ancient civilisation under forest

Urban society existed in Ecuador long before European colonists came to South America

Over 40pc of tree species are heading for extinction

Study suggests the risk to trees worldwide is underestimated

Dead inmate returned to family with no brain or other organs

Deceased inmate's relatives say that when his body was returned to them, it was a hallow shell

Homeowners shocked to uncover rattlesnake den behind shower

The dream home quickly became a nightmare

A man who claimed to be selling Queen Elizabeth II's walking stick is sentenced for fraud

Dru Marshall claimed he was a senior footman at Windsor Castle

South Korea bans consumption of dog meat in win for animal activism

Eating dog meat was once seen as a way to improve stamina in the humid Korean summer

'Cold-blooded': 4 charged over alleged plot to smuggle AU$1.2 million in Australian reptiles

Police released 257 reptiles, mostly lizards, New South Wales state Police Force said in a statement

French solo sailors begin quest to circle the world in just 50 days

The first race on super-powerful but relatively fragile trimarans has got underway

Lost 80-year-old letter finally delivered after being found at post office

The letter, from 1943, was addressed to a couple after they lost their daughter to cystic fibrosis

Coal miners in North Dakota unearth a mammoth tusk buried for thousands of years

Coal miners in North Dakota unearth a mammoth tusk buried for thousands of years

US politician goes viral for celebrating Mexican heritage with stolen photos

Flores is accused of stealing photos and posting them on social media

World's largest, deadliest male spider captured in Australia

The deadly Sydney spider, dubbed 'Hercules,' was found on Australia's Central Coast

Meet Wang's garden lizard, a tiny new addition to reptile family

Scientists are still discovering new species including the spiky creature

Very rare half-female, half-male bird caught on camera in Columbia

The bird sighted was a Green Honeycreeper with distinct half-green, or female, and male

'Negative people only' - welcome to Tokyo cafe

The only thing that hints at negativity is the menu

Meet the artist who paints with 10 brushes at a time

Serge has been perfecting this unique technique for over a decade

Increasingly precarious future of polar bears

Without sea ice, polar bears can’t reach the seals they depend on

Russian plane lands on frozen river by mistake

The Polar Airlines An-24 landed safely on Kolyma River in Yakutia region

'Rarest insect on the planet' the 'Tree Lobster' arrives at California Zoo

Two pairs of the bug were brought to Australian mainland for breeding

Taxi driver returns AUD 8,000 left by passenger

The incident sparked widespread attention and praise

Why Colorado beauty queen's unsolved murder 'is not a lost cause'

Jon Benét Ramsey’s body was found 27 years ago

Man who lived for decades in log cabin gets free modern home

I’m wordless, I am wordless and I can’t help it

Alabama woman with rare double uterus gives birth to two children

Kelsey Hatcher of Dora gave birth to two girls on Wednesday and Thursday

Woman trashes dead mom in angry obituary: 'The world is a much better place without her'

Daughter claims she was 'physically, mentally, emotionally, financially abused' by her late mother

Parisians combine yoga with puppy cuddles for ultimate relaxation

Puppy Yoga founder says the concept strikes a chord in Paris

Vase woman buys for $3.99 at Virginia thrift shop sells for more than $100,000

The piece looked old amongst the clutter of measuring cups, candles and other tchotchkes

Antarctic octopus DNA reveals ice sheet collapse closer than thought

Populations of the eight-limbed sea creatures mated freely around 125,000 years ago

A whiff of tears reduces male aggression, says study

The research was carried out by the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Peru seizes 4,000 live Amazon turtles at airport

Among the reptiles are baby Arrau turtles - the largest river turtle in South America

Winter solstice 2023 is here. Here's why shortest day — and longest night — of year matters

Northern hemisphere will experience just 7 hours and 14 minutes of daylight during winter solstice

DNA sleuths solve mystery of 2,000-year old corpse

Research shows skeleton found in Cambridgeshire is of a man from a nomadic group known as Sarmatians

Rare phenomena make sky glow in Arctic. It's not aurora

These are among the rarest and most stunning atmospheric phenomena

Man declared innocent after almost 50 years in prison for murder

Judge found Simmons was wrongfully convicted of killing in 1974

California neighbourhood wakes up to 100 dead geese in street

Some of the birds landed on the roofs of homes

Radio sets make a comeback in war-torn Gaza

Power cuts have long been a part of everyday life in Gaza

Iceland volcano eruption: Hundreds of thrill-seekers venture to site of bubbling lava

Iceland's black night sky lit up a deep orange colour as molten rock flew into air

Drones help solve forest carbon capture riddle

Drones are part of arsenal used by scientists to understand forests' role in climate change

Thai rice farmer makes art with plantings that depict cats

The work will lure tourists and cat lovers

Biggest solar flare in years temporarily disrupts radio signals on Earth

The sun spit out the huge flare along with a massive radio burst

South Korean robot dog breaks speed record

HOUND averaged a speed of 11.26 mph during the attempt

Firefighters hoist cow out of waste-filled cesspit in England

Firefighters drained the pit and the cow was sedated before being fitted with straps

'Hunks and Hounds' calendar pairs bodybuilders with rescue pups

Photos feature muscled men posing with delightful rescue dogs

Renaissance nudes spark crisis at French school

Education minister said the pupils concerned would be disciplined

Paris's Ritz hotel finds €750,000 ring in vacuum cleaner bag

The ring went missing and its owner suspected hotel staff of theft

Swiss village set to vote to keep cowbells ringing

Complaint was filed over the noise levels from a herd of around 15 cows grazing

Russian manages to fly to US with no passport, no ticket

He ordered multiple meals on flight from Denmark to Los Angeles

Dogs go for the traditional look at Lagos canine festival

Apso took the prize for the best dressed dog for its traditional Igbo attire

China builds world's deepest underground laboratory to study dark matter

Located 2,400 meters under Earth’s surface DURF is world’s deepest underground laboratory

Prison unearthed in ancient Pompeii shows shocking side of slavery

A 'bakery prison' where humans and animals were forced to grind grain for bread

Giant sea monster discovered at Britain's seaside

Terrifying 6ft-long skull of predator discovered after 150million years

Over 75 dogs, cats rescued from Caribbean Island

The animals had been tortured, beaten, poisoned and left for dead

Giant chair from 150-year-old tree is result of 15,000 hours of recycling

It embodies nature's beauty, resilience, strength, and constancy

Clam makes comeback from extinction off shores of Croatia

The clam started dying out as a deadly pathogen spread in 2016

Bakery 'prison' uncovered in Ancient Rome's Pompeii

Discovered area shows the most shocking side of ancient slavery

Overdue book returned to Pennsylvania library after nearly 120 years

The Cruise of the Esmeralda by Harry Collingwood, was returned by personnel from the Hawley Library

Canadian cyclist rides 130 kilometres hands-free

Murray says he now has his sights set on a new world record

Fixing Bologna's leaning tower to take at least 10 years

It will cost 20 million euros and take 10 years at least, mayor says

Nasa found space-grown tomato that went missing for 8 months

The tomato was grown as part of Nasa's project to study how plants grow in microgravity

How wild birds, human hunters form partnership to find honey

Honeyguide birds respond to calls of people in their local community

Owner finds lost dog stuck in 25-foot high tree

The dog's owner had recruited friends to help find the dog

Deer breaks into elementary school, leads police on chase

Officers conducted a foot chase with four-legged trespasser

Giant seamount discovered is twice the height of world's tallest building

The underwater mountain has been discovered in Guatemala

Wellington welcomes first wild-born kiwi chicks in more than a century

The Department of Conservation estimates there are about 26,000 brown kiwis left

In Argentina, land of the gaucho, a home for unloved old horses

South American nation is known for its polo and stallion-riding gauchos

Dog, owner rescued after falling over 175-foot down ravine

The pet had slipped while on a walk with his owner

Penguin parents sleep for a few seconds at a time to guard newborns

These short ‘microsleeps’, totalling around 11 hours a day, enough to keep them going for weeks

Bologna's leaning tower sealed off over fears it could collapse

The city council said the situation was ‘highly critical’

Skies in Mongolia mysteriously turn blood-red

This particular shade of red is considered the most uncommon colour of Northern Lights

World's oldest living land animal celebrates 191st birthday

Jonathan is the world's oldest living land animal, as well as the oldest turtle/chelonian in history

'Real estate' for corals: Swiss organisation builds artificial reefs with art, tech

In depths of Lake Geneva, a team of divers began work on underwater castle fit for corals

Woman's decades-old mosaic of yard rocks and decorative art work may have to go

A community organiser is hopeful the council will clarify rules about portable planters

Man finds snake in his helmet

It was a terrifying moment for the helmet owner

Crimean treasures return to Kyiv after years of legal battles

Ukraine hailed the arrival of the jewels in the midst of the Russian full-scale 2022 invasion

Maldives island eliminated mosquitoes — a feat that's hard to repeat

Mosquito traps lure pests with environmentally friendly bait

Authentic: Merriam-Webster's word of the year

Merriam-Webster said it saw a "substantial increase" in online searches for the word

World's biggest iceberg on the move after 30 years

The iceberg, called A23a, split from the Antarctic coastline in 1986

A lion and several bears go wild in Kosovo snow

Visitors enjoyed a lion playing before quickly taking shelter indoors where a heater was installed

Clerk's mistake leads to big Michigan Lottery jackpot

The winner said he plans to use his prize money to travel and boost his savings

Human calculator breaks world record for counting letters in sentences

Mohammad Sayaheen, 51, of Irbid, discovered his talent when he was in school

South Korea's canine farmers protest proposed ban on dog meat

They say banning dog meat will decimate their livelihoods

Britain wins World Cup... which one?

Litter-picking World Cup event aims at raising awareness about environmental issues

Comedy Wildlife Photo Award 2023 winners revealed

And the winner for 2023 is kangaroo striking an air guitar pose

'Lost diamonds': Rare Russian books stolen from European libraries

According to investigators, the stolen books were worth around 440,000 euros

'Extremely venomous' green mamba loose in the Netherlands

Police in the southern Dutch city of Tilburg said they were alerted by the mamba's owner

Ancient Iraqis may have worshipped Alexander the Great

Archaeologists discover a temple where Greek king was proclaimed 'divine' 2,300 years ago

'Stressed jellyfish' reveal dangers of seabed mining

An experiment to test how seabed mining could affect deep sea life has revealed unexpected impacts

A bird in Al Qudra winning world fame

The photograph came out on top of nearly 80,000 entries from 96 countries

Scientists warn as world smashes through 2-degree warming limit for first time

The Earth’s temperature briefly rose above a crucial threshold

'City of jinn': magical myths haunt ancient Omani oasis

Some superstitious Omanis shun the isolated desert settlement because of stories of "jinn"

Newquay Zoo welcomes pair of rare tamarin monkeys

A pair of rare monkeys has now moved to their new home

Swans changing their behaviour in a warming world: Scientists

Climate change: Fewer wild swans return to UK in winter

Stobnica Castle -- Poland's controversial modern-day medieval castle

The construction of Stobnica Castle began in 2015

Weird weather phenomenon might have helped Ukraine sink Russian warship 55 miles away, scientists reveal

Two Neptune anti-ship missiles hit the ship from a shockingly long distance

Japanese man may face jail for growing bananas

The man has been asked by authorities to remove trees

A horse loose on a flight to Belgium forces a cargo jet back to New York

The Boeing 747 is operated by the Air Atlanta Icelandic

Guinness World Records Day celebrates the super skilled and superlative

Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday says the theme for this year is super skills

Do you recognise them? If not, consult AI

AI-generated faces now look more real than even the actual human faces

Puking bird wins New Zealand bird competition after John Oliver campaign

The competition received record more than 350,000 verified votes from 195 countries

'Flower tattoo' British woman identified 31 years after murder: Interpol

A woman found dead 31 years ago in Belgium river has been identified three decades later

Dogs don kimonos, receive blessings in place of children in aging Japan

The Zama Shrine, which dates back to the 6th century, set up a specific prayer site for pets in 2012

Dominica to create world's first sperm whale reserve

The Caribbean nation said it hoped the new protected zone of 300 square miles off its western coast

Big bang: Dutch firm eyes space baby

The firm has created a disc that mixes the cells together, with the aim of producing a viable embryo

Circus lion wandered streets of Italy's town before being captured

Residents of Ladispoli, near Rome, told to stay at home before animal was sedated and captured

Long-lost mammal rediscovered in remote Indonesia mountains

Attenborough's long-beaked echidna has only been recorded once before by a Dutch botanist in 1961

Saving Brazil's golden monkey, one green corridor at a time

With fewer than 5,000 individuals, golden monkey is considered an endangered species

Egypt's ancient city of Madi gives visitors glimpse into past

Items and buildings on display narrate the history and civilization of past eras

'Like Waze, but for toilets': A start-up hoping to solve Paris' public urination problem

Public urination is high on the list of critiques of the French capital, along with rats and noise

China's animal lovers fight illegal cat meat trade

An estimated four million furry friends are slaughtered for food each year in an illegal market

World's newest island forms in Japanese sea side

The island sits about 1,200 kilometres south of mainland Japan

Lightning fires threaten planet-cooling forests

Climate change may bring more lightning to forests

Japan's ever-faithful dog turns 100

The faithful hound would wait at Shibuya station for his master to come home every day

Monster python captured in Florida

The reptile was discovered by conservationist

Man crushed to death by robot in South Korea

It failed to differentiate the man from the boxes of food it was handling

Mexican Congress holds second UFO session featuring Peruvian mummies

Bodies, believed to have been found near Peru, were not related to any life on Earth

First-ever full-colour images of cosmos released

First five images from Euclid probe include spiral galaxy and 'horsehead' nebula

Explorer starts drowning after missing air pocket in narrow cave

But the team's quick thinking and composure saved the day

Confiscated French love letters finally opened after 265 years

The Royal Navy seized the messages during the Seven Years' War, a global conflict that ended in 1763

Four charged with theft of gold toilet from English stately home

The fully functioning convenience, dubbed "America" is valued at £4.8 million ($5.9 million)

Skull found in Halloween section of Florida store may belong to a human, police say

An anthropologist came across the remains while shopping at a store

Jupiter looks ethereal in new Hubble Telescope images

The Sun and Earth align perfectly with Jupiter

Powerful solar storms are rocking Earth, sparking auroras

The storm was caused by a coronal mass ejection

The Nature Conservancy announces stunning photo contest winners

This year’s grand prize was awarded to Hungarian photographer

Rare African mask at centre of fierce multimillion-dollar legal battle

A couple was unaware of the mask’s market value

Tens of thousands of ancient coins have been found off Sardinia

Around 30,000 coins dating from first half of the fourth century were found

Deer charges through crowded Wisconsin restaurant

No one was harmed in the incident, and the location has since reopened after a deep clean

Skeleton marching bands and dancers in butterfly skirts join in Mexico City's Day of the Dead parade

The holiday begins Oct. 31, remembering those who died in accidents

Morocco unearths Roman-era second century site in Rabat

It will offer insight into the lives of Roman settlers and Romanised Moroccans or Mauro-Romans

Woman seeks police help to find her lost 'peace'

Woman seeks police help to find her lost 'sukoon'

Colombia to cull some of Pablo Escobar's hippos

Authorities have tried various approaches to curb the population explosion along the Magdalena River

Do chimpanzees use human-like warfare tactic?

Researchers said they have documented the tactical use of terrain in warfare situations