Students in Islamabad to get exposure to astronomy through space technology

Students in Islamabad to get exposure to astronomy through space technology


Students from schools will observe moon through large telescopes in the 1st phase

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - The federal government has decided to introduce schoolchildren to the science of astronomy through space technology. 

According to sources, the Ministry of Education has initiated work on promoting astronomy in Islamabad's government schools. 

Ministry of Education Secretary Mohyuddin Wani has issued directives to the relevant authorities. A plan has been devised to install large telescopes in Islamabad schools. 

Sources further stated that in the first phase, as a pilot project, a decision has been made to install a large telescope in one school.

On May 27, students from schools will observe the moon through telescope, and during the telescope session, students of government schools will be able to observe the moon, stars, and planets.

According to sources, in the first phase, students from 10 to 12 schools will observe through large telescopes. Observations of the moon, stars, and sky can be made between 9:30pm and 10:30pm on the night of May 27.

Teachers and parents will participate with the children in the telescope session. 

Sources further revealed that during the day, children will also observe the sun through solar telescopes. After the summer vacation, efforts will be made to provide a large telescope in every primary school. 

Wani said it was essential to acquaint children with the science of the universe.