Undeterred PTI again demands CEC Sikandar Raja's resignation

Undeterred PTI again demands CEC Sikandar Raja's resignation


Jailed women workers are striking a blow for genuine freedom, say PTI leaders

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Sticking to its stance, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has once again demanded the resignation of Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja for failing to hold free and fair elections. 

Speaking to the participants in the PTI rally in Islamabad, Omar Ayub Khan vociferously sought the resignation of CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja who, he said, failed to conduct transparent elections. 

“We want immediate resignation of CEC and other ECP members. The ECP only spent Rs16 billion out of its total allocated budget,” he said. 

PTI chief Barrister Gohar lamented that doors of courts had been closed for the opposition leader. ‘’History will remember our brave women workers who have been languishing in jail for more than a year in golden words," he said. 

"Justice delayed is justice denied,” he remarked. 

Asad Qaiser said the PTI leaders were not heard in parliament, which is tantamount to depriving them of their rights. 


Earlier, Opposition Leader in National Assembly Omar Ayub Khan lashed out at the government for collapse of the economy. 

Speaking on the floor of National Assembly, the opposition leader flayed the government for "propogating lies about the economic health of the country". 

He recalled during his fiery speech that Rs426.4 billion were recovered during the PTI government. He also claimed that the KP government had achieved its provincial surplus, adding that the Sindh government’s provincial surplus was still zero.