Punjab Defamation Act 2024: LPC president calls for boycott of all government functions

Punjab Defamation Act 2024: LPC president calls for boycott of all government functions


LPC president says peaceful protest right of citizenry, CM misguided by her ministers

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LAHORE (Dunya news) - After the approval of the Punjab Defamation Bill by Acting Governor Malik Ahmed Khan, Lahore Press Club President Arshad Asari has called for a boycott of all assemblies, government ceremonies, functions and press conferences. 

The LPC president, while responding to the passage of the bill, expressed the resolve to take the matter to court as, he insisted, peaceful protest was legal as well constitutional right. 

He said the bill was contrary to the 1973 constitution which has given a complete freedom of expression. 

The LPC president also cautioned the chief minister that her ministers were misguiding and creating a lot of problems for her. 

Meanwhile, the Punjab Defamation Act 2024 was challenged in the Lahore High Court hours after it was signed by the acting Punjab governor. 

The petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court by journalist Jafar Ahmed Yar and Raja Riaz through Advocate Nadeem Sarwar. In the petition, the Punjab chief minister and governor through principal secretary and Punjab government have been made parties.

The petitioner has taken the stance that the defamation law violates the constitution and law. In the presence of the defamation ordinance and the defamation act, a new law cannot be made.


Earlier, the Governor House confirmed signing the Defamation Bill by Acting Punjab Governor Malik Ahmed Khan.

A summary to the effect has been sent to the Ministry of Law for its gazette notification. After issuance of the notification, the defamation law will formally come into force in Punjab and will be applicable on every citizen.