Samsung is fixing AI to washing machines, cameras to fridges

Samsung is fixing AI to washing machines, cameras to fridges


New artificial intelligence technology can save energy and stop food waste

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(Web Desk) - Samsung is adding new artificial intelligence into its home appliances, claiming that it will reduce their energy use and help with problems such as food waste.

The new appliances include fridges with cameras built in to scan food as it comes into the house, and washing machines that are able to alter their cycles to minimise energy use.

The company will also release a new robot vacuum cleaner – named the AI Jet Bot Combo – that can drive around the house and locate pets.

The new artificial intelligence features can “do more than previously imagined with the power of AI”, according to Samsung executive Jong-Hee Han.

They also aim to turn home devices into a “platform for entertainment”, he said as the company revealed fridges and even hobs with displays built in.
The new products come as the technology world rushes to integrate AI, which has been hailed as the future of a host of industries.

But they will also be released amid increasing concern about the perils of artificial intelligence, including worries about whether it can be controlled and how it might invade the privacy of its users.

Samsung said that the new appliances had been built with “stringent Samsung Knox security standards” and that they had been approved by security companies.

The company also said that users will be asked to switch on those artificial intelligence features, ensuring that they opt in to using them and can easily remove their consent if they wish to.