Gulmit Premier League Season V starts at Gojal Valley, Hunza

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Gulmit Premier League takes off in Gojal Valley, Upper Hunza. Photo Courtesy: GPL Official/Facebook

(Web Desk) - Hunza has become the go-to place for 10 day vacation trips in Gilgit Baldistan, but it’s not just a tourist attraction. With literacy rates higher than 90%, landscapes as mesmerizing as the gardens of Eden, and a peaceful, welcoming population, Hunza is becoming heaven on Earth in true sense.

Gulmit Premier League is a well-organised soccer league that takes place each year in Gojal valley, Upper Hunza. Its 5th season took off this year on July 29th.

The Gulmit Premier League –GPL is organised by Gulmit Young Stars Club (GYSC) and Students Welfare Organization. Their aim is to guarantee access to good quality sports facilities and events for old and young alike.

The whole event was very well-organised and played out smoothly. The grand opening ceremony took place with harmony and colorful banners. Like previous years, 18 Soccer Teams are participating in this tournament.

Two matches were scheduled on the first day, where Shah-e-Chiragh defeated Qulha Baaz, and Mountain Boys Gulmit defeated Gulmit Badshah.

 On the second day, Mountain Boys Gulmit (B) and Harzands Gulmit drew the match with Gulmit Toofaan 11 and Al Noor respectively. Gulmit Noyoft Ondra got walkover against Shah-e-Chiragh (B) while Gulmit Tumtang Duma defeated Gulmit Tigers 2-1.

The tournament is currently ongoing, with people of Hunza enjoying the wonderful display and promoting sports.

 The final match of GPL will be played on August 14 to determine trophy bearers of its fifth season.