Endangered Komodo dragons hatch at Spanish zoo

Their birth mother, a 13-year-old female named Ora, laid a clutch of 12 eggs in August.

The pianist who's been playing for more than 100 years

The French pianist practices four hours a day and is about to release her seventh album.

Officers 'arrest' alligator walking near Tampa Bay stadium

The officer fashioned a noose from a yellow rope and lassoed it around the top of the gator’s mouth.

NY patient's ambulance joyride ends when police spike tires

NY patient’s ambulance joyride ends when police spike tires

Florida aquarium to release orca after more than 50 years in captivity

Killer whales are highly social mammals that have no natural predators and can up to 80 years.

Maryland man wins two big lottery prizes one week apart

The player purchased both tickets from the Shell Food Mart on Riggs Road in Adelphi.

Escaped cow spends hours wandering tennis court

Gillespie said the cow was safely returned to its herd.

Texas woman hula hoops while skating backwards for Guinness World Records

Harris also holds the record for longest duration roller skating backwards.

Wandering seal rescued from next to British Columbia highway

The seal estimated to weigh between 250 and 285 pounds.

MTV gong from the 1980s up for auction

The Paiste steel-hammered gong, which bears the MTV logo, does not include a stand.

67-pound invasive carp caught by Oklahoma anglers

The fish was caught after the department asked for local fishing guides to help capture it.

Nebraska zoo using stuffed frog toy to bottle-feed giraffe calf

The zoo said a name for the calf will be announced soon.

Japanese surfer nears 90 and talks of catching waves at 100

Sano lives about 20 minutes from Yokohama.

Arizona Dairy Queen on the hunt for missing red spoon statue

With the spoon big enough to hold a small child, it was a popular photo spot.

Has T. rex lost its bite? Menacing snarl may be wrong

The research is the latest in a long back-and-forth over how dinosaur mouths really looked.

Multiple entangled alpacas rescued from barbed wire in Tennessee

A couple other alpacas needed to be freed from smaller amounts of barbed wire.

Message in a bottle floats from Canary Islands to Bermuda

The tribute to Rothwell will now be given to his late friend's sister.

Netherlands zoo's escaped eagle recaptured after more than a week

Loomans said the hole in the eagle's enclosure has been repaired.

Two Harlem Globetrotters break Ping-Pong ball bouncing record

The duo managed to bounce Ping-Pong balls into the five cups in only 2.18 seconds.

'Stunt Devil' cat reunited with family after highway overpass rescue

The cat was nicknamed Stunt Devil Bridges by San Antonio Animal Care Services.

Escaped horses lead police on 30-minute chase through Pennsylvania town

Gaffney contacted the suspected owner of the hoses.

Boy sleeps in tent for 3 years, raises $860,000 for hospice

Before my neighbor died of cancer, he gave me a tent and told me to 'have an adventure.

Cat entangled in feather boa rescued from subway tunnel

Police discovered the feline was entangled in a feather boa.

San Diego Zoo announces birth of endangered Amur leopard twins

Amur leopards are considered the world's most endangered species of big cat.

Manatee rescued from crab trap in Florida

The marine mammal was taken to the Jacksonville Zoo for observation and rehabilitation.

California high school students craft world's largest charcuterie board

The board was then cut into about 65 smaller sections to be distributed to project donors.

NC shelter seeking new home for dog and goat 'best friends'

Cinnamon is so attached to Felix that she will cry when the two animals are separated.

Elephant in the dining room: Startup makes mammoth meatball

The launch in an Amsterdam science museum came just days before April 1.

World's most premature triplets celebrate second birthday

The Hopkins sisters celebrated their second birthday on Feb. 14.

Relocated elk return to Utah golf course one week later

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources confirmed about 20 of the elk.

Bear plays with soccer ball, climbs on trampoline in New York yard

Cory-Watson said she knew she had to document the visit.

Queen Elizabeth II asked Germany for pricey horses

Elizabeth made five state visits to Germany.

Greenland to stay in daylight saving time forever

Sparsely populated Greenland belongs to the North American continent.

Ohio truck driver wins $50,000 lottery prize in Kentucky

The prizes from the ticket totaled $50,000.

Colorado man becomes oldest to cross the Grand Canyon at 91

He prepared for his attempt by walking 5-8 miles a day for four months.

Distillery boasts world's longest bar in New Tennessee

The bar encircles the venue's indoor stage.

Alberta woman earns world record for donating blood

Michaluk said her sister talked her into her first donation.

Police divers discover 'body' reported in a canal was a mannequin

The York Regional Police Dive Unit was summoned to the scene.

Ancient Egypt excavation uncovers 2,000 mummified ram heads at Abydos

Abydos is one of Egypt's major though lesser visited archaeological sites.

New deep-sea worm named after Trinidad & Tobago scientist

The name is meant to honor Gobin for her discoveries and efforts to protect marine life.

Book thief in plot that duped famous authors avoids prison

But the manuscripts obtained from high-profile authors were never resold or leaked.

'Scream as loud as you can': five boys rescued from NYC tunnel

The five boys, aged 11 and 12, crawled into a storm drain on Staten Island.

Ring lost on Virginia Tech's campus unearthed more than 25 years later

Leschinskey said he and his friends scoured the area but were unable to locate the lost item.

Nebraska coffee chain bakes world's largest cake ball

Scooter's Coffee, based in Omaha, assembled the cake ball.

Storm frees six African birds from Oakland Zoo aviary

The tree tore open the mesh, allowing six birds to fly out of the enclosure.

Zebra wanders Seoul streets for three hours after escaping zoo

No injuries or property damage were reported from the zebra's time on the loose.

Nine-year-old boy breaks Rubik's cube speed record

The WCA said Yiheng's 3.9-second solve was the fourth fastest on record.

Carbon monoxide alert caused by owl trapped in chimney

The owl was not injured and was released at the scene.

'Not the most attractive': Underdog snail wins Mollusc of the Year

'Not the most attractive': Underdog snail wins Mollusc of the Year

Bone fragments held by Nazis get funeral in Berlin

Bone fragments held by Nazis get funeral in Berlin

New 'glass-like' orchid species discovered in Japan

It took researchers at Kobe varsity a decade to confirm that plant was a previously unknown species

Soccer player scores from 110 yards, possibly breaking world record

The current Guinness World Record for longest goal in a competitive soccer match is 105 yards.

Miniature horse leads police on 2-hour chase in Alabama

Police said they are now trying to find the animal's owner.

Man visits all 12 Disney parks around the world in 12 days

Firesheets did not disclose how much money he spent on his project.

Get sett for delays: Badgers burrow under Dutch train tracks

All trains were halted Tuesday afternoon on a busy line between the southern cities.

Snap! Venus fly trap fans ask South Carolina to honor plant

There are already five different plants including yellow jasmine, which is the official flower.

Missing porcupine Brain returns to zoo, Pinky still missing

State police in Saxony-Anhalt had called for the public to keep an eye out for the two porcupines.

Firefighters rescue dog from engine compartment of vehicle

The dog was not injured and was turned over to Cobb County Animal Services.

Virginia man wins $150,000 twice in the same Powerball drawing

Baker his winnings will go toward home improvement projects and boosting his savings.

Small dog on the tracks disrupts train service in London

Southeastern said the dog was "safe and well" and would be reunited with its owner.

Camera found after 13 years in Colorado river, photos recovered

Greiner said he opened the camera's memory card compartment and water rushed out.

Man catches popping popcorn for Guinness World Record

Rush credited his son for managing to hold the pan still.

Hippo sneaks up on lions at South Africa dam

A group of hippos is called a bloat.

Neighborhood flooded with mystery Uber Eats deliveries

The residents said the deliveries show up at all hours of the day and night.

Crocodile joins picnic, steals cooler box

Crocodiles, in particular, have a unique way of eating their food.

Snow piles up to top of chairlift at California ski resort

"We're going to be skiing late into the summer."

90-year-old world's oldest male bodybuilder

Arrington dreamed of becoming Mr. America one day.

Cause of mass fish deaths in major Australian river

It follows previous large-scale fish deaths in the same area in 2018 and 2019.

Louisiana works out deal for family to keep pet nutria

Louisiana works out deal for family to keep pet nutria

Ren Xiaorong, China's newest AI-Powered news anchor

While certainly impressive at first sight, Ren Xiaorong is currently nowhere near as advanced.

Connecticut man has been walking barefoot for over 20 years

But simply shunning footwear for good isn’t as simple as it sounds.

This beast of a car is powered by a World War 2 plane engine

The story of The Beast goes back to 1966.

Wild Crane refuses to leave the side of man who saved its life

The majestic bird stuck by its benefactor, accompanying him everywhere.

82-year-old Virginia woman is the world's oldest female hockey player

Sinrod played for 10 years and then left the team for over a decade.

Family on vacation reels in great white shark in Florida

"What do you think?" one of the fishing enthusiasts said on the video taken of the catch.

New Mexico Game and Fish seeks 'professional bear huggers'

The department is taking applications for conservation officer trainees online through March 30.

Germany detains 42 in effort to prevent attacks on ATMs

Incidents in which thieves blow up ATMs and then make off with the cash.

African land snails found in luggage at Michigan airport

The man transporting the snails is a resident of Ghana and said they were to be eaten.

State says Louisiana family must give up beloved pet nutria

Move by state Wildlife and Fisheries officials, who say it's illegal to keep wild animal as a pet.

Dolphins pay surprise visit to paddle boaters off California coast

A dolphin emerges from the water right next to the boat.

Alligator forces its way through metal fence at Florida club

Dagg's video shows the alligator bending the bars as it pushes its body through the narrow opening.

Michigan zoo welcomes birth of critically endangered bongo calf

Eastern bongos can grow up to 4 feet tall at the shoulders.

Arkansas man finds 3.29-carat gem at Crater of Diamonds

Anderson dubbed his latest discovery "B.U.D."

Florida professor aims to spend 100 days in undersea habitat

Dituri said he is aiming to remain for 100 days and break the Guinness World Record.

Future NASA moonwalkers to sport sleeker spacesuits

The moonsuits will be white like they were during NASA’s Apollo program.

Man suing Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain after claiming 'boneless wings' are actually just chicken nuggets

Products are more akin, in composition, to a chicken nugget rather than a chicken wing.

Runner to complete London Marathon backwards in support of Ukrainians affected by war

This was five years after he crawled the marathon dressed.

Dinosaur had longest neck ever seen in an animal, scientists say

All sauropods were big but jaw-droppingly long necks didn't evolve just once.

Beloved and debated, French bulldog becomes top US dog breed

Beloved and debated, French bulldog becomes top US dog breed

South African township boys spin bikes to stay out of trouble

Wearing denim shorts and a floppy purple hat, he pedalled fast towards a large metal can.

Free-diver plunges to record depth beneath frozen Swiss lake

40-year-old Czech diver's record vertical plunge to 52.1 meters in a single breath.

Part of mall roof in Duluth collapses under weight of snow

The building was evacuated and is closed.

Wearable waste: Sweaters made from oyster shells, plastic bottles

"They're shocked every single time," Lamagna told.

This little see-through fish gets its rainbow shimmer

The glass catfish is a small species native to rivers in Thailand.

Man has allegedly been eating only coconuts for the last 28 years

Coconut has minerals, like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

Monte Kali – The world's largest artificial salt mountain

The origin of Monte Kali can be traced back to the year 1976.

Man uses table tennis balls, shaving cream for unusual world record

"Yes, this is a real record you can try at home," GWR tweeted.

Bear goes salmon fishing in Alaska

Salmon are fish that are known to have a very high fat content.

At least five mystery goats seen wandering loose in San Francisco

Church suggested the goats may have escaped on their way to slaughter.

Pro skaters earn five titles at Guinness World Records event in London

The record-keeping organization invited five pro skaters to visit Hop Kingdom

Missing ball python rides across Virginia in U-Haul truck

Wildlife rescuer Richard Perry said the 3-foot snake was lethargic from the cold.

Vutomi the 3-legged elephant adapts, survives amid caring herd

Vutomi is a survivor and a truly remarkable display of the resilience.

Code compliance official finds alligator in North Carolina attic

The alligator was relocated by animal control officers.

Hand found in NYC woods belonged to woman buried in nearby cemetery

The hand was identified as belonging to a woman who died in 2011 at the age of 63.

Treasure hunters' gems go on display in Denmark

Treasure hunters' gems go on display in Denmark

T-Rex skeleton to go under hammer in Switzerland

T-Rex skeleton to go under hammer in Switzerland

Dwarf elephants? Giant rats? Strange island creatures at high risk

A rule in evolutionary biology describing how large-bodied species tend to downsize on islands.

'Cocaine cat' escaped owner, will now live at Cincinnati Zoo

The team ran a drug test in which they determined that Amiry had cocaine in his system.

Museum displaying letters sent to Spider-Man's Queens address

Many of the letters featured children asking Spider-Man for help.

Indian artist tattoos customers for 91 consecutive hours, breaks record

Rana's inking marathon was aimed at breaking the Guinness World Record.

Deer falls into geothermal pool at Utah resort

The sheriff's office said deputies arrived about 9am.

Lions climb trees, escape wet ground after floods

Seeking refuge in a tree away from the wet ground caused by the recent floods.

Tiger cub gets rescue dog playmate at Colorado sanctuary

Craig said Duke gets three play sessions a day with Valley and the other dogs.

Coming soon: Reese's Cups, chocolate bars made from plants

The chocolates are made with oats instead of milk, Hershey said.

Video captures dramatic moment SUV slams into Houston café

No one was injured in the Saturday crash, Houston police said.

'Superintendent's Revenge' turns golf course into obstacle course

Event at Mount Pleasant Golf Course saw golfers dealing with unusual fairway.

Woman declared dead turns up alive in Puerto Rico after 30 years

Mrs Kopta 'feared she was going to be institutionalised'

4,500-year-old chamber discovered inside Great Pyramid in Egypt

Egyptian antiquities officials said the discovery could lead to further findings.

Flamingos form friendship groups based on their personalities

Outgoing and aggressive tendencies make birds more likely to engage in a wider range of activities.

Message in a bottle floats from Nova Scotia to Bahamas beach

Gutterson said the bottle had traveled a distance of more than 185 miles.

Loose python found behind refrigerator in 29th floor New Jersey apartment

Rescuers said Banana will be put up for adoption if no owner is identified within 7 days.

$1 million winning lottery ticket spent the night in a bag of trash

The winner said her prize money will go toward buying a house and making investments.

9-year-old's hula hoop skills break three world records

Vinoth successfully set the records for most hops.

Florida man, 60, does 3,264 pushups in 1 hour to break world record

Stirling said he is now eyeing a second GWR title.

Loose caiman found wandering Philadelphia park

The group captured the reptile, which was later determined to be a caiman.

Two Britons dressed as ice cream break world record at Jersey Marathon

Falle, 32, secretly applied for the record as a surprise for Welsh, 30.

Swamp monkeys briefly escape enclosure at St. Louis Zoo

The Primate House was temporarily closed to the public during the escape.

Lioness tries hiding from elephant, gets sprayed

Eventually, the lioness decided it was best to retreat.

Bodi, the African tribe where men compete in a fattening contest

The men of the Bodi tribe are usually lean and muscular.

Suction cup Tug of War – A bald man's sport

The Covid-19 pandemic threw a wrench in all aspects of Japanese society.

North Carolina's bees produce purple honey

It actually tastes purple, with a subtle taste of grapes or berries.

World's deadliest mushroom used a clone army to conquer California

The death cap holds the Guinness Record for “world’s most toxic mushroom.”

The species of fish has neon blue flesh

The researchers were able to show that the probability of blue flesh was highest in females.

Kentucky man stops for breakfast, wins $50,000 lottery prize

Hill said the prize will allow him to improve his financial situation.

Overdue book returned to Massachusetts library after 56 years

A library representative told UPI the book was not in a condition to be circulated.

Seven-year-old baseball umpire seeks Guinness World Record

Lathan is scheduled to umpire for a double-header.

Firefighters hoist horse stranded in backyard swimming pool

The horse was found standing uninjured in the shallow end of the pool.

British bus driver stops to give loose sheep a lift

Patey pulled over and joined with other drivers attempting to capture the loose animal.

Suspected burglar inside New Brunswick home was a panicked deer

Colin O'Donnell posted a video to Facebook documenting the attempts to eject the trespasser.

Pet cat rescued after staying up tall tree overnight

The feline named Chujai had climbed up the tree at the resort in Trat province.

Colombia proposes shipping invasive hippos to India, Mexico

The plan is to focus on the hippos living in the rivers surrounding the Hacienda Napoles ranch.

Michigan chicken dubbed world's oldest by Guinness World Records

Darwin said Peanut almost didn't survive past her own hatching.

Alligator interrupts lacrosse practice at Florida high school

A track-and-field practice at the same school was interrupted by a visiting alligator in April 2021.

Thailand's Chalong Pakdeevijit named world's oldest TV director

Pakdeevijit is currently working on his next TV miniseries, titled Kan Song Pandin.

Minnesota officer removes jar from raccoon's head

The officer was eventually able to grab the raccoon and remove the jar.

National Park Service: 'Never push a slower friend down' in a bear encounter

Feeding another human to a bear is never the answer.

Hare-brained scheme: Man busted for illegal trafficking

Rioux declined to comment on Thursday.

Olympian who dropped dog's meds on skin avoids doping ban

Nash’s encounter with anti-doping authorities still went on the books.

German ice cream parlour offers cricket-flavoured scoops

"Those who try it are very enthusiastic," Micolino said.

Polish basketball player breaks slam dunk world record

The record was successfully broken with a height of 10 feet and 5 inches.

Person hired to promote new 'Scream' movie prompts 911 calls

Scream VI, the latest film in the series, releases March 10.

Engineers break Guinness World Record with 289-foot paper airplane flight

The final design was put to the test in Crown Point, Ind.

Seal pup returned to water after crossing busy New Jersey road

The pup was returned to the water Tuesday afternoon.

Two dogs rescued after falling through ice on Colorado lake

The owner was able to get back to shore and call for help.

Olive oil in coffee? New Starbucks line a curiosity in Italy

“Anyway, I know where to get a regular cup of coffee,” Lunardi said.

Seen on safari: Crocodile swings from elephant's tail

Safari guide Emmanuel Sauti was able to capture this incredible sighting on camera.

NYC road sign is spelled 'Jakie' Robinson

Department of Transportation spokesperson Scott Gastel said the botched sign was replaced.

What time is it on moon? Europe pushing for lunar time zone

A joint international effort is now being launched towards achieving this.

Hate your signature? Try plastic surgery for autograph

A corner of TikTok, Instagram and other social media is dedicated to signature design.

Quahog clam found off Florida coast believed to be 214 years old

Parker and researchers at the lab agreed to return the clam to the Gulf of Mexico.

960 people crochet at British arena to break world record

The record attempt featured crocheters from as far away as New York.

Man puts 2,470 cotton swabs in his beard for world record

Strasser previously made headlines in December 2022.

Snakes, lizards and desserts meet in Malaysia's first reptile café

Snakes, lizards and desserts meet in Malaysia's first reptile cafe

NYC thieves stealing Apple headphones off victims' heads

The thieves remain at large, and no arrests have been made.

50-year-old message in a bottle found in Pennsylvania park

Fresetta picked up the bottle and noticed there was paper inside with writing on it.

DNA test ordered to determine whether stray puppy is a dog or coyote

Sutherland said Toast will be made available for adoption if she turns out to be a domestic canine.

Moose takes up residence outside Utah ranger office's front door

The post advised potential visitors to call ahead before approaching the office.

Entangled raccoon rescued from backyard hammock in Massachusetts

The raccoon was released back into the wild.

Mexican president posts photo of what he claims is an elf

The nighttime photo shows a tree with a branch forming what looks like a halo of hair.

Iowa State University gets 169 confiscated baby tarantulas

Tarantulas are among many animals trafficked in the illegal pet trading industry.

Alive fish rain in Australian desert

As per weather experts, such incidents could be a result of impending storm.

Alligator pulled from NYC lake had swallowed bathtub stopper

the alligator was pulled from the lake and taken to Animal Care Centers of New York City.

St. Louis Zoo bear has second brief escape from enclosure

The bear was outside for less than an hour and was found only about 100 feet away from his habitat

Puss in boots: fancy dress felines on the Bangladesh catwalk

Puss in boots: fancy dress felines on the Bangladesh catwalk

Tattooed Mexican cat seeks new home after life behind bars

Tattooed Mexican cat seeks new home after life behind bars

California man earns world record for 2,995 consecutive Disneyland visits

He started getting media attention after his 60th consecutive visit to the park.

Woman runs 100 miles in under 13 hours, breaks her own record

She broke her own record by more than a minute.

Birders ask fans of Flaco, the Central Park owl, to be respectful

Karim said he had to remind other visitors to follow proper birding etiquette.

Letter from 1916 arrives at London man's home

Mennel wrote in the letter that her family was vacationing in Bath, England.

Wild dogs swim across flooding river

The African wild dog is a highly endangered species.

Alligator captured in New York park, possibly 'cold shocked'

New York's Urban Park rangers respond to about 500 animal health reports a year.

Russian pranksters call Merkel posing as Ukraine's ex-leader

Russian pranksters call Merkel posing as Ukraine’s ex-leader

3-year-old kid is already an amazing supercar driver

“If I do this to my son, the state will take him away from me.”

Swan hitches a ride atop city bus in England

Reading Buses tweeted a photo showing the swan riding on one of the operator's buses.

Plane spends 16 hours in the air, ends up back at same New Zealand airport

Terminal 1 remained closed Friday while crews repaired the issues caused by the electrical fire.

Deer crashes into two classrooms at Tennessee high school

School officials said both classrooms were empty at the time.

Loggerhead sea turtle released after rehabbing in Florida

Loggerhead sea turtle released after rehabbing in Florida

Tiger cub rescued in New Mexico finds new home in Colorado

Tiger cub rescued in New Mexico finds new home in Colorado

Tree-trimmer rescues cat stuck in tree for two days

Myall enlisted the help of Airedale Tree Surgeons.

Loud boom in Texas county believed to be from a meteorite strike

There were no reports of injuries or property damage.

Tapir wanders through Malaysian city, falls into storm drain

The tapir was treated for some minor injuries before being released back into the wild.

Record-breaking Scottish theater group staging 24-hour concert

The concert is free for attendees, but donations are encouraged both in-person and online.