International community has condemned Trump's unilateral decision.

(Web desk)- On 6th of December this year, biased Trump announced his reckless and impetuous decision of shifting U.S. embassy to Jerusalem without taking into account hazardous repercussions.

Soon after Trump’s announcement, widespread condemnation emanated across globe with thousands took to streets in Turkey, Pakistan, Europe, Lebanon, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia and even in the U.S.

Condemning Trump’s announcement, Turkey’s Erdogan declared Israel a  child-murderer  state, Arab League demanded U.S. to take its decision back, Pakistan termed the decision as a serious setback to the rule of law and international norms and EU shunned Netanyahu’s call to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital saying the two-state solution remains the only path to resolving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

But it seems that Google disagrees with the international community. Startlingly, the tech giant—in feverish haste—updated on its site Jerusalem as capital of Israel thus simply trampling and openly violating United Nations’ announcement which considers East Jerusalem to be occupied Palestinian territory.

If we type ‘capital of Israel’ in Google’s search bar, Jerusalem emerges as the result along with the map.

However, Google does admit a portion of the city (East Jerusalem) as the capital of Palestine.

Apparently, Google announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel before Trump did.

It is pertinent to mention that West Jerusalem was captured by Israel during 1948 war while East Jerusalem was annexed forcefully in 1968 six-day war.

The international community does not recognize East Jerusalem as part of Israel since, rather entity of ‘occupied territory’ has been awarded to this region.