Company offers $1,000 to eat cheese before bed

Company offers $1,000 to eat cheese before bed


The study will last for three months.

NEW YORK (Web Desk) - A mattress-reviewing website is seeking study participants willing to get paid $1,000 to eat cheese snacks before going to sleep.

Sleep Junkie announced it is seeking five "dairy dreamers" for a study that seeks to address the commonly held belief that consuming cheese or other dairy products before bed leads to nightmares.

"We also want to look at, if this is true, do different cheeses have more of an effect than others?" the company s post states.

The five chosen dairy dreamers will be asked to track their sleep and provide written evaluations of their sleep quality, energy level throughout the day and reports on dreams and nightmares after consuming various cheese products before going to sleep.

"We re also aware that it isn t just nightmares that can play havoc on a good night s sleep so we wanted to see if there was a link between the different types of cheese and other symptoms that can leave you feeling unrested," Sleep Junkie spokeswoman Dorothy Chambers said in the announcement.

The study will last for three months. Applications are being accepted through Feb. 10.