May 9 to be remembered as darkest day in Pakistan's history: Tarar

May 9 to be remembered as darkest day in Pakistan's history: Tarar


Tarar also highlighted irrefutable evidence against perpetrators of May 9

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ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - Federal Minister for Information Atta Tarar vowed not to let the tragic events of May 9 be forgotten.

Speaking to the media, Tarar emphasied that the sedition-spreading group attacked its own country.

He stated that despite political differences, the integrity of the nation remains crucial, and those responsible for the May 9 disaster must be held accountable.

He condemned the attempt to weaken the country's defense and stressed the need for punishment for those involved in the incident.

Tarar labeled the May 9 incident as one of the darkest chapters in history. He also highlighted the irrefutable evidence against the perpetrators.

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He condemned the desecration of martyrs' memorials, reaffirming that Pakistan's interests come first not politics. Tarar also questioned why those involved in the May 9 incidents have not faced consequences. He expressed frustration at the lack of punishment for those responsible and demanded accountability from the judiciary.

Tarar concluded by highlighting the plight of Muslims in occupied Kashmir, urging for action against those who conspired against their own country.